Friday, 28 December 2012

Adamek - Cunningham Scorecard

Finally got the chance to watch the Adamek-Cunningam fight today. So many people beforehand had asked me my score and if i could collect scores for the fight. In my last article i was able to collect 98 scores from the Press and the Fans. I would probably have got more but i was at work in the middle of a 12 hour shift. My results showed that the vast majority had Steve Cunningham winning the fight. Of the 98 scores, 85 scored for Cunningham, 9 for Adamek and 4 a draw.

Now that i have watched the fight, i am in that vast majority that thought Cunningham won the fight. My scorecard of 116-113 (7-4-1 in rounds) is below. I cannot see how Adamek was given the decision. The only thing that could have happened is the flurries at the end of most rounds by Adamek must have fooled the judges into scoring the round for him. I'm sorry but fighting and landing only in the last 30-20 seconds of the round doesn't win you the fight especially when Cunningham was landing his jab followed by numerous right hand throughout the fight. Adamek merely followed Cunningham around for too much of the fight landing nothing of note. The rounds that Adamek won, it was clear that the Pole upped his work rate and actually matched his lighter opponent. The opening round was the only round where i scored a 10-10. It was a quiet round with the only scoring punches landed by the Cunningham jab. Adamek did land a few hooks in the last 20 seconds of the round. This is what swayed me to score 10-10, it was a quiet round where one flurry could alter the scoring of the round.

I will be writing one final article in 2012. The 3 worst decisions of the year. The Cunningham-Adamek fight will not be there. It came in a close 4th.


Round 1.... 10-10 Draw
Round 2.... 10-9 Cunningham
Round 3.... 10-9 Cunningham
Round 4.... 10-9 Cunningham
Round 5.... 9-10 Adamek
Round 6.... 9-10 Adamek
Round 7.... 10-9 Cunningham
Round 8.... 10-9 Cunningham
Round 9.... 10-9 Cunningham
Round 10.. 10-9 Cunningham
Round 11.. 9-10 Adamek
Round 12.. 9-10 Adamek

Total : 116-113 Cunningham

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Adamek vs Cunningham 2 - Press and Fan Scores

Well I've been pulled away from my Xmas holidays by the fans of my site and asked to collect scores for the Adamek-Cunningham fight that took place on national TV over there in the States. NBC made a welcome return to the sport as Adamek and Cunningham fought for the second time.

Lets make one thing clear, I HAVE NOT watched the fight so i cant really pass judgement on it. What i will do is list all the fight scores from the Press and Fans as many are saying Cunningham did more than enough to win. Add in a scoring mistake which made the  Press/Fans  even more angrier.

Below are all the scores i collected, 98 in total.

Press Score Total - (23), Cunningham (20), Adamek (1), Draw (2)

Fans Score Total - (75), Cunningham (65), Adamek (8), Draw (2)

TOTAL - (98), CUNNINGHAM (85), ADAMEK (9), DRAW (4)

Actual Final Scorecards

Lowblowpodcast - 116-112 Cunningham

Tim Starks (Queensburyrules) 115-113 Cunningham

Kevin Iole ( 115-113 Cunningham

Cliff Rold ( 117-111 Cunningham

Scott Christ ( 116-112 Cunningham

Eric Rakin (Ring Theory Podcast) 115-113 Cunningham

RingMagazine - 115-113 Cunningham

Pro-Boxingfans (Jake) 117-111 Cunningham

Harold Lederman (HBO) 115-113 **ADAMEK**

Dan Rafael (ESPN) 116-112 Cunningham

Lyle Fitzsimmons ( 114-114 **DRAW**

Boxingbet.PL 116-112 Cunningham

Tommy Allan ( 116-112 Cunningham

Ryan Bivins (Sweetboxing) 118-111 Cunningham

Joel Sebastianelli (Leaveitinthering Radio) 114-114 **DRAW**

Jake Donovan ( 116-112 Cunningham

The Boxing Advocat - 115-113 Cunningham - 115-113 Cunningham

John J Raspanti ( 115-114 Cunningham

The Boxing Tribune - 116-112 Cunningham

Phil D Jay ( 115-113 Cunningham

Jason Pribila ( 115-113 Cunningham

Scott Shaffer ( 115-113 Cunningham

Michael Woods ( 115-113 Cunningham

Saddoboxing Forum (For Cunningham) 115-114, 115-113

                             ( For Adamek) **115-113 x2, 117-112, 115-114**

Boxingasylum Forum (For Cunningham) 116-112 x3, **114-114 DRAW**

                                (For Adamek) **115-113**

Fighthype Forum -  116-114 Cunningham

Ringnews24 Forum - 116-112 Cunningham

Doghouseboxing Forum (For Cunningham) 115-113 x4, 118-110, 116-112, **114-114 DRAW**

Boxrec Forum (For Cunningham) 115-113 x4,  116-114,  116-112,  117-111

Eastsideboxing Forum (For Cunningham) 116-112 x11, 115-113 x8, 119-109 x2, 117-111 x2
                                                            117-113, 119-110,

                                  (For Adamek) **115-113**

Checkhookboxing Forum (For Cunningham) 116-113 x2, 117-112, 116-112

The Boxing Palace Forum ( For Cunningham) 115-113 x2, 116-112 (For Cunningham) 117-111 x6, 116-112 x3, 118-110 x2, 115-113, 116-114

                           (For Adamek) **115-113 x2**

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Marquez Bombs Out Paquiao In 6

Juan Manuel Marquez described it as the perfect punch. You will have to look very long and hard to find any boxing fan who will disagree with the Mexican warrior. That punch, a  huge right hand planted Manny Pacquiao face first onto the canvas at 2.59 of the 6th round. The crowd went crazy. The many Mexicans in this pro Marquez crowd at the MGM Grand Las Vegas had waited 10 years for this moment as Marquez finally after four fights got his hand raised in victory.

During the 5th round it looked as if Pacquaio was on his way to registering another win over Juan Manuel. Fighting with a broken nose and blood all splattered over his face, Marquez was having his worst round of the fight as he was floored and beaten around the ring. Marquez might not have been able to continue much longer as he was finding it hard to breath through his nose. His only respite was pushing the gumshield out helping him breathe.

This was in no way one sided. Marquez was only slightly behind on all three judges cards (47-46). The Mexican had also scored a one punch knockdown in the 3rd as a well placed wide right hook caught the 8 division champion flush and sending his down hard..

Pacquiao was the aggressor as expected in this fight. From the first round he went after Marquez with more ferocity than he has shown in his last 3-4 fights. The straight left was landing as early as late in the first round. It was enough to win him the round. Marquez though remained calm. The usual slow starter Marquez exploded into life in the third when he landed that right hand. I also gave Marquez the fourth as he began to counter the on rushing Pacquiao with some nice right hands and left hooks to the body.

The fight took another twist in the fifth as a straight left from Pacquiao scored a flash knockdown. Marquez fought back hard but Pacquiao was all over him scoring with both hands. The fans again were going crazy as both men fought toe to toe at the bell. What a war.

Some KO's can be described as spectacular. I don't even think that word does the KO of Pacquiao justice. If you ever want to see a perfectly timed counter right hand then watch the fight AND  watch Juan Manuel Marquez who Jim Lampley of HBO rightly recognised as "The best counter puncher in boxing". Who can disagree after that perfect punch??.

Marquez will now go on vacation with his family and enjoy the biggest win of his career. In his interview with Larry Merchant on HBO, Marquez was non committal on a Marquez-Pacquiao 5 fight. Quite right too. I'm sure if these guys ever fight again then Marquez will make more than he has ever done before. If I'm Juan Manuel then I'd start the bidding at $10m. This Mexican Legend has nothing to prove.

What now of the whirlwind Manny Pacquiao? I think he was fighting very well before the KO. In fact i think Manny was having his best performance since the pre Mosley days. One thing is for certain, Manny will fight on. This again was confirmed on HBO but whether its Marquez will be up to Bob Arum. Manny wants the fight and i think the fifth fight makes more money than any of the previous four. Manny Pacquiao is also a warrior. I'm sure he will want his revenge. I'm sure he will also want Marquez to give him the chance to do so as well. Remember Manny picked this fight, he didn't need to take it. I'm glad he did as boxing won tonight. What a war AND what a fighter JUAN MANUEL MARQUEZ IS.

Below is my scorecard along with all the Press and fan scores from around the world.

