Sunday, 26 February 2012

Alexander... IS Great This time

Devon Alexander vs Marcos Rene Maidana - 10 Round Special Event

Classed as a crossroads fight for these 2 fighters , it was Hometown Hero Devon Alexander that put in an overdue "Great" performance as he easily outpointed tough Argentine Marcos Maidana over 10 rounds at the Scottrade Centre in St Louis Missouri. Beforehand just about everybody had this fight being a close run thing. Press and fans alike thought that Alexander who has struggled to a disputed points win over Maidana's countryman Luccas Mattyhsse in June last year would be in deep water with his big punching opponent. What did happen was "speed kills" as Alexander who overcame a cut eye dominated and out punched the much slower Maidana over 10 rounds.

Alexander started the fight carefully moving away from Maidana peppering him with quick jabs , Maidana who wasn't the quickest at 140 looked even slower at 147 but lets not take anything away from the performance of Alexander as for the first 2 rounds he boxed beautifully. Maidana came into the fight in the 3rd as he was finally able to back Alexander to the ropes and keep him there. The Argentine was though being frustrated by the constant grabbing by Alexander when in close. I thought that Ref Steve Smoger should have let them fight their way out and maybe even taken a point away from Alexander as he was the one who was initiating the clinches. Smoger to his credit as the fight wore on did this and because of this the fight became much better.

I gave Alexander all the remaining rounds (4 to 10) as he used his speed of hand and foot to get in and out. Maidana was getting some success but it was always early in the round as he was able to back Alexander up and whack away. More often though Alexander would comeback and win the last 2 mins of the round with more punches , cleaner punches at that. At the final bell there was no doubt who the winner was as Alexander certainly looked a better Welterweight that a 140er. The same cant be said about Maidana though as he certainly wasn't as effective at this weight compared to being 1 of the best at Light Welter.

Below as always is my scorecard along with the many press and fans scores i collected for this fight.

Fightscorecollectors Scorecard

Round 1... 10-9 Alexander
Round 2... 10-9 Alexander
Round 3... 9-10 Maidana
Round 4... 10-9 Alexander
Round 5... 10-9 Alexander
Round 6... 10-9 Alexander
Round 7... 10-9 Alexander
Round 8... 10-9 Alexander
Round 9... 10-9 Alexander
Round 10..10-9 Alexander

TOTAL Alexander 99-91 Maidana

Judges Scores - Glenn Feldman (USA).....100-90 Alexander
                          John Keane (UK).............99-91 Alexander
                         Cesar Ramos (PR).............100-90 Alexander


Boxing Sites , Press And Fans Scores

Sky Sports TV (Jim Watt) - 98-92 Alexander
Sky Sports TV (Ian Darke) - 99-91 Alexander

BoxingMonthly Mag (Glyn Leach) - 98-92 Alexander

HBO (Harold Lederman) - 100-90 Alexander

Maxboxing (Steve Kim) - 99-91 Alexander
Maxboxing ( Gab Montoya) - 100-90 Alexander

ESPN ( Bernardo Osuna) - 99-91 Alexander

Boxingtruth Radio ( John Chavez -100-90 Alexander ( David Kassel) - 99-91 Alexander (Denzil Stone) 100-90 Alexander

ESPN/ (Michael Woods) - 100-90 Alexander

Pro-boxingFans ( Scott Levinson) - 99-91 Alexander

Boxingnews Mag (Danny Flexen) - 100-91 Alexander (Tom Gray) - 99-91 Alexander

Ring Magazine ( Lem Satterfield) - 100-89 Alexander

Saddoboxing Fans (all for Alexander) - 99-91 x3 , 100-90

Boxrec Fans ( all for Alexander) - 100-90 x4 , 99-91

Ringnews24 fans (all for Alexander) - 100-90 , 98-92

Doghouseboxing Fans - 99-91  Alexander

Boxingscene Fans - 100-90 Alexander

Eastsideboxing Fans  (all for Alexander) - 99-91 x7 , 98-92 x3

BoxingAsylum Fans ( all for Alexander) 100-90 , 98-92

Fighthype Fans - 99-92 Alexander

Fightjudge Fans - 99-91 Alexander

Superstardom Awaits For The Excellent Broner

Adrien Broner vs Eloy Perez - WBO Super Featherweight Title

Well where do you start with this young flashy Floyd Mayweather like fighter. He has the style ,  he has the power AND he has the type of personality that will make fans love him or hate him The fighter in question is WBO 135lb holder Adrien Broner as he made short work of his No 1 contender Eloy Perez in 4 short rounds at the Scottrade Centre in St Louis Missouri.

Broner started the fight a mirror of the already mentioned Mayweather with his cross arm wide stance guard as he popped Perez with right had counters. The champion looked so much bigger than his challenger and i don't think its long before we see Broner at 135 and even 140 fighting bigger and better guys. Round 2 and 3 followed the same suit as Broner picked his punches well although Perez was landing the odd shot. Perez was having his best round in the 4th as it seemed Broner was more inclined to clowning around before 2 BIG right hands high on the head scrambled the challengers legs as TWICE he tried to get to his feet and TWICE he fell forward before Referee Genaro Rodriguez correctly stopped the fight.....A STAR IS BEING BORN , expect Broner now to build on this performance and I'm very sure that its only a matter of time before "the problem" headlines his own "HBO" card and I'm not talking about a...boxing after dark card.

