Wednesday, 18 September 2013

"The One" Undercard Press Scores

Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse - WBC . WBA 140lb Titles

By Bobby Hunter

Lets make no mistake. This fight could have been a Main Event in its own right. Danny Garcia the young WBC and WBA champion from Philly was actually the underdog against the hard punching Argentine Lucas Matthysee. The fight was expected to be a shoot out with many picking Matthysse to prevail. One big surprise was this fight going the distance with Garcia giving a boxing clinic at times neutralising the Argentine's power with clever boxing and a jab that closed Matthysee's left eye half way through the fight. Add a late knock down scored by Garcia basically sealed the win and probably his best performance.

Angel Garcia can now rest, if that's possible. At the Pre fight press conference the champions Father said he would cut of his head if his son lost the fight. Thankfully for him Danny fought a very controlled and disciplined fight to prove the doubters wrong. Garcia plans to move to Welterweight now where the ultimate challenge awaits, A shot at "Money" Mayweather and huge payday. Many think Garcia is in prime position to get the shot as the Great Mayweather is running out of challenges.

My card for the Garcia-Mattyhsse read, 115-112 Garcia.

The judges scores were as follows, (Robert Hoyle) 114-112 Garcia, (Glen Trowbridge) 115-111 Garcia, (Juergen Langos) 114-112 Garcia.

Compubox Punch Stats

GARCIA - 624 Thrown, 225 Landed, 36% Connection Rate

MATTHYSEE - 566 Thrown, 206 Landed, 36% Connection Rate

Press Scores

Mark Ortega (Ring Magazine) : 114-112 Garcia

Dan Rafael (ESPN) : 114-112 Garcia

Luis Sandoval (The Boxing Lab) : 115-112 Garcia

Tommy Allan (Boxing Asylum) : 116-111 Garcia

Kevin Iole (Yahoo Sports) : 114-112 Garcia

Ciaran Shanks (Irvine Times) : 116-111 Garcia

Ryan Burton (The Boxing Lab) : 114-113 Matthysse **

Phil D Jay (WorldBoxingNews) : 115-112 Garcia

Eric Raskin (Boxing Monthly) : 114-113 Garcia

Matt Digi (Boxing Asylum) : 115-112 Garcia

Brian Campbell (ESPN) : 114-112 Garcia

ProBoxing-Fans : 113-113 Draw **

Daniel Vano (CheckHookBoxing) : 114-112 Garcia

Doug Fischer (Ring Magazine) : 114-112 Garcia

Al Bernstein (Showtime TV) : 115-113 Garcia

Steve Farhood (Showtime TV) : 115-111 Garcia

Paulie Malignaggi (Showtime TV) : 116-111 Garcia

Tris Dixon (Boxing News ED) : 114-112 Garcia

Wolfgang Schiffbauer (Sturm Promotions) : 115-111 Garcia

Kurt Ward (Boxing Asylum) : 116-111 Garcia

Michael Marley (The Examiner) : 116-112 Garcia

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

"The One" Undercard Press Scores

Ishe Smith vs Carlos Molina - IBF 154lb Title

By Bobby Hunter

In a good old fashioned "Snoozer" Ishe Smith made the first defence of his IBF Light Middleweight strap against Carlos Molina but was then relieved of his title as the Mexican now living in Chicago outworked the champion on the way to a split decision. Smith who had collapsed in the ring in joy when winning the title in February started far to slowly as Molina basically punched far to often for the pensive champion. Molina was continually warned for leading with the head by Referee Jay Nady but never received a point deduction. Molina faded in the mid to late rounds but came back in the last two to rubber stamp his victory. The new champion was nearly robbed of his glory as judge Adalaide Byrd scored the fight for Smith. Thankfully the two other judges got this one right and awarded the victory to Molina. My card read 116-112 Molina.

The Judges scores were (Adalaide Byrd) 116-112 Smith, (Burt Clements) 117-111 Molina, (Barry Druxman) 116-112 Molina.