Fightscorecollector's Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-9 Pacquiao
Round 2.... 10-9 Pacquiao
Round 3.... 8-10 Marquez
Round 4.... 9-10 Marquez
Round 5.... 10-9 Pacquiao

TOTAL : 47-46 Pacquiao at the time he was stopped by Marquez

Boxing Press and Fans Scores

Tom Gray - ( 47-46 Pacquiao

Tris Dixon - (boxingnews mag) 47-46 Pacquiao

Bernardo Osuna - (ESPN) 47-46 Pacquiao

Ben Weisman - (boxingasylum) 47-46 Pacquiao

Ryan Burton - (theboxinglab) *47-46 Marquez*

Pro-boxingfans Jake - 47-46 Pacquiao

Boxing Opinions - 47-46 Pacquiao

Eric Raskin (ring theory) 47-46 Pacquiao

Darren Velasco (fightdomain) 47-46 Pacquiao

LowBlowPodcast - 47-46 Pacquiao

Joel Sebastinelli - (leaveitinthering) 47-46 Pacquiao

Shaun Brown - (boxing-monthly mag) **47-47 Draw**

Scott Smith  - (ukfighthype) 47-46 Pacquiao

Mark Ortega - (queensbury rules) 47-46 Pacquiao

Steve Kim - (maxboxing) 48-45 Pacquiao

Matthew Mojica - (Fightsource) 47-46 Pacquiao

Butch Doberman - (IBRO) 47-46 Pacquiao

Ryan Bivins - (sweetboxing) *47-46 Marquez*

Thecruelestsport - 47-46 Pacquiao

Scott Christ - (badlefthook) 47-46 Pacquiao

Dan Rafael - (ESPN) *47-46 Marquez*

Cheekhookboxing - 48-46 Pacquiao

Livefight - *47-46 Marquez*

Harold Ledeman - (HBO) 48-45 Pacquiao

Phil D Jay - (Worldboxingnews) 47-46 Pacquiao

George Jimenez - (noche de boxing) 47-46 Pacquiao

Cliff Roid - (boxingscene) 47-46 Pacquiao

Tim Starks - (queensburyrules) 47-46 Pacquiao

Luis Sandoval - (the boxing lab) 47-46 Pacquiao

Jake Donovan - (boxingscene) 47-46 Pacquiao

thaboxingvoice - 48-45 Pacquiao

Nigel Collins - (ESPN) 48-46 Pacquiao

Ray Markarian - (thesweetscience) 47-46 Pacquiao

Andy Paterson - (boxingasylum) 47-46 Pacquiao

John A McDonald - (thaboxingvoice) 47-46 Pacquiao

Paddy Cronan - (onthegrindboxing) 48-45 Pacquiao - 48-45 Pacquiao

FightGhost - 47-46 Pacquiao

Rob Day - (Ringnews24) 48-45 Pacquiao

Ernest Gabion - (Theboxinglab) 48-45 Pacquiao

FighterRated - 48-45 Pacquiao

Alvaro Mendoza - (twitter fan) 47-46 Pacquiao

Cole Christensen - (twitter fan ) 48-45 Pacquiao

Pawel - (twitter fan) 47-46 Pacquiao

Per Plex - (twitter fan) 47-46 Pacquiao

Colin Hyndland - (twitter fan) 47-46 Pacquiao

Saddoboxing Forum - (All for Pac) 48-45 x4, 47-46x2, 48-46

BoxingAsylum Forum - (All for Pac) 47-46x3 , 48-45

Livefight Forum - (All for Pac) 47-46 x5 , **47-47 draw**

Fighthype Forum - (All for Pac) 47-46x2

Doghouseboxing Forum - (All for Pac) 48-47x2 , 48-45

Thesweetscience Forum - 48-46 Pacquiao

Ringnews24 Forum - (All for Pac) 48-45x2 , 47-46

Boxrec Forum - (All for Pac) 48-45x4, 47-46x3, 48-46, **47-46 MARQUEZ**

Eastsideboxing Foum - (All for Pac) 47-46x16, 48-45x8, 48-46, **47-46, 48-47 MARQUEZ**

Checkookboxing Forum - (All for Pac) 47-46, 48-46, 48-45

Boxingscene Forum - (All for Pac) 47-46x10, 48-45x5, **47-46x2, MARQUEZ** , 47-47 Draw

BoxingPalace Forum - (All for Pac) 47-46x2, 48-45x2

FightJudge Forum - (All for Pac) 47-46x7, 48-45x3, 48-46x2 **47-46x2, 47-45 MARQUEZ**

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Fightscorecollector's December Fight List

For the final month of a great boxing year, i will only be covering 3 fights. All of these fights will include Filipino boxers Pacquiao, Ocampo and Donaire. On Dec 8th in Vegas Pacquiao meets arch nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez then a week later huge underdog Jose Ocampo travels to London to try and wrestle the WBO 135 Title from Scotland's Ricky Burns. Later that night Nonito Donaire makes another defence of his 122lb WBO title against Mexican warrior Jorge Acre. This fight will take place in the great State of Texas at the Toyota Centre.

Sat 8th - (HBO) - Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez :12 Rounds Special Event

Sat 15th - (Boxnation) - Ricky Burns vs Jose Ocampo : WBO Lightweight Title

Sat 15th - (HBO) - Nonito Donaire vs Jorge Acre :WBO Super-Bantam Title

Monday, 3 December 2012

Pacquaio vs Marquez 1,2,3 Scored and Stats

Since i started my fightscorecollector site, i have been asked 1 question the most, "how did you score the 3 Pacquiao vs Marquez fights?". It has been a while since i have watched all 3, in fact i have only watched the 3rd fight once and that was on a stream that wasn't the best. My response has always been that i have scored all 3 fights to Pacquiao. Going by memory i had the 1st 115-112 Pacquiao, the 2nd 114-113 Pacquiao and the 3rd 115-114 Pacquiao.

Well tonight in preparation for an overtime night shift on Tuesday which entails changing your body cock around twice in 24hrs, i thought lets do it, lets watch and score the 3 fights again. To my surprise i had Marquez winning one of the fights. The 2nd fight. What didn't surprise me was just how close each fight was. The stats i have for MY SCORING show that the 4th fight in my opinion will be EASILY as close. Nothing really has changed. Both fighters definitely showed signs of decline in the 3rd fight. Their punch average and overall fight was nowhere as good as the previous 2. Pacquiao-Marquez 4  will surely be closure on this fight series. I applaud Pacquiao for taking this match as Marquez without a doubt has given him his hardest fights in the last 8-10 years. Pacquiao could have fought Bradley again but wanted the decisive win against his very own Ken Norton.

Before you view my scorecards below here are the stats i mentioned above on how i scored the fight.

1. Total Rounds each fighter has won..... Pacquiao 16 , Marquez 18 , 2 draw

2. Total points accumulation in 3 fights...Pacquiao 342, Marquez 340

There is only a 2 point difference in 3 fights. That's why i cant understand why some Press but loads of fans think Pacquiao will win this fight by a much wider margin. Pacquiao has lost some of his leg speed so he cant close the distance as fast as he used to. This should help Marquez as he will look to counter for most of the fight. My problem with Marquez is his punch output. Yes he is accurate but in all 3 fights he hasn't matched the output by Pacquiao. Saying that in his last few fights Pacquiao's output has dropped BIG.

Who wins??? - if a gun was to my head id say Pacquiao in another very close points win although i wouldn't be surprised if history repeats itself and goes against Pacquiao just like what happened vs Bradley.

Below is my 3 scorecards for the Pacquiao-Marquez Trilogy

Fight 1

Round 1.... 10-6 Pacquiao
Round 2.... 10-9 Pacquiao
Round 3.... 9-10 Marquez
Round 4.... 9-10 Marquez
Round 5.... 9-10 Marquez
Round 6.... 9-10 Marquez
Round 7.... 10-9 Pacquiao
Round 8.... 9-10 Marquez
Round 9.... 10-9 Pacquiao
Round 10.. 10-9 Pacquiao
Round 11.. 9-10 Marquez
Round 12.. 10-10 Draw


Fight 2

Round 1.... 10-9 Pacquiao
Round 2.... 9-10 Marquez
Round 3.... 10-8 Pacquiao
Round 4.... 10-9 Pacquiao
Round 5.... 9-10 Marquez
Round 6.... 9-10 Marquez
Round 7.... 9-10 Marquez
Round 8.... 9-10 Marquez
Round 9.... 10-9 Pacquiao
Round 10.. 10-9 Pacquiao
Round 11.. 9-10 Marquez
Round 12.. 9-10 Marquez


Fight 3

Round 1.... 10-9 Pacquiao
Round 2.... 9-10 Marquez
Round 3.... 10-9 Pacquiao
Round 4.... 10-9 Pacquiao
Round 5.... 9-10 Marquez
Round 6.... 10-9 Pacquiao
Round 7.... 9-10 Marquez
Round 8.... 10-10 Draw
Round 9.... 9-10 Marquez
Round 10.. 9-10 Marquez
Round 11.. 10-9 Pacquiao
Round 12.. 10-9 Pacquiao



Sunday, 11 November 2012

Mares Mauls Moreno - Now For Donaire

Abner Mares vs Anselmo Moreno - WBC Super Bantamweight Title

I am going to start this article with a moan. A massive moan in fact. James Jen-Kin one of the judges in the Mares-Moreno fight should be sacked right now. No messing about, SACKED. How an experienced judge can score the fight 120-106 for Mares just totally shocks me. This guy has been judging fights since the year i was born (1979 )going by boxrec records. Surely in 32 years he knows how to score a fight. Mares won every round? I'm sorry but NO. This looks like this guy has been paid (which i don't think he has) or he is just totally incompetent. I collected 34 press scores for this fight and not 1 of them had anything near the score that Jen-Kin displayed on Saturday night at the Staples Centre LA. I also collected over 50 scorecards from the boxing fans on twitter and on the numerous boxing forums I'm able to collect from and the biggest scorecards i got in favor of Mares were 117-109 and 117-110. These are not bad cards as they are only 1 round out from what many press and fans score this fight. But 120-106? No Chance.

Now onto the fight which for the first 1 or 2 rounds looked like it was going to be a messy affair with both fighters fouling and tackling each other to the canvas. Mares started like a man possessed. He went after Moreno setting a pace that the man from Panama probably has never experienced. Mares when he could tried to keep Moreno on the ropes and bash away at the WBA 118lb champions ribs. Moreno though was cute in the first few rounds as he was able to dance round the on rushing Mares landing some counter jabs and straight left hands. Mares had his first breakthrough in the 4th as for most of the round he was able to force Moreno to trade with him on the ropes. It was the type of fight Mares would need to win this fight.