Love him or hate him...Broner is talented , its gonna be an exciting few years , remember...this kid is only 22.

Homecoming Win For Cleverly

Nathan Cleverly vs Tommy Karpency - WBO Light Heavyweight Title

It was supposed to be the big homecoming fight for Nathan Cleverly. Coming back to his native Wales with his World Title. Cleverly was expected to shine as his opponent was nowhere near his class , well World Title class anyway.

What did happen was a groundhog day type of fight as the Welshman put the fans and viewers to sleep with a performance that to me seemed pity patter compared to the war he had with Toney Bellew last year. Cleverly won every minute of every round vs his over matched American BUT he failed to put this guy away who as early as the 4th round was telling his father in his corner that he was tired???. Again when collecting scores i couldn't find 1 fan or press member that gave the American Karpency 1 round. That's how poor of an opponent he was. What's even more poorer is that Cleverly never really hurt the guy never mind take the guy out , i think that at the top level of the 175lb division Cleverlys power must be brought into question.

After the fight Cleverly said that Karpencey was the biggest puncher that he had faced?? Personally i think it was Bellew whom Cleverly admitted that he got stung a good few times with in their fight. Promoter Frank Warren was also mentioning the name of Bernard Hopkins in the summer for Cleverly??  i just cant see it as it will be a one sided win for the future hall of famer even though he is in his late 40s.

A fight i would like to see is Cleverly vs Cloud and both come to fight and throw alot of punches. I think though that Cleverly will continue to defend his WBO title gaining more Title experience in the UK although to improve as a fighter he has to fight much better opposition that Karpency.

Below is my scorecard along with the Press and fan scores i was able to collect for this fight.

Fightscorecollectors Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-9 Cleverly
Round 2.... 10-9 Cleverly
Round 3.... 10-9 Cleverly
Round 4.... 10-9 Cleverly
Round 5.... 10-9 Cleverly
Round 6.... 10-9 Cleverly
Round 7.... 10-9 Cleverly
Round 8.... 10-9 Cleverly
Round 9.... 10-9 Cleverly
Round 10...10-9 Cleverly
Round 11...10-9 Cleverly
Round 12...10-9 Cleverly

TOTAL - Cleverly 120-108 Karpency

Judges Scores - Ritchie Davies (UK)..........120-108 Cleverly
                         Fernando Laguna (Spa)......120-108 Cleverly
                         Waleska Roldan (USA)......120-108 Cleverly


Boxing Sites , Fans And Press Scores

Boxnation TV (John Rawling) - 120-108 Cleverly
Boxnation TV (Paul Smith) - 120-108 Cleverly

Worldboxing  - 120-108 Cleverly - 120-108 Cleverly (Tom Gray) - 120-108 Cleverly

Boxnation/BoxingMonthly (Steve Lillis) - 120-108 Cleverly

Ringnews24 Fans Forum (All for Cleverly) - 120-108 x3
Ringnews24 (Welshdevilrob) - 120-108 Cleverly

Eastsideboxing Fans Forum (All for Cleverly) - 120-108 x4

SaddoBoxing Fans Forum - 120-108 Cleverly

I Quit - Shafikov Takes Out The Assassin

Denis Shafikov vs Lee McCallister - European Light Welterweight Title

The Red Army were out in force. Aberdeen's Exhibition Centre was rocking with nearly 3000 fans awaiting their hero. Commonwealth 140lb Champion Lee McCallister was about to move up in class and take on formidable Russian Denis Shafikov. Home support , big crowd McCallister couldn't have asked for more in this title challenge , that's why so many at the Arena and on TV were so disappointed as the Scotsman quit at the start end of the 7th round claiming a broken hand. The truth was that he was getting his ass kicked by the come forward much better Shafikov.

McCallister started the fight on an even keel , i had him sneaking the 1st although from then on until he quit Shafikov was in total control. I gave McCallister 1 other round , the 5th but that's because the Russian took a breather before coming on strong in the last minute of the round. The round could have went either way although just for the work in the first 2 mins of the round i thought again that McCallister sneaked it. That was it though , Shafikov again dominated McCallister forcing him to the ropes and easily landing 3-4 punch combinations. The Scot wobbled a few times and looked like the fight wouldn't go any further. Well it did but not the way we all expected as McCallister let himself and the huge support down by quitting claiming he hurt is hand.

Going round the forums the fans were pretty disgusted by McCallister quitting. Many say like myself that it was just a matter of time and McCallister took the easy way out??. I just think that McCallister will need to live with himself for quitting and that he has missed a huge opportunity as he was headlined on Sky Sports....That ain't happening again.