Compubox Stats

SMITH - 700 Thrown, 165 Landed, 24% Connection Rate

MOLINA - 704 Thrown, 133 Landed 18% Connection Rate

Press Scores

Kevin Iole (Yahoo Sports) : 117-111 Molina

Kurt Ward (Boxing Asylum) : 116-112 Molina

Corey Quincy (BL Boxing) : 117-111 Molina

Al Bernstein (Showtime TV) : 114-114 Draw **

Steve Farhood (Showtime TV) : 115-114 Molina

Paulie Malignaggi (Showtime TV) : 114-114 Molina **

Boxing Opinions : 115-114 Molina

Dan Rafael (ESPN) : 116-112 Molina

Phil D Jay (WorldBoxingNews) : 115-113 Molina

Andy Paterson (Boxing Asylum) : 117-111 Molina

Mathew Mojica (Fightsource) : 117-111 Molina

Daniel Vano (CheckhookBoxing) : 116-112 Molina

Adam Abramowitz (SN Boxing) : 116-112 Molina

Boxing Socialist : 115-113 Molina

Matt Digi (Boxing Asylum) : 116-112 Molina

Danny Flexen (Boxing News) : 117-111 Molina

Tris Dixon (Boxing News ED) : 117-112 mOLINA

"The ONE " Undercard Press Scores

Ashley Theophane vs Pablo Cesar Cano

By Bobby Hunter

Kicking off the Undercard on the Showtime Telecast was Britain's Ashley Theophane against tough Mexican Pablo Cesar Cano in what was beforehand thought to be a 50-50 fight. Both fighters didn't disappoint as from round one Cano chased Theophane around the ring trying to land the knockout blow whilst Theophane fought back showing his heart as he was hurt quite bad on more than one occasion. Theophane's work on the back foot kept the fight close but it wasn't enough as Cano was awarded a unanimous decision. My card read 97-93 Cano. The Mexican will now be looking for a title shot at 140 especially if Danny Garcia vacates his WBC and WBA titles.

The Judges had this fight (Richard Houck) 97-93 Cano, (Patricia Jarman) 98-92 Cano and  (Richard Ocasio) 96-94 Theophane.

Official punchstats provided by Compubox were -

CANO - 681 Thrown, 273 Landed, 40% Connection rate

THEOPHANE - 669 Thrown, 212 Landed, 32% Connection rate

Press Scores

Steve Zemach (Queensbury Rules) : 97-93 Cano

Matt Digi (Boxing Asylum) : 97-93 Cano

Kurt Ward (Boxing Asylum) : 96-94 Cano

Al Bernstein (Showtime TV) : 97-93 Cano

Paulie Malignaggi (Showtime TV) : 97-93 Cano

Steve Farhood ) Showtime TV) : 98-92 Cano

Wolfgang Schiffbauer (Sturm Promotions) ; 97-93 Cano

Boxing Socialist : 96-94 Cano

Phil D Jay (WorldBoxingNews) : 96-94 Cano

Tommy Allan (Boxing Asylum) : 96-94 Cano

Corey Quincy (BL Boxing) : 98-92 Cano

Daniel Vano (Checkhookboxing) : 96-95 Cano

BoxingOpinions : 96-95 Cano

Alex Morris  (Boxing Asylum) : 97-93 Cano

Michael Woods (The Sweet Science) : 97-93 Cano

Adam Abramowitz (SN Boxing) : 96-94 Cano

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Burns - Beltran Press Scores

By Bobby Hunter

Last night at the SECC arena in Glasgow Scotland Raymundo Beltran looked like he came away from his title fight with hometown hero Ricky Burns on the end of a bad decision. My view is that Beltran did deserve to win BUT i don't buy the shouts of a "Massive Robbery". If you want to see a massive robbery please watch fights such as Whitaker-Ramierez 1 in Paris. I had that 118-110 to Whitaker. Thats a shafting by the judges, if you watch the fight just see how Lou Duva reacts.