The pressure continued in the 5th when near the end of the round under severe fire, Mares landed a quick straight right inside. Down went Moreno, he was hurt but luckily for him the round didn't have long left. The pro Mares crowd went crazy as in the 6th Mares continues to punish Moreno on the ropes. Body shots whacked in as Moreno covered up, Mares was in total control now as the light punching Moreno didn't have the arsenal to keep the marauding champion off him.

In the 7th the pace slowed. There was no chance Mares could have kept this up. The champion still moved forward looking for Moreno although this time he was being caught coming in with the right jab and the snappy straight left hand. Good round for Moreno keeping him in the fight. The 8th round was probably the best of the fight as both guys traded when inside. To the surprise of many watching the fight Moreno was getting the best of it landing some nice left hooks, one of them stopping Mares in his tracks. This brought Moreno even closer on my card (77-75 Mares).

The 9th and 10th rounds have went either way. Both were fighting hard although at a slower tempo. I can see how these rounds could have went to one or the other fighter though. Some fans and press liked the walk forward style of Mares, he could have won both rounds because he was the aggressor. I gave both fighters a round a piece as in the 9th i felt that Moreno was picking the now slower Mares off coming in and was matching his inside work.

Controversy reigned in the 11t as referee Raul Caiz Jnr took a point off Moreno for pushing Mares head down when inside fighting was taking place. It was a harsh call especially as Mares was guilty of more than a few low blows and was boring in with his head constantly. Wrong decision from the ref which could have caused Moreno the fight. Moreno to his credit rallied in the 11th and took a share on my scorecard 9-9.

The atmosphere was electric as the 12th round started. It had been an enjoyable fight from 2 very good champions. Mares looked tired though, his previous efforts especially in the first half of the fight seemed to take most of his energy. Moreno was now happy as he was able to catch Mares quite easily. Mares speed of foot was gone as he could only follow Moreno around the ring instead of drive him to the ropes. Moreno easily won the round as long jabs and hooks were by far the cleaner punches of the round. The final bell rang and on my scorecard i wasn't sure who had won. Below you will see my full scorecard, certainly nothing like THAT shocking 120-106 card posted by James Jen-Kin.

Fightscorecollector's Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-9 Moreno
Round 2.... 9-10 Mares
Round 3... 10-10 Draw
Round 4.... 9-10 Mares
Round 5.... 8-10 Mares...............Mares Scores Knock Down
Round 6.... 9-10 Mares
Round 7.... 10-9 Moreno
Round 8.... 10-9 Moreno
Round 9.... 10-9 Moreno
Round 10.. 9-10 Mares
Round 11... 9-9 Draw...........Point Deduction from Moreno, Moreno wins round
Round 12.. 9-10 Moreno


Judges Scores: David Sutherland (USA) 116-110 Mares
                         Marty Denkin (USA) 116-110 Mares
                        James Ken-Kin (USA) 120-106 Mares


Boxing Press and Fan Forums Scores

BoxingOpinions : 114-113 Mares

Steve Kim (Maxboxing) : 116-111 Mares

Mark Ortega (QueensburyRules) : 114-113 Mares

Michael Rosenthal (RingMagazine) : 116-110 Mares

Scott Christ (Badlefthook) : *113-113 DRAW*

Steve Zemach (QueensburyRules) : *113-113 DRAW*

Al Bernstein (Showtime) : 114-112 Mares

Steve Farhood (Showtime) : 114-112 Mares

Paulie Malignaggi (Showtime) : 114-112 Mares

Joshua McDaniel (Leaveitinthering) : 116-111 Mares

Alan Abramowitz (freelance) : *113-113 DRAW*

Ben Weisman (Boxingasylum) : 115-111 Mares

Jake Donovan (Boxingscene) : 114-112 Mares

Cliff Roid (Boxingscene) : **114-113 MORENO** : 116-111 Mares

Bernardo Osuna (ESPN) : 115-110 Mares

Billy Ferguson (UKFighthype) : *113-113 DRAW* : 116-111 Mares

Tommy Allan (Boxingasylum) : 114-112 Mares

Matthew Mojica (Fightsource) : *113-113 DRAW*

Ryan Bivins (Sweetboxing) : **114-112 Moreno**

Nigel Collins (ESPN) : 115-113 Mares

Andy Paterson (Boxingasylum) : 114-112 Mares

Steve Lillis (Boxnation) : 115-111 Mares

John Angus MacDonald (Thaboxingvoice) : 114-113 Mares

Ernest Gabion (Theboxinglab) : 114-112 Mares

Luis Sandoval (Theboxinglab) : 114-112 Mares

Paddy Cronan (Onthegrindboxing) : **114-113 Moreno** : 114-112 Mares

Mike Coppinger (USA Today) : 115-111 Mares

Ryan Burton (Theboxinglab) : 114-112 Mares

Eric Raskin (Ring Theory) : 115-111 Mares

Kieran Mulvaney (ESPN) : 116-110 Mares

Ray Markarian (Thesweetscience) : 116-110 Mares

Jenna Jay (Ontheropesboxing) : 115-111 Mares

No Holds Barred : 115-111 Mares

Cole Cristainsen (twitter fan) : 114-112 Mares (twitter fan) : **114-112 Moreno**

Per plex (twitter fan ) : 116-111 Mares

Peter Clarke (twitter fan) : *113-113 DRAW*

Jrosales13 (twitter fan) : **114-112 Moreno**

Pawel (Twitter fan) : 114-112 Mares

Chito Muniz (twitter fan) : 114-112 Mares

Saddo Boxing Forum (all for Mares) : 116-110 x2, 116-112

Boxing Asylum Forum (all fo Mares) : 116-110 x2, 114-112 x2, 114-113
                                                            *113-113 DRAW*

Fighthype Boxing Forum : 116-110 Mares

Fightjudge Boxing Forum (all for Mares) : 114-112, 116-110

Ringnews24 Boxing Forum (all for Mares) : 114-112, 115-111
                                                                      **115-111 MORENO**

Boxrec Boxing Forum (all for Mares) : 115-111 x2, 114-112, 116-110, 115-112, 117-110
                                                              **114-113 MORENO**
                                                              * 113-113 DRAW*

Eastsideboxing Forum (all for Mares) : 116-110 x3,  114-112 x2, 117-109 x2, 115-112, 115-114
                                                                114-113, 116-111
                                                               **114-113 x2 MORENO**
                                                                *113-113 x2 DRAW*

Boxingscene Forum (all for Mares) : 114-112 x3, 115-111 x2, 115-112, 117-112, 114-113, 116-110
                                                            **114-113 MORENO**
                                                             *113-113 DRAW*

Cheeckhookboxing Forum (all for Mares) : 114-112, 116-110

Theboxingpalace Forum : 115-111 Mares

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Dr Steelhammer Dominates Dr Iron Chin

Wladimir Klitschko vs Mariusz Wach - WBA, WBO, IBF Heavyweight Title

Tonight in Hamburg Germany Wladimir Klitschko was made to go the distance in a World Heavyweight Title defence for only the 3rd time as he pounded out an unanimous 12 rounds points win against over-matched but Iron Chinned Mariusz Wach. Klitschko won 35 of the 36 rounds on the judges cards, this easily showed how dominant a performance this was from the long time champ.

This was Klitschko's first fight since the death of legendary trainer Manny Steward. It was also the first time in 6 foot 6 Klitschko fought an opponent that was bigger than him. Wach Born in Poland but now fighting out of New jersey USA stood a massive 6 foot 7 and a half inches. Could Wach use his height and reach advantage to cause the upset??. NO, Wladimir took control from the first bell as he fired jab after jab at the slower Wach followed by hard right hands that were Knocking the bigger man's head back. The fight continued the same way with Klitschko moving around the ring landing at will with his jab and right hand. The only problem was that Wach was still there taking shot after shot.

Near the end of the 5th round Wach landed a huge straight right that put Wladimir to the ropes. Wach went for the kill but Wladimir showed all his experience by easily tying Wach up and seeing out the round. The crowd and the watching millions then expected Wach to go after the champion in the 6th. It wasnt the case as Dr Steelhammer came out faster landing even more jabs and straight right hands. In the 8th round Wladimir gave Wach that much of a beating it looked like American Ref Eddie Cotton might stop the fight. Wladimir battered Wach that much in round 8 that many press and fans scored the round 10-8. On my fightscorecollector card i gave Klitschko the extra point.

The 9th was a slower paced round as Wladimir probably feeling the effects of his efforts was content to jab and land the occasional straight right. Its at this point that i think Wladimir realised that Wach was not going to be stopped. Rounds 11 and 12 were mirror images as Kitschko moving around the ring well for a big guy (247lbs) landed his favorite combination , the 1-2 time after time. Wach was now a punching bag, his work rate dropping round after round. Wach in the last 2 rounds must have thrown less than 10 punches. When the final bell rang there was no doubt who the winner was. Wladimir Klitschko will now look for a viable challenger whilst Wach will probably land more big fights due to his durability.

Below is my scorecard along with all the press and fan scores i was able to collect for this fight.