Below is my scorecard , i haven't got any scores from the fans and press for this fight as most were tuned into the "fake" WBA heavyweight title fight between Huck and Povetkin. A fight that going by the forums was very good. My mistake though.

Round 1.... 10-9 McCallister
Round 2.... 9-10 Shafikov
Round 3.... 9-10 Shafikov
Round 4.... 9-10 Shafikov
Round 5.... 10-9 McCallister
Round 6.... 9-10 Shafikov
Round 7.... 9-10 Shafikov

TOTAL - Shafikov 68-65 McCallister at the time of stoppage


Judges Scores - Robin Dolpierre (Fra)....... 67-66 Shafikov
                         Raiko DjaJic (Ser)...........67-66 Shafikov
                         Pierluigi Poppi (Ita)..........67-66 Shafikov

Friday, 24 February 2012

March Fights Covered By Fight Score Collector

Here's a list of the fights i will be covering in March 2012. This month has been cut to a 3 week month as I'm due to get married on the 24th March so i don't think i will be able or be allowed to go away that night and watch any boxing. Again i will be doing a mixture of UK domestic fights along with the biggest fights in Europe and the USA. I start the month with the big Heavyweight Title showdown featuring Wladimir Klitschko , the next week I'm 5 miles away from my house as i cover Ricky Burns 1st WBO 135lb Title defence vs Paulus Moses in Glasgow , i then have my busiest week as Brook vs Hatton and then Martinez vs Macklin fights take place on both sides of the. Atlantic with also an appearence from Carl Frampton defending his Commonwealth 122lb Title. I miss the weekend of the 24th as mentioned above but i will catch up with these fights and post my scores separate. The month finishes with the very good NABF 135lb title fight with Hank Lundy vs Dannie Williams on ESPN FNFs and the British 154 Title fight from Blackpool featuring new champion Brian Rose.


Sat 3 Mar  - (Sky Sports) - Wladimir Klitschko vs Jean M Mormeck (IBF , WBO , WBA Heavy Title)

Sat 3 Mar  - (Sky Sports) - Jamie McDonnell vs Ivan Pozo -  (European Bantamweight Title)

Sat 10 Mar - (Boxnation) - Ricky Burns vs Paulus Moses - (WBO Lightweight Title)

Fri 16 Mar - (Boxnation) - George Groves vs Kenny Anderson - (British Super-Middle Title)

Sat 17 Mar - (Sky Sports) - Kell Brook vs Matthew Hatton - (WBA ,IBF inter Welter Titles)

Sat 17 Mar - (Sky Sports) - Carl Frampton vs TBA - (Commonwealth Super-Bantam Title)

Sat 17 Mar - (Sky Sports) - Sergio Martinez vs Matthew Macklin - (12 Round Special Event)

Fri 30 Mar - (ESPN FNFs) - Hank Lundy vs Dannie Williams - (NABF Lightweight Title)

Sat 31 Mar - (Sky Sports) - Brian Rose vs Max Maxwell - (British Light-Milddleweight Title)

The fights im missing on the weekend of the 24th are McPhilbin vs Maccarinelli , Buckland vs Truscott , Rhodes vs Rabchenko and the WBC 140lb Title fight between Erik Morales vs Danny Garcia.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Judges Leave A Dark Cloud Over Campillio

Tavoris Cloud vs Gabriel Campillio - IBF Light Heavyweight Title

Well its taken nearly 2 months but this blog now has its 1st controversial fight to judge and report. Texas again was the location for controversy as Tavoris Cloud retained his 175lb title by barely seeing off game challenger Gabriel Campillio by split decision. Before watching this fight i already knew the result as it was on at 3am UK time so i was aware that many were outraged at the scoring of the fight although quite alot had the challenger winning by 114-112. Now to me that's not a robbery as a point swing make this a draw. I have to say though that the next score that was most common that i collected was 115-111 Campillio so again that's a 1 point swing the other way.

The champion started the fight by knocking down Campillio twice in the opening round , it looked like it was going to be an early night for Cloud before the teak tough Spaniard came back round after round to dominate the champion  a la Hopkins vs Pascal. The fight was on Showtime in the USA where the TV station has respected judge Chuck Giampa doing the un-official scoring , i found myself disagreeing with Mr Giampa as on my card i gave the champion the 2nd round as i felt that Campillio only really turned it on in the last 40 seconds of the round. After 6 i had Cloud up 58-54 , i also scored the 4th and 6th for the champion. From then on i gave Campillio everything from rounds 7-12. Again when going through the fans forums etc there was many who said that there were 3-4 rounds that could have went either way , i think this shows as i had the same score as Mr Giampa 114-112 to Campillio although we disagreed on the late rounds of the fight.