 My card read 114-113 Beltran which equates to 6-6 in rounds but add the extra point Beltran got for the Knockdown in the 8th then you can see how i had him the winner. My card is below and if you read the fight report 2 articles down on this site then you will see how I explained how i scored each round.

I was able to collect 44 press scores for the Burns-Beltran fight. My results show that Beltran must be given a rematch as ALL press members had Beltran winning the fight. For a fight that many has called close, it just shows that Beltran should be new champion right now. I hope whatever happens with Ricky Burns and his broken jaw that he gives Raymundo Beltran a rematch for the title. As mentioned before Team Beltran have been a class act, even when they have saw their fighter denied victory.


Press scores and My scorecard are below.....


Round 1..... 10-9 Burns
Round 2..... 10-9 Burns
Round 3..... 9-10 Beltran
Round 4..... 9-10 Beltran
Round 5..... 9-10 Beltran
Round 6..... 10-9 Burns
Round 7..... 10-9 Burns
Round 8..... 8-10 Beltran , Extra point for the Knockdown.
Round 9..... 9-10 Beltran
Round 10... 9-10 Beltran
Round 11... 10-9 Burns
Round 12... 10-9 Burns

TOTAL : 114-113 Raymundo Beltran


Andy Paterson (Boxing Asylum) : 115-112 Beltran

Danny Flexen (Boxing News) : 114-113 Beltran

Dan Rafael (ESPN) : 115-112 Beltran

Kurt Ward (Boxing Asylum) : 115-112 Beltran

Ryan Bivins (Sweet Boxing) : 117-110 Beltran

Ciaran Shanks (Irvine Times) : 116-112 Beltran

Danny Winterbottom (Secondsout) : 115-113 Beltran

Boxing Opinions : 115-114 Beltran

Phil D Jay (World Boxing News) : 115-112 Beltran

Jake Donovan (BoxingScene) : 116-111 Beltran

ATR Boxing Tipster : 115-112 Beltran

Paul Daly (Top Class Boxing) : 115-112 Beltran

Adam Abramowitz ( SN Boxing) : 115-112 Beltran

Terry Dooley (Boxingscene) : 115-112 Beltran

Alex Morris (KTC Boxing) : 116-111 Beltran

Corey Quincy (BL Boxing) : 116-111 Beltran

Matt Christie (Boxing News) : 115-112 Beltran

Victor M Salazar (Tha Boxing Voice) : 116-111 Beltran

Fighters Rated : 116-113 Beltran

Kieran Mulvaney (ESPN) : 115-112 Beltran

No Holds Barred : 115-112 Beltran

Tom Gray (Ring Magazine) : 115-112 Beltran

Gabriel Montoya (Maxboxing) : 114-113 Beltran

Beau Denison (The Boxing Truth) : 116-111 Beltran

Roe (Checkhookboxing) : 116-111 Beltran

Tommy Allan ( Boxing Asylum) : 114-113 Beltran

Jim Watt (Sky Sports TV) : 115-113 Beltran

Eric Raskin (Boxing Monthly) : 116-111 Beltran

Paul Wheeler ( Boxing News) : 114-113 Beltran

Shaun Brown (LiveFight) : 115-112 Beltran

Lunny (CheckHookBoxing) : 116-111 Beltran : 115-113 Beltran

Rob Day (Ringnews24) : 115-113 Beltran

James Tonks (Ringnews24) : 116-111 Beltran

Clive Bernath (Secondsout) : 115-113 Beltran

John J Raspanti (Doghouseboxing) : 115-113 Beltran

Ramon Aranda ( 3Morerounds) : 116-111 Beltran

Paddy Cronan (Onthegrindboxing) : 115-113 Beltran

Mario Muniga (Tha Boxing Voice) : 115-112 Beltran

Wolfgang Schiffbauer (Sturm Promotions) : 116-111 Beltran

John A MacDonald (Tha Boxing Voice) : 115-112 Beltran

Ryan Burton (The Boxing Lab) : 116-111 Beltran

Jeff Powell (Daily Mail) : 117-113 Beltran

Bob Mee ( Sky Sports TV) : 116-112 beltran

Simmons Impresses On Burns-Beltran Undercard

By Bobby Hunter for Ringnews24

Main support to the Burns-Beltran event was an exciting clash of top Cruiserweight prospects from the UK and Germany. Edinburgh's Stephen Simmons took on unbeaten German David Graf over ten rounds for the vacant WBC International Silver Crusierweight title. Its not often you see two prospects facing each other this early in their career although beforehand fans on twitter and on the main boxing forums agreed that they were pleasantly surprised that both fighters were ready to risk their unbeaten records against each other.