Fightscorecollector's Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 2.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 3.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 4.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 5.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 6.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 7.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 8.... 10-8 Klitschko
Round 9.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 10.. 10-9 Klitschko
Round 11.. 10-9 Klitschko
Round 12.. 10-9 Klitschko


Judges Scores : Adalaide Byrd (USA) : 120-107 KLITSCHKO
                         Michale Ancona (USA) : 120-107 KLITSCHKO
                         Pascale Procopio (CAN) : 119-109 KLITSCHKO


Press and Boxing Forums Scores

Ritchie Woodhall (ESPN UK) 120-107 Klitschko

Ian Darke (ESPN UK) 120-107 Klitschko

EPIX TV : 120-108 Klitschko

Lem Satterfield (Ring Magazine) 120-107 Klitschko : 120-107 Klitschko

Phil D Jay (Worldboxingnews,net) 120-108 Klitschko

Scott Christ ( 120-107 Klitschko

Ryan Bivins (Sweetboxing) 120-107 Klitschko

John Chavez (Boxingtruth Radio) 120-107 Klitschko

Kevin Iole ( 120-107 Klitschko

FightGhost : 120-107 Klitschko : 120-107 Klitschko

Butch Doberman (IBRO) 120-107 Klitschko

Scott Smith (UK Fighthype) 120-109 Klitschko

Tris Dixon (BoxingNews ED) 120-107 Klitschko

Patrick Cassidy ( 119-109 Klitschko : 120-107 Klitschko

Danny Flexen (FightingFit Mag) 120-107 Klitschko

No : 120-107 Klitschko

Alan Dawson ( 120-107 Klitschko

Ryan Songalia (Freelance writer) 119-108 Klitschko

Michael Woods (The SweetScience) 120-106 Klitschko

Alex B (Twitter fan) 120-107 Klitschko

Per Plex (Twitter fan) 120-107 Klitschko

FlaviousMaximus (Twitter fan) Klitschko

Saddoboxing Forum : (all for Wlad) 120-107 x3, 119-109

BoxingAsylum Forum: (all for Wlad) 120-107 x2 , 120-108

Livefight Forum : (all for Wlad) 120-107 x2

Ringnews24 Forum : 120-107 Klitschko

Boxrec Forum : (all for Wlad) 120-107 x4

Eastsideboxing Forum : (all for Wlad) 120-107 x4, 120-106 x2

Boxingscene Forum : (all for Wlad) 120-107 x3 , 120-108 x2, 119-109

Checkhookboxing Forum : (all for Wlad) 120-108 x3, 129-107 x2

TheBoxingPalace Forum : 120-106 Klitschko

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Gavin wins British Title In A Snoozer

Junior Witter vs Frankie Gavin - British Welterweight Title

In his 13 fights previously and I'm guessing for the rest of his career, Frankie Gavin will not come across a more awkward and frustrating fighter in Junior Witter. Tonight at the famous York Hall Bethnal Green, Birmingham's Gavin ground out a 12 round unanimous decision over the former WBC lightwelterweight champion.

They say styles make fights??. Well  this fight will not be on any highlight reel although in Gavin's case it was more important to get the win, rather than look good. In fact as John Rawling mentioned on the Boxnation televised show," Does anybody look good vs Junior Witter"?.

The first 3-4 rounds were fought at a very slow pace with little or nothing landing of quality. These rounds could have went either way although on my card i had Gavin winning 3 of the first 4 rounds due to the right hook landing once in a while. Round 5 started with a double straight left from southpaw Gavin. Witter responded with his own straight left. Was it finally heating up? NO it wasn't as Gavin began to push the 38 year old Witter back but again nothing of note was really landing.

From the 7th round onwards it was all Gavin who continually pushed Witter back lunging in with crude body shots followed by the odd right hook. By this time Witter started clowning about probably knowing the fight wasn't going the way he wanted. This prompted Referee Marcus McDonnell to deduct a point in the 10th as Witter stopped the action on numerous occasions.

In possibly the last round of his career Witter danced, switched his feet constantly and basically began messing Gavin about. For some strange reason it worked as Gavin didn't land any effective punches. Witter won the round as he was able to land his jab, something that he was unable to do for the previous 11 rounds.

After 12 rounds that many would rather forget, Frankie Gavin was proclaimed the champion by the 3 judges. Gavin will now hope to more active and at 27 must be hitting the peak years in his career. Witter must now retire. I cant see many younger guys wanting to fight him due to his style. Witter has done himself proud though winning the WBC 140lb Title along with the British, European and Commonwealth straps at 140. Add another British title at 147 and you can see that Witter has had a more than decent career.

Fightscorecollector's Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-9 Witter
Round 2.... 9-10 Gavin
Round 3.... 9-10 Gavin
Round 4.... 9-10 Gavin
Round 5.... 9-10 Gavin
Round 6.... 10-10 Draw
Round 7.... 9-10 Gavin
Round 8.... 9-10 Gavin
Round 9.... 9-10 Gavin
Round 10.. 9-10 Gavin...................Witter Deducted 1 point in this round
Round 11.. 9-10 Gavin
Round 12.. 10-9 Witter


Judges Scores: Ian John Lewis - 119-109 Gavin
                        Mark Green       - 117-112 Gavin
                        Dave Parris        - 117-110 Gavin


Boxing Press and Fan Forums Scores

Steve Lillis (Boxnation) - 116-113 Gavin

FightGhost - 117-110 Gavin

Tommy Allan (BoxingAsylum) - 119-108 Gavin

Billy Ferguson (FighthypeUK) - 117-110 Gavin

John A McDonald (Thaboxingvoice) - 116-111 Gavin

Adam Abramowitz (SN Boxing) - 116-111 Gavin

Tom Gray ( - 115-112 Gavin

No Holds Barred - 116-111 Gavin

Kevin Mitchell (Guardian Newspaper) - 117-110 Gavin

Boxing Opinions - 117-112 Gavin

Phil D Jay ( 116-110 Gavin

Boxingasylum Forum (all for Gavin) 119-109, 117-110, 118-109

Livefight Forum - 118-112 Gavin

Ringnews24 Forum (all for Gavin ) 116-112 x2

Doghouseboxing Forum - 116-111 Gavin

Boxrec Forum - 116-110 Gavin

Eastsideboxing Forum (all for Gavin) 115-112 x2, 116-111 x2, 118-110, 116-112, 118-109

Checkhookboxing Forum (all for Gavin) 117-110, 118-110

Saddoboxing Forum - 117-110 Gavin

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fightscorecollector's November Fight List

As we hit the penultimate month of the year, boxing fans worldwide must be happy looking ahead to what November offers. For UK fans Frankie Gavin gets his British Title shot against former WBC Champion Junior Witter. Carl Froch takes on dangerous American Yusef Mack on the 17th then on the 24th Ricky Hatton makes his long awaited comeback. Both the Froch and Hatton shows have a more than decent under card with many domestic and international titles at stake.

Meanwhile in Europe Wladimir Klitschko will make another defence of his Heavyweight title and on the same night Abner Mares takes on Anselmo Moreno in a genuine 50-50 clash. The Mares-Moreno bill will also feature IBF 118 king Santa Cruz and WBO Cruiser champ Nathan Cleverly.

I will be covering the 2 Lightweight titles fights on the 17th and 24th of November featuring the exciting DeMarco vs Broner clash but also the vacant WBA strap between Richard Abril and Sharif Bogere.

In total i will be covering and scoring 7 fights so please have a look at the list below and send in your score to my twitter account @thefightscore or on the many boxing forums when i collect my fans scores.

The List

Thurs 1st -( Boxnation )- Junior Witter vs Frankie Gavin - British Welterweight Title

Sat 10th - ( ARD ) - Wladimir Klitschko vs Mariuz Wach - WBA, WBO , IBF Heavyweight Title

Sat 10th - ( SHO ) - Abner Mares vs Anselmo Moreno - WBC Super-Bantamweight Title

Sat 17th - ( SKY ) - Carl Froch vs Yusef Mack - IBF Super-Middleweight Title

Sat 17th - ( HBO ) - Antonio DeMarco vs Adrien Broner - WBC Lightweight Title

Sat 24th - (Primetime) - Ricky Hatton vs Vyacheslan Senchenko - 10 Round Special Event

Sat 24th - ( HBO ) - Richard Abril vs Sharif Bogere - Vacant WBA Lightweight Title

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Malignaggi vs Cano - Press And Fan Scores

Over the last few days i have been collecting scores for the Malignaggi vs Cano fight which took place at the Barclay's Centre in Brooklyn New York. Respected Boxing writer Thomas Hauser sent an e-mail asking if i covered the fight. I sent an e-mail back saying that i didn't cover the fight but it would be an honour to do so as i think Thomas wrote the best ever book i have read "ALI - His Life and Times.

Below are my findings on the Malignaggi vs Cano fight. A close fight that i feel could have went either way. Watching the fight i feel that there could have been at least 4-5 rounds that could have been scored for each boxer. This fightIi DONT was not a ROBBERY because of the many close rounds.. I was able to collect OVER 100 scores from the Press and Fans but i have also put my scorecard up for scrutiny.