There must be a rematch. Below you will see the scores i have collected clearly show that just about everybody who watched the fight whether they were boxing writers or fans had Campillio winning , 2 or 3 had it a draw whereas 1 guy on Eastsideboxing had the fight 118-111 to Cloud (I'm convinced it must be a family member). The 2 judges that scored for Cloud were from Texas , a boxing State that hasn't covered itself in glory recently as they failed to drug test Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr especially after all his problems out of the ring AND his major weight gain of over 20lbs in 24 hrs after the weigh-in. Remember also that one of the judges on the the same bill (Donaire-Vasquez Jnr fight) had Vasquez winning 115-112 when it was quite an easy fight to score. The judge David Robertson who scored for Cloud 116-110 really needs to be demoted or sit another judging examination as this was really a terrible terrible score.

Compubox results are as follows for this fight.....

Cloud...........712 thrown - 147 landed
Campillio.....670 thrown - 187 landed

My scorecard along with all of the scores i have collected are below.

Fightscorecollectors Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-7 Cloud
Round 2.... 10-9 Cloud
Round 3.... 9-10 Campillio
Round 4.... 10-9 Cloud
Round 5.... 9-10 Campillio
Round 6.... 10-9 Cloud
Round 7.... 10-9 Campillio
Round 8.... 10-9 Campillio
Round 9.... 10-9 Campillio
Round 10...10-9 Campillio
Round 11...10-9 Campillio
Round 12...10-9 Campillio

TOTAL - 114-112 Campillio

Judges Scorecards - Denny Nelson....... .115-111 Campillio
                               David Robertson.... 116-110 Cloud
                               Joel Elizondo......... 114-112 Cloud


Boxing Sites , Fans And Press Scores

Showtime TV (Chuck Giampa) 114-112 Campillio
Showtime TV (Al Bernstein) 115-111 Campillio

Maxboxing (Steve Kim) 115-111 Campillio
Maxboxing (Gab Montoya) 115-111 Campillio 114-112 Campillio

ESPN (Nigel Collins) 115-112 Campillio

BoxingTruthRadio (John Chavez) 114-112 Campillio

Thomas Hauser 114-112 Campillio (Cliff Rold) 114-112 Campillio

Saddoboxing fans (all for Campillio) 115-111 x2 , 116-111 x2 , 114-112 x2 , *113-113*

Boxrec fans (all for Campillio) 114-112 x2 , 116-110 , 115-111 , 114-113 , *114-114*

Ringnews24 fans - 114-112 Campillio

Fightjudge Fans (all for Campillio) 114-112 x2 , 115-111 fans - 114-112 Campillio

Doghouseboxing fans - 115-110 Campillio (all for Campillio) 114-112 , 115-111

Eastsideboxing fans (all for Campillio) 114-112 x4 , 115-111 x3 , 116-111 , 115-112
                                                      *113-113* AND **118-111 CLOUD**

Boxingscene fans (all for Campillio) 114-112 x3 , 115-111 x2 , 116-110

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Vitali The Victorious.....AGAIN

Vitali Klitschko vs Dereck Chisora - WBC Heavyweight Title

Cold weather outside the Olympiahalle , Munich last night but it was very hot inside as Brit Dereck Chisora did his best to wind up the both Wladimir and Vitali giving the older brother in Vitali his hardest fight since Lennox Lewis. Chisora didn't win the fight but he gained respect of the Champion by lasting the distance dropping a unanimous 12 rounds decision. The champion defended his title for the 8th time since coming back after a 4 year lay-off by being able to box on the back foot catching the come forward Chisora with numerous rights and left hooks. Amazingly there wasn't many jabs from the champion as rumours of a hand injury after the fight came to surface , this make sense as Vitali didn't really use his jab although he has a massive height and reach advantage.

The general opinion before this fight was that many expected Vitali to go after Chisora especially after Chisora slapped the giant champion at the press conference but it was Chisora that did all chasing as he constantly tried to get into position to land his bombs although the champion still has enough movement and work rate to keep his younger opponent off him. I like many had the champion sweeping the first 5 rounds as Vitali was always catching Chisora coming in. The 6th started differently though as Chisora upped the work rate and won the round. Vitali though took control again winning most of the late rounds , i gave Chisora the 8th again on work rate and also the 12th but there was no doubt who the winner was as the champion right through the fight was landing the cleaner , more effective shots.

It was a clear victory for Vitali on the judges cards , the 3 judges had Vitali winning by 8 rounds. I had it by 6 rounds. When collecting the scores from the boxing world i was quite surprised on the variety of the scorecards. Most had it 117-111 or 116-112 although one fan had Chisora winning by 2 points????. Scores ranged from 115-114 to 119-109 , it just goes to show how differently fans . press etc see a fight. Below as always is my scorecard along with the Compubox results. This was a big fight i have also been able to get more scores than usual from both sides of the Atlantic from press and fans alike , Thanks to everybody who took the time in giving your score to this blog.