Simmons entered to RunRig's "Loch Lomand" which got the crowd roaring before the fight. Graf looked massive although he was outweighed by Simmons by three pounds. The German started the fight well, he was quicker getting his shots off as Simmons bored in. Graf Knocked Simmons head back a few times in the opener with over hand rights. Simmons though kept coming forward. Simmons won the second and third by bringing his over hand right into play. The jab was also an important weapon as it stopped Graf from setting himself for his own punches.

Round four saw a breakthrough from Simmons as a hard straight right hand floored the German after a good exchange a few seconds earlier. Graf was hurt and had to cover up for the rest of the round. Another huge right hand rocked Graf at the bell. Big Round for "The Monster".

Graf to his credit came back in round five where after two straight right hands and another exciting exchange of hooks Simmons came away with a cut left eye. It looked quite bad too. Simmons responded in the sixth by upping the pace. Graf was fading at this point as Simmons was landing the one-two combination at will. Graf again came back in the seventh, Simmons had slowed a little due to the last round effort. Graf again was getting his punches of first. It was enough to keep Simmons at bay. Round Eight i scored even as both guys were tired and holding a lot when in close. Both guys had success with the straight right but no fighter was dominant enough to merit winning the round.

The Edinburgh fighter began to show his superior fitness in the ninth as he started with a well placed jab, jab, straight combination that bounced off Graf,s head. Simmons then followed by bulling Graf to the ropes hurting him with left hook to the body. Graf couldn't escape as Simmons aimed hooks to body and head.
The Simmons pressure continued early in the tenth as Straight rights and bod shots reigned in on Graf. The German was in survival mode now as Simmons continually blocked Graf on the ropes. When the bell rang there could only be one winner. The judges agreed by awarding Simmons a unanimous decision 99-91, 98-92, 97-92. Simmons improves to 9-0.

Scotland gained another WBC International Silver champion as Glasgow's  Jon Slowey saw off Spain's Angel Lorente over 10 Rounds. Slowey who won the British Masters title at he start of year dominated just about every round with his southpaw stance and a more aggressive style.

Slowey knocked  Lorente down in the 1st although it looked more of a push. Referee Ian John Lewis gave Lorente the eight count before letting the Spaniard continue. Slowey fought aggressively timing his straight left to perfection early followed by some decent lead right hooks. Lorente is a counter puncher but Slowey was throwing far too much leather for his style to have any impact on the fight.

The Spaniard best round was the eighth where he started out with three straight rights that caught Slowey coming in but by the end of the round Slowey was landing his lead hooks again forcing Lorente to the back foot. Slowey easily won the tenth which cemented a dominant performance and a much better showing this time around from the hard fight he received from Belfast's Eddie Nesbitt back in May. Judges cards were 97-93, 99-90 and 98-91. Slowey improves to 15-0.

Scott Cardle got a very useful workout from Fishburn's Gary Fox over 8 x 3 at Lightweight. Cardle from Lythan St Annes brought a noisy support as he started the fight moving around Fox who fought with a high guard and punched in spurts. Fox had brought a noisy sport too cheering when Fox got close letting his punches go. The first two rounds were close with Cardle probably landing the cleaner shots from distance.