Round 1 : 10-9 Malignaggi
Round 2 : 10-9 Malignaggi
Round 3 : 9-10 Cano
Round 4 : 9-10 Cano
Round 5 : 10-10 Draw
Round 6 : 9-10 Cano
Round 7 : 10-9 Malignaggi
Round 8 : 9-10 Cano
Round 9 : 10-9 Malignaggi
Round 10: 10-9 Malignaggi
Round 11: 8-10 Cano
Round 12: 9-10 Cano

TOTAL : 115-113 Cano

The Final Results Were :

PRESS : 29 scores , 19 for Cano , 8 for Malignaggi , 2 a Draw

FANS: 80 scores , 59 for Cano , 21 for Malignaggi

TOTAL: 109 scores , 78 for Cano , 29 for Malignaggi , 2 a Draw

Here is The Press And Fans Scores Taken From Twitter And The Best Boxing Forums Around.

Matthew Mojica (Fightsource) : 114-113 Cano

Dan Rafael (ESPN) : 115-112 Cano

Mark Ortega (The Queensbury Rules) : 115-112 Cano

Tom Gray ( : 115-112 Cano

Ernest Gabion (The Boxing Lab) : 114-113 Malignaggi

Scott Smith (UK Fighthype) : 114-113 Malignaggi

Jake Donovan (Boxingscene) : 115-112 Cano

Paddy Cronan (Onthegrindboxing) : 115-113 Cano

Kieran Mulvaney (ESPN) : 115-112 Cano

Darren Velasco (Fightdomain) : 114-113 Cano

Scott Christ (Badlefthook) : 115-112 Cano

Jenna Jay (Ontheropesboxing) : 114-113 Malignaggi

Kevin Iole ( : 114-113 Malignaggi

Joshua McDaniel (Leaveitinthering) : 114-113 Malignaggi

Ryan Burton (The Boxing Lab) : 114-113 Malignaggi : 115-114 Cano

Matt Christie (Boxingnews ) : 114-114 Draw

Steve Lillis (Boxnation) : 114-114 Draw : 114-113 Malignaggi

Phil D Jay ( : 114-113 Cano : 115-112 Cano

Billy Ferguson (UK fIghthype) : 114-113 Cano

Nigel Collins (ESPN) : 114-113 Cano

Cliff Roid (Boxingscene) : 114-113 Malignaggi

FightGhost : 114-113 Cano

Al Bernstein (Showtime) : 116-112 Cano

Steve Farhood (Showtime) : 115-112 Cano

Austin Trout (Showtime) : 114-113 Cano

Barry Tomkins (Showtime) : 114-113 Cano

SaddoBoxing Forum : 116-111 x2, 115-112 Cano ,* *114-113 Malignaggi**

BoxingAsylum Forum : 115-112 x4, 114-113 x3, 116-111 , 114-112 All for Cano
                                        **114-113 Malgnaggi**

Livefight Forum : 116-111 Cano

Fightjudge Forum : 116-111 x2, 117-110 x2, 115-112 , 116-111, 118-109 All for Cano
                                ** 115-113 Malignaggi**

Doghouseboxing Forum : 115-112 x2 All for Cano

Thesweetscience Forum : **114-113 x2 All for Malignaggi**

Boxrec Forum : 115-112 x5, 114-113 x2, 116-111 x2 , 116-114, 118-109 All for Cano
                          ** 114-113 x4 , 115-114 All for Malignaggi**

Eastsideboxing Forum : 114-113, x4, 115-112 x3, 116-111 x3, 116-112, 115-113, 119-108 Cano
                                       ** 114-113 x3 Malignaggi **

Boxingscene Forum : 114-113 x5, 115 -112 x4, 116-111 All for Cano
                                    **114-113 x6 Malignaggi**

Checkhookboxing Forum : 115-114 x2, 115-112 All for Cano
                                           ** 114-113 x2, 115-113 All for Malignaggi**

Pawel + Per Plex (twitter fans) : 117-110 Cano , 114-113 Cano

Sunday, 21 October 2012

That Philly Left Hook Again - Garcia Wins in 4

Danny Garcia vs Erik Morales WBA and WBC Light Welterweight Titles

Danny Garcia can now be added to the candidates for Fighter Of The Year as he easily dismantled Mexican legend Erik Morales (139.2lbs) in 4 one sided rounds at the New Barclay's Centre in Brooklyn New York. The champion defending his title for the 2nd time started the 1st round slowly although he was pushing Morales back with the jab and occasional right hand. Morales in his 61st fight was having the odd success catching the champion moving in but this was as good as it got for the ageing former 4 weight champion.

In their 1st fight Garcia admitted he gave the Mexican far too much respect. This time Garcia (139.8lbs) after that 1st round went after Morales landing some huge right hands followed by hurting body shots. Morales best moment in the round came early as he opened with a nice left - right combo. Midway through the 3rd round it was becoming apparent that Morales was beginning to weaken, maybe from those body shots delivered by Garcia. The champion then began to drive Morales to the ropes landing powerful looking right hands. Morales instantly looked old but worse was to come as a big right hurt him that badly with 5 seconds to go in the round that it made Morales walk to the. wrong corner.

During the one minute breaks Garcia's father was instructing his son to go to the body , the perfect fight plan against somebody that has struggled to make weight and who had well documented drug testing issues before the fight. Garcia continued to dominate in the 4th. Morales began to look very tired as Garcia fired lefts and right to the body. This made Morales hold on. The Philly resident then went for the kill stepping in with his punches catching Morales at will. The end came at 1.23 when a quick flurry of punches by Garcia ended with a massive left hook. Morales hit the canvas HARD, half his body went out of the ring. This prompted the Mexicans corner man to the enter the ring although referee Benjy Esteves had already waved it off as Morales was in no condition to continue.

Garcia will now move forward to bigger fights in the talent laden 140lb division. He improves his record to 25-0 16Ko's. Morales falls to 52-8 36Ko's and told the Brooklyn fans that this was his last fight in the USA . Morales also mentioned that he will have his farewell fight in home town Tijuana probably next year.

Fight Purses : Garcia $1m , Morales $350k

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Donaire Wins With 1 Punch KO
Nonito Donaire vs Toshiaki Nishioka - WBO 122lb Title
Nonito Donaire will now look forward to super fights against the likes of Abner Mares, Anselmo Moreno or even stablemate Guillermo Rigondeaux after stopping Toshiaki Nishioka of Japan in 9 rounds to regain his WBO 122lb title at the Home Depot Centre, Carson California. Shortly before the fight Donaire gave up his IBF title saving himself a small fortune in sanction fees. The reason being that the IBF were ordering a mandatory defence for the winner of last nights fight. Something that certainly doesn't fit into Donaire's or even Bob Arum's plans.

Former champion Nishioka had held the WBC strap for 3 years and at 36 nobody could blame him going after a big money fight against one of boxing's best fighters. Nishioka was also unbeaten in 8 years and surely he fancied his chances but that changed when he was put on the seat of his pants by a Donaire left uppercut. Nishioka would fight mostly from a defensive stance, something that wasnt expected. At the start of the year Donaire was faced with a similar problem as Argentine Omar Narvaez travelled to New York and put up a negative defensive performance that saw him lose virtually every round. He did survive the 12 rounds though. Donaire's task was now to see if he had improved. He had to work out a way to stop a guy that surprisingly hadn't really came to fight.

The opening rounds were tepid affairs. Donaire was doing all the work as Nishioka flicked out the odd right jab from his Southpaw stance. In the 3rd round the champion opened with 2-3 blistering combination pushing the Japanese fighter back. The response? Not much. Donaire was having more and more success with his lead right, a primary weapon against a southpaw. The 4th and 5th followed the same suit, Donaire trying to force a fight, Nishioka with his hands held high trying the odd jab followed by wide pot shots. The fans who earlier had been treated to a "Fight Of The Year" candidate between Brandon Rios and Mike Alvardo began to boo as early as the first round.

In the 6th round Nishioka began to be more adventurous throwing more punches but for his troubles he landed himself on the canvas after being caught by a big left uppercut. Nishioka took the 8 count then preceded to fight a better fight. He was woken up. The 7th was close and could have went either way. Donaire then lost on my card anyway his first round of the fight. The 8th was a good round for Nishioka especially the last 45 seconds where he traded with his bigger champion landing the better shots, mostly the left hook inside. It was only a temporary success as Nishioka buoyed by his bravery in the previous round went after Donaire..."BIG MISTAKE". Donaire was taking fire on the ropes when he saw his opportunity, "BANG" a huge right hand floored the Japanese champion for the 2nd time. This time he was clearly hurt. Referee Raul Caiz Sr took a close look before allowing Nishioka to continue. Nishioka  then began shipping huge punches which made Nishioka corner man signal he wanted the fight ended. Nishioka wanted to continue but Caiz Sr jumped in between the fighters signalling the demands for the challengers corner.

Donaire will now move to much bigger things now. A fight with Jorge Acre in Mexico City was mentioned by Bob Arum at the post fight press conference although its unsure if that fight will happen as Donaire was complaining of another hand injury.

Below is my scorecard along with all the press and fan scores i was able to collect for this fight......