Compubox Results

Klitschko - 605 Thrown , 211 landed
Chisora -   359 Thrown , 163 landed

Fightscorecollectors Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 2.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 3.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 4.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 5.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 6.... 9-10 Chisora
Round 7.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 8.... 9-10 Chisora
Round 9.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 10...10-9 Klitschko
Round 11...10-9 Klitschko
Round 12... 9-10 Chisora

TOTAL - Klitschko 117-111 Chisora

Judges Cards - Robin Dolpierre (Fra).......... 118-110 Klitschko
                     Bela Florian (Hun)................119-111 Klitschko
                     Atta Eddie Pappoe (Gha)......118-110 Klitschko


Boxing Sites , Fan Forums and Press Scores - 117-111 Klitschko - 116-112 Klitschko

Ring Magazine (Dougie Fischer) - 116-112 Klitschko

BoxingNews Mag Editor (Tris Dixon) - 118-110 Klitschko

BoxingTruthRadio (John Chavez) - 116-112 Klitschko

BoxingMonthly Mag Editor (Glyn Leach) - 117-111 Klitschko (Alan Dawson) - 117-111 Klitschko (Ben Thompson) - 117-111 Klitschko Editor (Michael Woods) - 117-112 Klitschko

RingMagazine (Michael Rosenthal) - 118-110

Ian Darke - 117-113 Klitschko - 117-113 Klitschko (Cliff Rold) - 116-112 Klitschko

Bleacher Report (Justin Tate) - 116-112 Klitschko - 115-113 Klitschko

Boxrec Fans  (all for Klitschko) - 115-113 x2 , 117-111 , 116-112

Ringnews24 Fans (all for Klitschko) - 115-114 , 118-112

Fighthype Fans (all for Klitschko) - 117-112 , 117-111

Boxingscene Fans (all for Klitschko) - 116-112 x8 , 118-109 . 115-113 x2

Boxasylum/sweetboxing Fans (all for Klitschko) - 117-112 . 117-111 (majority card) - 117-111 Klitschko  Fans  (all for Klitschko) - 117-111 x2 , 116-112 x2 , 118-110

Saddoboxing Fans (all for Klitschko) - 117-112 , 117-111

Eastsideboxing Fans (general forum) (all for Klitschko) - 119-109 , 116-113 , 116-112 x2 , 116-114
                                                     117-111 x2 , 118-110 , 115-114  ***115-113 Chisora***

Eastsideboxing Fans (uk forum) (all for Klitschko) - 118-113 x2 , 116-112 x2 , 117-113

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Just Like the Old Man - Chavez Jnr Dominates Rubio

Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr vs Marco Antonio Rubio - WBC Middleweight Title

As Story's broke about a DUI charge and Chavez gaining 21 pounds after the weigh-in , more and more people across the boxing world thought that Marco Antonio Rubio might just pull this fight off against the Mexican legends son. Rubio is a tough guy with a big punch , probably something that Chavez Jnr hasn't faced many times ,  at the end of 12 rounds though it was Chavez Jnr that looked the tough guy as he fought in his fathers mould and continually backed up his tough Mexican counterpart to retain his WBC title with a wide points decision.

Chavez started the fight in aggressive manner especially the first 3 rounds where he would box for a bit then start to get into the face of his opponent. Rubio never really came alive till the 4th , a round that most gave the challenger. After 6 i had Chavez up 4-2 in rounds although it did look that Rubio was beginning to get a foothold in the fight , it was not be though as on my card , i had Chavez winning rounds 7-10 to put him in a  clear lead. It was during these rounds that Jnr fought most like his father by staying close to his challenger landing numerous head and body shots , OH and that famous left hook to the body that Chavez Snr was so famous for. Round 11 was the best of the fight as both let the leather go , i think Rubio got the best of it as he finally manged to back the champion up , a big 12th was expected from the challenger but again Chavez Jnr took control of the fight by staying in Rubio's face and smothering his best work whilst landing the cleaner more effective punches. This on my card gave the champion a 6 point win but as you will see below in the scores i have collected there are a wide range of scores posted. Some fans had Chavez by 2 although some had the champion a whopping 8-10 points winner. NOBODY thought that Rubio had won the fight , 1 had the fight a draw.

I think the Compubox stats show how it was a tough competitive fight but also how it produced a clear winner as Chavez out-landed Rubio 7-3-2 in rounds. One surprising stat is that Rubio threw 962 punches to Chavez 560 , to me that wasn't very evident in the fight. Well here are the Compubox figures anyway......

Chavez Jnr - 560 Thrown / 237 Landed....42% connect rate
Rubio - 962 Thrown / 201 Landed............21% connect rate

As always my Scorecard is below along with the Fan Forums , Press and Boxing Sites Scores.