Fox attacked more in the third but Cardle boxed cute catching the on rushing Fox with well timed left hooks. A huge left hook in the fourth this time from Fox Sent Cardle off balance, Fox rushed in landing his quick flurries again. A good round for Fox. The counter punching was again working for Cardle in rounds five and six. With his hands at his waist style, Cardle drew Fox too him spinning away after catching Fox with counter hooks and right hands. Cardle saw out the fight in rounds seven and eight by dominating with his jab, Fox was fading at this point as Cardle's class was beginning to show. Cardle ran out a 79-73 winner on Referee Kenny Pringles card. Cardle improves to 12-0.

Callum Smith of Liverpool kept up his record of winning every fight in 2013 by first round KO by stopping Lithuanian import Kirill Psonko with brutal body shots. This fight was at super-middleweight over  6 x 3s but mid way through the round a huge combination of body shots by Smith floored Psonko. Referee Victor Loughlin gave the Lithuanian every chance but it over seconds later as another left hook to the body ended the fight at 2.30 of the round. Psonko is usually durable so it was a decent win for Smith who now needs sterner tests. Smith improves to 7-0 5KO's.

Paul Appleby the former British Feather weight champion made a welcome return with a hard fought decision win over tough Chesterfield man Lee Connell. This was Appleby's first fight since the War with fellow Scot John Simpson last June at the Kelvin Hall in Glasgow where he was stopped in six rounds. Appleby edged the first here against Connelly although he ended the round with a bloody nose. In rounds two and three Connolly was still game but the better placed punches were coming from the ex champion especially to the body, a favourite punch of Appleby. Round four i gave to Connolly as it was toe to toe punch for punch. I felt that Connolly's defence was better in this round as both guys took turns of firing hurtful looking hooks at each other on the ropes.
 Appleby took a step back in the fifth and began to use his boxing skills, a nice jab, straight right combination early in the round being his best punches. By the sixth round Appleby was well in charge as he drove Connolly back with right hooks to the body followed by hooks to the head. Connolly fought back though and landed a big right hand that stopped Appleby in his tracks. It was too late to impact the fight and Appleby ran out a 59-56 winner on Referee Kenny Pringle's card. Appleby is now 19-4 11 Ko's.

Opening the Glasgow show was Prizefighter champion Chris Jenkins of Garnot, Wales who upped his record to 11-0 5ko's by being pushed hard by Frenchman Laurent Ferra over 6x3s at Light welterweight. I had Jenkins winning every round but Ferra was a tough guy who took everything Jenkins threw at him and still kept coming forward. In the second Jenkins got a cut over his eye form a head clash so for the next few rounds he boxed nicely hurting the Frenchman to the body on more than one occasion. Again Ferra fought through the pain to chase Jenkins about. Referee Victor Loughlin could have stopped the fight in the fifth or sixth as Ferra's face was a mask of blood. The tough strong Frenchman deserved to continue to the final bell although was given only a share of a round by Loughlin as he scored the fight 60-55 for Jenkins.

Michael Roberts and David Brophy had to wait until after the Burns-Beltran fight to showcase their talents and have their fights cut to four rounds but both gave commanding performances against Eddie Nesbitt and Jason ball. Roberts easily out boxed aggressive Nesbitt from the outside in what was a very good performance considering how close Nesbitt of Belfast ran Jon Slowey close in May. Roberts ran out a 39-37 points winner on Kenny Pringles card in a fight at Super-Featherweight.

  Brophy of Caldercruix used an improving jab and right hand to stave off the attention of journeyman Jason Ball at Middleweight. Brophy again looked better than his May outing by moving better and starting faster. Referee Kenny Pringle scored this a shut out for Brophy 40-36.