Fightscorecollector's Scorecard

Round 1... 10-9 Donaire
Round 2... 10-9 Donaire
Round 3... 10-9 Donaire
Round 4... 10-9 Donaire
Round 5... 10-9 Donaire
Round 6... 10-9 Donaire
Round 7... 10-9 Donaire
Round 8... 9-10 Nishioka

TOTAL: 79-72 Donaire at the time of stoppage

Judges Scores : Ralph McNight 79-72 Donaire
                         Carlos Ortiz Jnr 79-72 Donaire
                         Fritz Werner 80-71 Donaire


Boxing press and fan forums scores

Harold Lederman (HBO) : 80-71 Donaire

Dan Rafael (ESPN) : 80-71 Donaire

Dougie Fischer (Ring Mag) : 79-72 Donaire

Cliff Roid (Boxingscene) : 79-72 Donaire

Scott Christ (Badlefthook) : 80-71 Donaire

Ramon Aranda (3more Rounds) : 79-71 Donaire

Ryan Bivins (Sweetboxing) : 80-71 Donaire

Mark Ortega (Queensbury rules) : 79-72 Donaire

Ryan Burton (TheboxingLab) : 79-72 Donaire

Nigel Collins (ESPN) : 78-74 Donaire

Darren Velasco (Fightdomain) : 80-71 Donaire

Gabriel Montoya (Maxboxing) : 80-71 Donaire

Jake Donovan (Boxingscene) : 79-72 Donaire

The Boxing Channel : 79-72 Donaire

Kieran Mulvaney (ESPN) : 80-71 Donaire

Ernest Gabion (TheboxingLab) : 79-72 Donaire

Billy Ferguson (fight.hype) : 80-71 Donaire : 80-71 Donaire

Ryan Songalia (Ring Magazine) : 79-72 Donaire
Phil D Jay (Worldboxingnews) : 79-72 Donaire
Ray Malarkanan (Thesweetscience) : 80-71 Donaire
Fightersrated : 80-71 Donaire
Paddy Cronan (Onthegrindboxing) 79-72 Donaire
Tommy Allan (BoxingAsylun) : 80-71 Donaire
Saddo boxing fans : 80-71 Donaire
Boxingasylum fans : 79-72 x2 Donaire
Livefight fans : 79-72 Donaire
Fightjudge fans : 80-71 x5 , 79-72 x2 , 80-72 x2 Donaire
Ringnews24 fans : 79-72 x2 Donaire
Boxrec fans : 79-72 x2 , 80-71 Donaire
Eastsideboxing fans : 80-71 x5 , 78-73 Donaire
Boxingscene fans : 80-71 Donaire

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fightscorecollector - October Fight List

October is a great month for boxing on both sides of the Atlantic where i will be covering 4 fights this month starting on the 13th. David Price will defend his British and Commonwealth Heavyweight titles in Liverpool against fellow Olympic medallist Audley Harrison. That same night i will also collect scores for the Nonito Donaire - Nishioka 122lb unification fight from Carson California.

The next week has the best night of boxing by far in October. Eddie Hearn has  2 world title eliminators along with a vacant British title fight. In New York Goldenboy host a multi title fight card headlined by the fight it will be covering, the rematch between WBC/WBA 140lb champion Danny Garcia against Mexican legend Erik Morales.

Finishing of the month is Frank Warren's Welsh world champion Nathan Cleverly defending his title vs rugged Ukrainian Vyacheslav Uzelkov.


Sat 13th - (Boxnation) - David Price vs Audley Harrison - Brit/Comm Heavyweight Title

               - (HBO) - Nonito Donaire vs Toshiaki Nishioka - IBF/WBO 122lb Titles

Sat 20th - (Showtime) - Danny Garcia vs Erik Morales - WBA/WBC 140lb Titles

Sat 27th - (Boxnation) - Nathan Cleverly vs Vyacheslav Uzelkov - WBO 175lb Title

There were so many title fights in October that it will make it impossible to collect scores from all of them but i will add my scores for the following fights although i will not be writing a fight report.

James DeGale EBU title defence... Rios vs Alvarado... Brook vs Saldivia...McDonnell vs Malinga.......Reid vs Anderson.... Malignaggi vs Cesar Cano.... Alexander vs Bailey... McKenzie vs Maccarinelli AND FINALLY... Witter vs Gavin

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Mitchell Burned By World Class Rickster

WBO Lightweight Title - Ricky Burns vs Kevin Mitchell

There can be no doubts now. Even the few who didn't think Scotland's Ricky Burns was world class has to admit that "the Rickster" is not only world class. He is one of the best fighters at Lightweight on planet earth. On a weekend where thousands of Scots head South of the border, over a thousand Kevin Mitchell fans made their way up from London to watch their man go after his dream of a world title. Those dreams lasted under 4 rounds as a pumped up Ricky Burns (135lbs) stopped his friend and rival 2.59 of the 4th stanza.

This fight was a genuine 50-50 match beforehand. Mitchell (134lbs 12 oz) certainly started the fight confident as he stuck to his trainers game plan. Mitchell's plan was to use movement, use the jab but NOT to get into a war with Burns. Something that cost him dear vs Michael Katsidis in his own gaff as Kevin lost in 3 rounds after getting too much involved with a puncher.

Most around ringside couldn't split both Burns and Mitchell after the first round. I scored for Mitchell as i felt he picked his punches that little bit better. In round 2 Burns started to up the pace. The double and triple jab began to come into play followed by that slashing right hand. Mitchell often found himself on the ropes having to cover up as the champion came at him. Round 2 was definitely a Ricky Burns round.

The 3rd round started with Mitchell standing his ground trying to land his left hook counter. Burns though kept up the tempo and began to throw punches in bunches forcing Mitchell to the ropes again where he landed a right uppercut. Mitchell banged his chest and chin in defiance, Burns moved away sticky to a well prepared games plan of not getting into a total war with the bigger puncher.

For the first minute of the 4th round there was a battle of the jabs before Burns unleashed an uppercut, left hook, right hook when the 2 of them came into a clinch. The one-two then landed 3 times by Burns, he was beginning to take over. Mitchell tried to fire back but was caught by a monster left hook that hit him hard. Down went Mitchell, clearly rocked he took the 8 count from Referee Terry O'Connor. Burns was on him like a flash though, 3 unanswered clubbing right hooks floored Mitchell again.  Mitchell again took the 8 count. Would he make it through the round??. NO Burns was relentless firing away lefts and rights until Terry O'Connor said no more and stopped the fight with 1 second left in the round.

Ricky Burns is now 35-2   10Ko's , Mitchell falls to 33-2  24Ko's

Ricky Burns was still champion. The crowd went crazy all 9000 or so Burns fans anyway. Scotland can now look forward to many more Burns nights and you never know that massive fight with Scott Harrison might just happen next Summer if both fighters keep winning.

Watt vs Buchanan all over again??.


Frank Warren -

* Ricky Burns is the best fighter in the UK
* Ricky Burns is the best UK world champion
* planning on Ricky Burns fighting in mega card either 8th or 15th December
* This was a good Kevin Mitchell that Burns beat
* Says he thinks this is Ricky Burns defining fight and will get lots of recognition

Ricky Burns -

* He started calmly then upped the pressure round by round
* Admits he was caught a few times with Mitchell's left hook
* made decision to go for KO after 2nd knockdown
* says Mitchell didn't think he would come at him like he did
* still wants that Ring Magazine belt
* it was special fighting at SECC, fans were excellent, his pal messed up his entrance music

Billy Nelson -

* Ricky's performance was cracking and hes still improving
* Only 3rd fight at 135, Ricky is still growing

Kevin Mitchell -

* Knew Ricky was strong but felt his timing was off
* Thought Ricky could go 15 rounds at that pace easy
* Home advantage not a problem, would fight anywhere
* needs to fight alot more now
* no 135 champ will bother Ricky and Ricky can unify title
* would take rematch in a heartbeat
Burns vs Mitchell - FULL Under-card Report

Heading the under card on a wild night in Glasgow was 2 time former world champion Scott Harrison (135lbs 12 oz) who punched his way to a 6 rounds points decision win over late replacement Joe Elfidh (10st 5lbs) with Referee Ritchie Davies scoring (60-53). The fight was nearly over in the 1st round as Harrison landed a huge left hook that floored Elfidh. To his credit the man from Harworth got back to his feet and near the end of the round landed a decent right hand to Harrison's chin.

Round 2 started with Elfidh on his bicycle. Harrison was chasing Elfidh around the ring but was taking far too long to get his shots off. Elfidh was able to land a few potshots when on the move making Harrison frustrated. Harrison began to up the pace in rounds 3 and 4 with educated pressure, jabbing his way in and trapping his opponent on the ropes, Harrison banged the body hoping for a breakthrough. Elfidh who was 9 pounds heavier did look a wee bit fleshy but was taking the shots and still firing back his straight right.

The former champion was now relentless, marching forward Harrison wanted the knockout. Bodyshots rained in on the man from Harworth followed by an nice 3 punch combination. Again Elfidh stood strong and in the last round was able to catch Harrison with right hand high on his head that seemed to stagger the former champion. It wasn't enough though as Harrison now (27-2-2 15ko's) won his 2nd fight in 3 months and now wants to stay busy with Frank Warren stating that he would like to see Scott fight another 2-3 times this year. Elfidh was game and at late notice put up a decent attempt. His record now falls to (7-2 ).

Defending his Celtic Super-Featherweight title he won in June, John Simpson (129lbs 10oz) made easy work of Welsh import Dai Davies (128lbs 12oz) knocking him out 0.36 of Round 2. Simpson started fast looking for the early win as Davies was immediately under severe pressure. Simpson's right hand couldn't miss followed by an impressive left hook to head and body. The Greenock man began the 2nd just as quick as another big left hook followed by a blistering flurry planted Davies on the canvas. Referee Phil Edward didn't even complete his count as Davies had no chance of beating the 10 count. Simpson now (24-9 11Ko's)  wants a shot at either the Britsih or European titles. On this form he will be a match for anybody. Davies falls to (9-19-2  1Ko).