Round 1.... 10-9 Chavez
Round 2.... 10-9 Chavez
Round 3.... 10-9 Chavez
Round 4.... 9-10 Rubio
Round 5.... 10-9 Chavez
Round 6.... 9-10 Rubio
Round 7.... 10-9 Chavez
Round 8.... 10-9 Chavez
Round 9.... 10-9 Chavez
Round 10...10-9 Chavez
Round 11...9-10 Chavez
Round 12...10-9 Rubio

TOTAL - Chavez 117-111 Rubio

Judges Cards - Duane Ford (USA)..........116-112 Chavez
                       Glen Crocker (USA)....... 118-110 Chavez
                       Jack Woodburn (USA)... 115-113 Chavez


Boxing Sites , Fans Forums and Press Scores

Proboxing-fans (Scott Levinson) - Chavez 117-111 Rubio

HBO (Harold Ledderman) - Chavez 117-111 Rubio
HBO (Twitter) - Chavez 117-111 Rubio

Maxboxing (Steve Kim) - Chavez 117-111 Rubio (phildjay) - Chavez 115-113 Rubio

ESPN (Kieran Mulvaney) - Chavez 116-112 Rubio (Robert Delgado) - Chavez 116-112 Rubio

RingMagazine TV - Chavez 116-114 Rubio

BoxingAsylum Fans Forum - Chavez 118-110 Rubio

Saddoboxing Fans Forum - Chavez 115-113 Rubio

Boxrec Fans Forum - (all for Chavez) 118-110 , 116-112

Ringnews24 Fans Forum - (all for Chavez) 116-112 x2

Doghouseboxing Fans Forum - Chavez 117-112 Rubio

Fightjudge/boxingbb Fans Forum (majority score) - Chavez 117-111 Rubio

Fightjudge/boxingbb Fans Forum - (all for Chavez) 116-112 x3 , 117-112 x3 , 115-113 x2
                                                                         118-110 , 116-114 , 119-109 , 117-111

Eastsideboxing Fans Forum (Brit) - (All for Chavez) 116-113 x2 , 118-110 x2 , 117-111 , 117-112

Eastsideboxing Fans Forum (General) - (All for Chavez) 117-111 x5 , 116-112 x5 , 118-110 x3
                                                                                 115-113 x2 , *114-114 DRAW*

Donaire Goes The Distance Again

Nonito Donaire vs Wilfredo Vasquez Jnr - Vacant WBO Super-Bantamweight Title

As part of the HBO double header in Texas at the weekend , Nonito Donaire added another World Title to his collection as he clearly beat former champion Wilfredo Vasquez Jnr over 12 rounds. Donaire suffered and injured right hand midway through the fight , this was clearly visible after the fight as his wraps were covered in blood. Vasquez Jnr had his successes in this fight as i had him sweeping rounds 5-7 i think this is probably where Donaire had his injury before it started to numb up.

There was one knockdown in the fight as Donaire finally broke Vasquez tight defence in the 9th with a quick combination. Vasquez was up at 5 and easily saw out the round as Donaire looked like he was happy to see the full 12 rounds out. I had Donaire winning every round from 8-12 as Vasquez was far to conservative with his punches , Donaire even had time to showboat with the HBO team saying he looked like both Roy Jones and Naseem Hamed.

Going round the forums and the press everybody had this fight for Donaire although well respected posters had the fight quite close eg: a 1 round win for Donaire BUT only 1 fan agreed with Judge Ruben Garcia who had Vasquez winning the fight 115-112. I think an investigation had to take place as this wasn't the hardest fight to score. The other 2 Judges had Donaire winning by 7 points , this was how most of the fans and press scored.

The compubox stats are as follows for this fight , i think it clearly shows how dominant Donaire was but it also shows that Vasquez Jnr did have his success by landing 30% of his punches......

Donaire - 556 Thrown / 231 landed....42% connect rate
Vasquez - 548 Thrown / 163 landed...30% connect rate

Donaire sweeps the connect rate per round by out-landing Vasquez 11-1 in rounds.

Below as always is my scorecard along with all the Fans , Press and Boxing Sites scores.

Round 1.... 10-9 Donaire
Round 2.... 10-9 Donaire
Round 3.... 10-9 Donaire
Round 4.... 10-9 Donaire
Round 5.... 9-10 Vasquez Jnr
Round 6.... 9-10 Vasquez Jnr
Round 7.... 9-10 Vasquez Jnr
Round 8.... 10-9 Donaire
Round 9.... 10-8 Donaire
Round 10...10-9 Donaire
Round 11...10-9 Donaire
Round 12...10-9 Donaire

TOTAL - Doanire 117-110 Vasquez Jnr

Judges Cards - Levi Martinez (USA)... 117-110 Donaire
                      Don Trella (USA)... 117-110 Donaire
                      Ruben Garcia (USA)... 115-112 Vasquez


Boxing Sites , Fans Forums and Press Scores

Proboxing-fans (Scott Levinson) - Donaire 118-109 Vasquez

HBO (Harold Lederman) - Donaire 117-109 Vasquez
HBO (Larry Merchant) - Donaire 117-111 Vasquez

ESPN (Dan Rafael) - Donaire 117-110 Vasquez
ESPN (Kieran Mulvaney) - Donaire 117-110 Vasquez

Maxboxing (Steve Kim) - Donaire 117-110 Vasquez
Maxboxing (Gab Montoya) - Donaire 116-109 Vasquez (Robert Delgado) - Donaire 117-110 Vasquez

Boxingtruthradio (John Chavez) - Donaire 117-110 Vasquez

BoxingAsylum Fans Forum - (All for Donaire) 117-110 x2 , 117-111 , 118-110 (Phildjay) - Donaire117-111 Vasquez