Ray Beltran Denied In Glasgow

By Bobby Hunter for Ringnews24

Fighting in front of a hostile Glasgow crowd, Raymundo Beltran fought the fight of his life against 2 weight world champion Ricky Burns flooring the home favourite before only coming away with a draw. Many at ringside had the popular Mexican - American a close points winner. After the fight Ray Beltran asked for a rematch in America. Ricky Burns speaking to Sky Sports said he would give Beltran the rematch after he got his jaw fixed. At the time of writing this article Eddie Hearn (Burn Promoter) has posted am x-ray picture of Burns jaw on twitter showing a clean break. The break happened in the second round according to Burns. This could maybe be explained why Burns retreated so much throughout the fight after that round.

The Scottish champion started the fight brightly boxing and moving within range peppering Beltran with quick jabs and straight right hands. A good first round for the champion. Beltran quickened his feet in the second as he started forcing Burns back a little. Beltran was still being out boxed at this stage as he was being picked off as he walked forward trying to pressure the champion. Late in the round the challenger got his first success as he backed Burns to the ropes and fired away with hooks to body and head. It wasn't enough to win the round but Beltran was back in the fight.

In round three the fight began to change as Burns couldn't keep Beltran off him. The pressure early was beginning to tell as Beltran trapped Burns on the ropes numerous times. A big left hook from Beltran knock Ricky off balance mid way through the round. Burns got on his bike and jabbed to safety. The fourth followed suit as another big left hook by Beltran staggered Burns. The champion was being forced to fight of the ropes now as his jab became non exisitant. Beltran had nothing to walk through to get to the champion, this continued in the fifth as Burns couldn't keep Beltran away. Another round for the challenger.

I gave Burns round six and seven as he started to box within range of Beltran again instead of backing up. Boxing and moving Burns actually pushed Beltran back in round seven even landing some hurtful looking bodyshots. The burns jab and right hand was back, how would Beltran respond as he had been in charge for the previous three rounds?.

 Round eight started very badly for Ricky Burns as a huge left hook by Beltran floored the champion heavily for an eight count. Beltran then went for the kill as he chased Ricky around the ring looking to finish the fight. Burns survived but it was another big round for the challenger.

The ninth was a hard round to judge, there wasn't much quality being landed by both fighters. Burns was landing jabs and Beltran was landing the odd body shot when he was able to trap Ricky on the ropes. Both guys were tired from the previous round but i gave Beltran the round as he was still forcing Burns back to the ropes more than Burns and his trainer Billy Nelson would have liked. Round ten was the same, a scrappy round with Burns Jabbing and moving to keep Beltran away. Burns has a good first minute of the round as Beltran never landed anything of note. Beltran came back in the last minute of the round picking those hard body shots as Ricky had his hand high protecting his injured jaw. Close round but one i gave to Beltran due to aggresiveness.

The champion rallied in the eleventh by hitting Beltran with quick jab, straight right combinations before moving out of range. Beltran again came on in the second minute of the round before with ten seconds left Burns put Beltran on the ropes for a change landing two uppercuts inside. It was enough to sneak the round on my card.

As the last round started i think Ricky Burns must have known that he needed the twelfth to have any chance of regaining his title. Beltran had looked in control for big periods in the fight where Ricky after a good start had maybe nicked a few more rounds back with cleaner work. I gave Burns the twelfth as Burns went back to the jabbing and moving that had Beltran chasing him early with no success. Beltran did come back though, in most rounds Beltran by the end of the round had Ricky against the ropes defending himself from the accurate body punches. It wasn't enough for me to score the round for the challenger but overall i thought that Beltran had scored a narrow victory over the home favorite. The judges disagreed, well two of them did anyway scoring 115-112 for Burns (Caros Ortiz Jnr) and 114-114 Draw (Ritchie Davies). This mean that Ricky kept his title by a split draw. The third judge from Belguim Andre Van Grootenbruel scored for Beltran 115-113

 My Card read 114-113 Beltran.

 Raymundo Beltran does deserve a rematch. His team were a credit to boxing Pre and Post fight. As mentioned at the start of the article, Ricky Burns says he will give Beltran a rematch. I think Burns is a man of is word and he will give the unlucky challenger another shot at the title although that will probably need to wait until 2014 as Burns jaw will need time to heal.