Always exciting Edinburgh Light Middleweight prospect John Thain (11st 3lbs) improved his record to (8-0 1Ko) by winning a tough 6x3 verdict over Barnsley's Lee Noble (11st 8lbs). Thain started the fight with numerous piston like jabs and his usual high work rate. Noble though had success with his right in the opener as it took only 1 punch to bloody the nose of the popular Filipino / Scot.

Noble on my card won the 2nd round as he was beginning to march through Thain's jabs and flurries. Thain was trapped on the ropes far too much in this round as Noble was able land that straight right followed by wicked body shots. The Edinburgh fighter then began to up the pace again in the next few rounds, his fists pumping out jab after jab. Thain also was fighting better off the ropes as he was beginning to move quicker away from Nobles crude attacks. Rounds 5 and 6 were definite Thain rounds as finally he had weathered Nobles storm and began to push his determined foe back landing some well placed left hooks to the body followed by that constant left jab.

Referee Phil Edward scored in favour of Thain 60-55. This was an entertaining fight between a decent prospect and a journeyman who's record (15-22-3  3Ko's) does not do him justice.

Sedgefield's Bradley Saunders (144 lbs 12 oz) made quick work of his Slovakian opponent and Tong Po lookalike Ivan Godor (14l lbs 4 oz) by knocking Godor down 3 times in the 3rd round to up his record to (4-0 2Ko's). Straight right hands were Godor's downfall as Saunders landed some cracking lead rights throughout the fight. The 2nd Knockdown in fact was a beautiful counter punch by Saunders who simply took a half step back before landing his bomb. Godor did well to get up. It was all over 1.25 into the round as Saunders blasted a quick left right combo that floored the Slovakian for the 3rd time. Referee Ritchie Davies immediately waved the fight off. Godor complained but was well beaten. His record now falling to (9-24-4  4Ko's).

Steven Simmons (14st 3lbs) the Edinburgh Cruiserweight got a decent workout from durable Bulgarian Tayor Mehmed also (14st 3lbs) winning every round on Referee Kenny Pringles card( 60-54). Simmons worked hard enough during the fight but at no time seemed to be able to move  Mehmed (5-20-2  1Ko) who in 27 fights had only been stopped once. With new co-trainer Paul Weir in his corner Simmons won every round easy although he looked very one paced. Maybe a step up opposition will bring out the best in the Edinburgh fighter who's record now reads (6-0 2Ko's).

Glasgow's Jon Slowey won for the 11th time in a row taking a 4x3 decision (40-37) on Phil Edwards card over Hungarian Tibor Meszros (125lbs 12oz). Southpaw Slowey (129lbs) must now move up his class of opposition as he is easily defeating fighters at this level. The best of the action in this fight came in the 2nd round as Slowey staggered Meszaros with a well placed left hand to the chin forcing Referee Phil Edward to take a close look. Meszaros had a go in the final round but found his Glaswegian opponent just too good in every department.

In another Super Featherweight clash Barlornock's Michael Roberts (9st 7lbs) looked nice and poised as he fought off Redcar's Gavin Reid (9st 7lbs) over 4x3s. Roberts is another Scottish fighter who is now ready for a step up in class as he won every round on Referee Kenny Pringles card (40-36). What impressed some of the ringside press was Roberts patience and his defence, attributes that will stand him in good stead as he moves up. Fighting behind a high guard and fast jab Roberts bloodied Reid's nose early in the 2nd but again Roberts was content to box his way to an easy victory. With the win Roberts moves to ( 10-0 1Ko). Reid falls to (6-16-1 3Ko's).

Irvine's Ryan Collins (131 lbs 4oz) scored his first stoppage as a professional as he easily demolished Plymouth's Ben Morrish (132lbs 2oz) in 2 one sided rounds. Collins is an aggressive walk forward fighter who simply doesn't give his opponents a seconds rest. Morrish was simply driven to the ropes time after time before crumpling to the canvas after taking too many right hands. Referee Ritchie Davies gave Morrish the benefit of the doubt after being knocked down in the 2nd. But he had no choice to end the fight at 0.52 of that same round with Morrish taking too much punishment on the ropes from the electric Collins. Morrish record falls to (2-4) whilst Collins improves to (3-0 1Ko).

Controversial fight of the night belonged to Old Colwyn's Lee Quinn (10st 7lbs) who upset Symingtons Sammy Hill(10st 7lbs) over 4x3 at Light welter. Referee Kenny Pringle scored the fight (39-38) to Quinn with Hill's big following jeering with disgust as the verdict was read out. Hill was the the man pushing Quinn back in this fight although he wasn't letting his hands go. This gave Quinn a chance to score with some sneaky right and left hooks inside. My card read (39-37) Hill although there wasn't much of a complaint at the end by the fighter who on this occasion didn't fight at his best. Quinn now improves to (2-1-1 1Ko). Hill loses for the first time in 5 (4-1).

In the show opener Glasgow's Hugh Gray (10st 5lb) won for the 2nd time as a professional as he ground out a (40-36) points win over a game Rhys Saunders (10st 1lbs). This was not an easy fight for prospect Gray as Cardiff's Saunders certainly came to fight. Gray's work rate was the deciding factor as whatever Saunders did, Gray did better. The Jab, straight right,left hook to the body was Gray's favourite combo. Referee Kenny Pringle as mentioned scored the fight (40-36). Gray in 2 fights has not lost a round on the officials cards. Saunders is now (0-2-1)

Friday, 21 September 2012

Burns vs Mitchell Weigh - In

WBO Lightweight Title - SECC Glasgow Scotland

Burns - 135lbs

Mitchell -134 12oz , stripping naked

Both guys made weight at 1st attempt

Pre-weigh in notes

Kevin Mitchell has a quick check of his weight before officially taking to the scales, he has to strip naked whereas Burns looking solid has a quick check with trainer Billy Nelson and both seem really happy.

Is Mitchell tight at the weight??? He looks in tremendous shape but may have been struggling with those last few pounds and ounces.

Burns also has a chat with the ref and judges obviously not bothered about his teams complaint regarding Terry O'Connor who is now the referee rather than a judge tomorrow night

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Man vs Boy - Martinez schools Chavez Jnr

Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr vs Sergio Martinez - WBC Middleweight Title

For 11 and a half rounds at the Thomas and Mack Centre in Vegas, Sergio Martinez was giving the son of a legend Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr the boxing lesson of his life. THEN....BOOM a barrage of punches by the much bigger Chavez Jnr brought back family memories stretching way back to 1990 when Chavez Snr saved his world title by knocking out Meldrick Taylor with 2 seconds left in their epic fight. This time though the challenger recovered..JUST to see out a unanimous decision in front of a packed and noisy audience with many fans flying in from Argentina to cheer on their boxing hero.

At the start of the fight it was revealed that Chavez Jnr had refused to step on the HBO unofficial scales to see how much weight the fighter had put on after the weigh in. Remember Chavez came in 2 full pounds under the 160lb limit, a limit he has struggled to make in previous fights before putting on an average of 20.5lbs in his last 3 fights. Chavez Jnr's training schedule was also questioned due to his showing on the popular HBO 24/7 series which follows the fighters daily activities, training schedules etc etc. Hall of Famer boxing Trainer Freddie Roach was certainly not happy on numerous occasions as the Champion refused to come to the gym to do his work preferring to train in his own living room.

Martinez did come fully prepared, an experienced champion who is at the peak of his powers at 37. Many saw the Argentine as the champion as he was wrongfully stripped of the title by Chavez Jnr's godfather and president of the WBC Jose Suliman. At the weigh in yesterday Martinez scaled a solid 159lbs again under the protracted limit of 160lbs.

At the start of the fight it was evident in the size difference between both fighters. Martinez was dwarfed by the massive Chavez Jnr with many guessing that the Mexican was anywhere between 180 and 190lbs. The big advantages that Martinez held over his younger opponent was that basically hes the much better fighter as for 11 rounds he was faster, moved better, punched harder, punched more and was about to post a shutout before getting caught in the last round. For 5 rounds Chavez Jnr did nothing, Martinez was boxing rings around him whilst Chavez Jnr plodded after the Argentine.

It was the story of the fight until that last round, Martinez totally dominated before being caught although i don't agree with some of the HBO crew and some in cyberworld that because of the last round Chavez Jnr deserves a rematch???. winning 1 round in a fight that was quite close to call does not merit a rematch in my eyes, I wonder if DON Jose will order it though, an immediate rematch really wouldn't surprise me at all, Dallas Cowboys Stadium has already been mentioned.

Below is my scorecard along with all the fan and press scores for this fight.