Saddoboxing Fans Forum - Donaire 116-111 Vasquez

Boxrec Fans Forum - Donaire 118-110 Vasquez

Eastsideboxing Brit Forum - (All for Donaire) 116-111 x2 , 117-111

Eastsideboxing General Forum - (all for Donaire) 116-111 x6 , 117-110 x4 , 114-113 x3
                                                                       115-112 Vasquez

Fightjudge/boxingbb Fans combined - (Majority card) Donaire 118-109 Vasquez

Fightjudge/boxingbb Fans - (All for Donaire) 118-109 x3 , 117-110 x3 , 117-111 x3 , 116-112
                                                                116-111 x2 , 119-108

Monday, 6 February 2012

Hernandez Sinks the USS Cunningham Again

Yoan Pablo Hernandez vs Steve Cunnigham - IBF Cruiserweight Title

Frankfurt Germany was the location for what so far has been the closest World title fight covered by the fightscorecollector. A good start by champion Hernandez was cancelled out by Cunningham winning the mid to late rounds before a final round rally by the Cuban seemed to seal the deal for most of fans watching this fight across the world. Going through the forums collecting scores i reckon around 80% thought that the champion had regained his title with most seeing him winning by 2 rounds , some had it a draw and only 5 fans across the forums thought that Cunningham had managed to secure the win.

Hernandez started the better as Cunningham just wasn't letting his shots go , worse was to come in the 4th where the USS went down twice and was in real danger of being stopped by Ref Eddie Cotton. The champion then won the 5th so it looked a long way back for Cunningham who must have been 4-5 points behind at this stage. Too his credit this is where Cunningham finally fought back staggering the champion once or twice. I had him sweeping rounds 6 to 11 with only the tenth being a 10-10 even round , this made my card 104-104 going into the final round. The last round was a classic with Cunningham going all out before being caught and hurt badly by the champion Hernandez , the last minute of the round Cunningham then came back although the champion more than matched his work rate. It was a hard round to score. I went with Hernandez as he had hurt the challenger quite badly , this made Hernandez the winner on my card by 1 point.

Great fight and i don't think anybody would mind if there was a 3rd fight , whether Cunningham would travel to Germany remains to been seen as the judges 2 from Mexico and 1 from Canada had the champion winning by 4 rounds and 6 rounds twice. For fightscorecollector it was a far too wide.

Below is my scorecard along the many scores i have collected from the fans forums , boxing sites and the press.

Round 1.... 10-9 Hernandez
Round 2.... 10-9 Hernandez
Round 3.... 9-10 Cunningham
Round 4.... 10-7 Hernandez........Hernandez scored 2 knockdowns in this round.
Round 5.... 10-9 Hernandez
Round 6.... 9-10 Cunningham
Round 7.... 9-10 Cunningham
Round 8.... 9-10 Cunningham
Round 9.... 9-10 Cunningham
Round 10.. 10-10 Draw
Round 11..  9-10 Cunningham
Round 12.. 10-9 Hernandez

TOTAL - Hernandez 114-113 Cunningham

Judges Cards - Massimiliano Bianco (Mexico) 115-111 Hernandez
                        Alejandro Lopez Cid ( Mexico)116-110 Hernandez
                        Pasquale Procopio ( Canada) 116-110 Hernandez

Boxing Sites , Media and Fans Forums Scores

Boxnation TV (Steve Lillis) - Hernandez 114-112 Cunningham (Phildjay) - Hernandez 114-112 Cunningham (Petra Kirsch) - Hernandez 113-113 Cunningham

Ring Magazine online  - Hernandez 113-113 Cunningham (Alexy Sukachev) - Hernandez 115-112 Cunningham

BoxingAsylum Fans Forum - Hernandez 114-112 Cunningham x4 AND *114-112 Cunningham*

Boxrec General Forum - Hernandez 114-112 Cunningham x3 , 113-113 , *114-113 Cunningham*

Ringnews24 Fans Forum - Henandez 114-112 Cunningham x 3 , 115-113 Her , 113-113 Draw

Boxingscene General Forum - (All for Hernandez) - 114-112 x2 , 115-111 x3 , 115-112 x2
                                                                         114-113 AND *115-113  Cunningham*

Eastsideboxing British Forum - (All for Cunningham) - 114-112 , 115-114
                                                            (Hernandez) 114-112 , 113-113 , 115-115 Draw

Eastsideboxing General Forum - (All for Hernandez) - 115-111 x4 , 117-110 x4 , 116-110 x4
                                                                              114-112 x 4 , 117-109 , 114-113 x2
                                                                              113-113 Draw

What a difference in scoring from the Eastsideboxing fans from the UK and in the General Forum where the rest of the Worlds fans post. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues as most of the Uk fans thought Cunningham won where in the General forum which is mostly American had Hernandez winning.

A Learning Curve For Quigg

British Super-Bantamweight Title

The pressure was on Scott Quigg Saturday night. Expected to win , expected to look good in doing it also. Quigg came back from a 4th round knockdown to stop former Commonwealth champion Jamie Arthur in the 8th with a wicked body shot that spun the challenger full circle before referee Mark Green stopped the fight at the Reebok arena in Bolton.

Quigg was expected to put on a performance similar to domestic rival Carl Frampton who last week won every minute of every round before blasting out Scot Kris Hughes in 7. Hughes had taken Quigg's opponent the full 12 before losing a narrow decison and although many thought that Arthur was at the end of his career most thought this was an easy night for the champion. Arthur started the better winning the 1st round , he then matched the champion over the next 2 rounds before shocking Quigg and the crowd with a left hook which planted the champion on the ground. Quigg took the 8 count and the kick up the backside he needed as when the 5th started he finally began to boss the fight boxing the way we all expected - high workrate and punch accuracy.

By the end of round 7 it looked matter of time before Arthur fell , he had just taken a beating and was cut from a clash of heads. Quigg then started the 8th fast and within 35 seconds the fight was over as a hard left to the body made Ref Mark Green jump in and stop the fight as Arthur turned away in pain. It was a quick decison by the Ref which spilt opinion in the crowd and on TV. Personally i can see why the ref stopped the fight as the challenger turned away but maybe he stopped it 5-10 seconds too early?? Arthur's trainer Chris Sanigar certainly thought so. After the fight and too his credit Quigg said he would fight Arthur again because of the controvesy , the fight was fairly close with many of the fans , media etc having Quigg ahead although not by much. Some even had it level so it will be interesting if a rematch takes place to see if Quigg can better his performance , something he should be aiming to do as it took the knockdown to spark him in life.

For the record the judges were Phil Edwards , Steve Gray and Ian John Lewis.

As always my scorecard is below along with all the fans forums , press and boxing sites scores.

Round 1.... 10-9 Arthur
Round 2.... 9-10 Quigg
Round 3.... 9-10 Quigg
Round 4.... 10-8 Arthur.......Arthur scores a knockdown in this round
Round 5.... 9-10 Quigg
Round 6.... 9-10 Quigg
Round 7.... 9-10 Quigg

TOTAL - Quigg 67-65 Arthur at the time of stoppage


Boxing Sites , Fans Forum and Press Scores

Sky Sports - (Jim Watt) - Quigg 67-65 Arthur

Danny Flexen - (Journo) - Quigg 66-66 Arthur (Phildjay) - Quigg 67-65 Arthur - (Ibrahim Barb) - Quigg 68-65 Arthur

Eastsideboxing - (Brit Forum) - Quigg 66-66 Arthur x2 and 67-67 x2

Boxing-monthly mag (Glyn Leach) - Quigg 66-66 Arthur

The Eastsideboxing fans know their stuff so when see their scores i was a little suprised as everyone that put in a "Round by Round" had the fight a draw at the time of stoppage.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Early Night for Mauler McKenzie

Ovil McKenzie vs Tony Dodson - Commonwealth Light Heavyweight Title

I think it was Former WBO World Title Challenger Toney Bellew who said "McKenzie was a world class 3 round fighter" well Friday night at the Bowlers in Manchester Ovil McKenzie proved his old opponent correct as he battered Former 168lb British champion Tony Dodson early in the 3rd round to retain his Commonwealth championship.

McKenzie started the fight as many expected by rushing Dodson with crude right hands. The challenger never did much in the 1st round as he backed off and held at every opportunity as the champion dominated the round. The 2nd round though was different as Dodson was able to land a number of punches when McKenzie rushed in. Many times Dodson would time his right hands perfect  when McKenzie moved forward , other than that he negated the champion by smartly holding when up close.

The fight took another turn when early in the 3rd McKenzie upped the pace and began to land more regularly with his big right hand. Dodson fell and looked shaky , he did get up though but the writing was on the wall as McKenzie chased him to the ropes and landed another 2-3 punches. At this time Referee Victor Loughlin of Paisley Scotland correctly jumped in to stop the fight. This no doubt was the correct decision as Dodson was hurt badly AND there was over half of the round left , i don't think Dodson would have survived so McKenzie who looked so much bigger in the fight retains his title and can look forward to more decent paydays , something nobody can deny this likeable slugger.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

January ESPN FNFs - My scores

Below is my scores for all the fights that were broadcast in January on ESPN FNFs.

Key West Florida USA

Dyah Davis  vs  Alfonzo Lopez.............97-94 Davis - Official score (Davis UD)

Denis Douglin vs Steve Martinez..........76-77 Martinez - Official score (Douglin SD)

Las Vegas USA

Teon Kennedy vs Christopher Martin...96-94 Kennedy - Official score (DRAW)

Yordenis Ugas vs Esteban Almaraz......79-72 Ugas - Official score (Ugas UD)

Washington USA

Ji Hoon Kim vs Yakubu Amidu............97-93 Kim - Official Score (Kim UD)

Ruslan Provodnikov vs David Torres....50-44 Provodinkov - Offical score (Provodinkov KO6)