Fightscorecollectors Card

Round 1.... 10-9 Martinez
Round 2.... 10-9 Martinez
Round 3.... 10-9 Martinez
Round 4.... 10-9 Martinez
Round 5.... 10-9 Martinez
Round 6.... 10-9 Martinez
Round 7.... 10-9 Martinez
Round 8.... 10-9 Martinez
Round 9.... 10-9 Martinez
Round 10.. 10-9 Martinez
Round 11.. 10-9 Martinez
Round 12.. 9-10 Chavez Jnr

TOTAL : 118-109 Martinez

Judges Scores : Stanley Christodoulou (SA) 117-110 Martinez
                          Adalaide Byrd (USA)..........118-109 Martinez
                         Dave Moretti (USA).............118-109 Martinez


Boxing Press, Fan and Boxing Forums Scores----------89-0 in favor of Martinez

Harold Lederman (HBO) 118-109 Martinez

Cliff Roid (Boxingscene) 117-110 Martinez

Kevin Iole ( 118-109 Martinez

Dan Rafael (ESPN) 118-110 Martinez

Scott Christ ( 118-109 Martinez

FightGhost (Twitter) 117-110 Martinez

Phil D Jay ( 118-109 Martinez

Shaun Brown (Boxingscene) 118-109 Martinez

Tommy Allan ( 118-109 Martinez

Michael Rosenthal ( 118-109 Martinez

Ramon Aranda ( 117-110 Martinez

David Diaz (twitter) 118-109 Martinez

Darren Velasco ( 117-110 Martinez

FightHype UK 118-110 Martinez

Proboxingfans - Jake 118-109 Martinez

Jake Donovan (BoxingScene) 117-110 Martinez

Ray Markarian ( 117-110 Martinez

Boxing Tribune 117-110 Martinez

Kieran Mulvaney (ESPN) 118-109 Martinez

Michael Woods ( 118-110 Martinez

No Holds Barred 117-110 Martinez

Ron Borges (Boston Herald) 117-110 Martinez

Ben Thompson ( 118-109 Martinez

Tom Gray ( 118-109 Martinez

Saddoboxing forum - *all for Martinez* 118-109 x4

Boxingasylum forum *all for Martinez* 118-109 x3, 116-114, 117-110

Livefight forum 118-109 Martinez

Fighthype Forum *all for Martinez* 118-109 x3

Fightjudge Forum *all for Martinez* 118-109 x7 , 115-112 x2, 117-110 x2. 117-110, 118-110

Ringnews24 Forum 118-109 Martinez

Doghouseboxing Forum *all for Martinez* 118-109 x5, 118-110

Boxrec Forum *all for Martinez* 118-109 x3, 115-112, 116-112

Eastsideboxing Forum *all for Martinez* 118-109 x5, 118-110, 117-110, 117-111

Boxingscene Forum *all for Martinez* 118-109 x11, 117-110 x2

Checkhookboxing Forum *all for Martinez* 116-111 x2, 118-110 x2, 118-109 x3

Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Wizard of OZ - Geale Unifies Title

Felix Sturm vs Daniel Geale - WBA and IBF Middleweight Titles

The headline above reads "The Wizard of Oz", well Daniel Geale is the wizard as for the 2nd time he won a world title in Germany BY DECISION. Lets not beat about the bush here, this is a huge achievement by Geale as getting 1 verdict in Germany is hard enough. But 2 decisions??. Back in May last year the New South Wales man came away with a split decision over another German Sebastian Sylvester, a fight that Geale deserved to win although there was a terrible score of 118-110 against him (Geale won 118-110 and 118-112 on the other cards).

That terrible score must have worried Geale before this trip as Sturm in 2 of his last 3 fights retained his titles vs Mathew Mackin and Martin Murray via controversial circumstances. Brit Murray was at ringside last night hoping that Sturm would retain his title as Murray felt he merited another shot at the German after holding him to a draw in December. His plans are now up in smoke as the hard working Aussie ripped away Sturm's WBA crown.

What has to be said about this fight was that Sturm and Geale were well matched. Both have similar skills, good jab, strong body attack and will to win although it was Geales work rate that was the difference in this very close fight. There must have been 6-7 rounds in this fight where the action was so close that they could have went to either fighter OR scored 10-10. The general view was Geale doing more of the work but Sturm landing the cleaner blows.

I gave Sturm the first 2 rounds, only just though. Geale was working hard moving side to side giving himself angles to land his blows. Sturm was landing the harder cleaner punches though, the jab being the primary weapon. The long-time German champion was having a decent 3rd as well before seemingly being hurt late in the round as Geale concentrated in walking forward instead of the angles of the first 2 rounds. The 4th was one of those rounds i mentioned before where it could have went either way, i scored for Sturm although many went with the work rate of Geale. I scored this round to Sturm because of the cleaner blows, something Sturm has had to master as his punch output is never that high.

After the slowest round of the fight, the 5th, Geale again pushed forward knowing that he would need to take the title as he was the away fighter. I had Geale winning rounds 6,7,8 and 9 although going on what i read on twitter and on the fans forums, many felt that Sturm won the 8th?. My reasoning for giving Geale the 8th was that Sturm was landing far too many punches on the gloves. The crowd though were cheering loudly thinking Sturm had landed, something that can sway the fans watching on TV or more importantly the ringside judges.

In his successful titles defences vs Macklin and Murray, Sturm came on strong near the end of the fight. Judging by his effort in rounds 10 and 11 it looked as if Sturm was doing this again. The fight was very close at this point, infact close right through the fight. Entering the 12th it was all up for grabs. Sturm started strong for the first 30 seconds then Geale took over with that impressive work rate. Late in the round he drove Sturm back with jabs and right hands followed by a body attack that was consistent from the first bell. With 30 seconds left both champions just let fly, off balance and going for the home run punch Sturm and Geale went for it, the crowd went crazy urging their hero (Sturm) forward. It wasnt to be as Referee Luis Pabon jumped in between the 2 fighters to end what was a very good Unification middleweight world title fight.

Below as always is my scorecard along with all the press, fans scores that i was able to collect for this close close fight.

Round 1.... 10-9 Sturm
Round 2.... 10-9 Sturm
Round 3.... 9-10 Geale
Round 4.... 10-9 Sturm
Round 5.... 10-9 Sturm
Round 6.... 9-10 Geale
Round 7.... 9-10 Geale
Round 8.... 9-10 Geale
Round 9.... 9-10 Geale
Round 10.. 10-9 Sturm
Round 11.. 10-9 Sturm
Round 12.. 9-10 Geale

TOTAL... 114-114 Draw

Judges Scores: Stanley Christodoulou (SA)..... 116-112 Geale
                        Eugene Grant (USA)................. 116-112 Sturm
                        Dave Parris (UK)....................... 116-112 Geale


Boxing Press and Fans Forums Scores --- 46 Geale, 19 Sturm, 19 Draw

Fightghost - 115-113 Geale

Fighthype UK - 115-113 Geale

Scott Christ (badlefthook) - 115-113 Geale

Cliff Roid (boxingscene) - 114-114 Draw - 116-115 Geale

Shaun Brown (boxingscene) - 115-113 Geale

Dan Rafael (ESPN) - 115-113 Sturm

Ryan Bivins (sweetboxing) - 115-115 Draw

Phil D Jay ( - 115-113 Sturm

Steve Lillis (Boxnation) 115-114 Geale

Steve Bunce (Boxnation) 114-114 Draw

Ron Lewis (The Times) - 115-114 Sturm

Ramon Aranda (3morerounds) - 116-112 Geale

Low Blow Podcast - 115-113 Sturm

The Boxing Tribune - 115-113 Sturm

Danny Winterbotton (secondsout) - 115-114 Geale

No holds barred - 114-114 Draw

Alexi Sukachev (boxingscene) 115-113 Geale

Josh McDaniel (leaveitinthering) 115-113 Geale

Fightnews -  115-113 Sturm - 115-115 Draw

Tommy Allan (BoxingAsylum) - 115-113 Geale

Tom Gray ( 115-114 Geale

Rob Day (Ringnews24) 115-115 Draw

Danny Flexen (boxingnews) - 117-114 Geale

Saddoboxing Forum - 115-113, 116-114 Geale......*114-114 Draw*

Boxingasylum Forum - 115-113 Sturm, 117-112 Geale....*114-114 x3 Draw*

Livefight Forum - 115-113 Sturm

Ringnews24 Forum - 117-111 Sturm, 116-114 Geale.....*115-115 x2 Draw*

Checkhookboxing Forum - 115-113 x3 Sturm, 116-113 Sturm....*114-114 x4 Draw*

Boxrec Forum - 116-114 x2, 116-112, 115-113 (Geale)...115-114 , 117-114 (Sturm)..*115-115 draw*

Eastsideboxing Forum - 115-113 x8, 115-114 x3, 116-112, 116-113, 116-115 x2, (Geale)
                                        *114-114 x6 Draw*....115-113 x2, 114-112 (Sturm)

Boxingscene Forum - 115-113 x4, 116-112 x2, 116-114, 115-114 x2, 116-113 (Geale)
                                    *114-114 Draw*......115-113 Sturm

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Fightscorecollector - September Fight List

After 6 weeks off Fightscorecollector returns to what is by far the busiest AND best month of boxing this year. I will be covering 5 fights this month but will also add my scores for the many Title fights happening across the world. In September i will be covering the bigger fights from Germany, the USA and from here in the UK.

The fight list is below but also with the fights i will be scoring although not providing a full report or score collection for.

Sept 1st - (Boxnation) - Felix Sturm vs Daniel Geale - WBA and IBF Middleweight Titles

Sept 8th - (HBO) - Andre Ward vs Chad Dawson - WBC and WBA Super-Middleweight Titles

Sept 15th - (HBO) - Sergio Martinez vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr - WBC Middleweight Title

Sept 15th - (HBO) - Roman Martinez vs Miguel Beltran Jnr - Vacant WBO Super-Feather Title

Sept 22nd - (Boxnation) - Ricky Burns vs Kevin Mitchell - WBO Lightweight Title

**I will also provide scores for the following...Proska, Klitschko, Bellew, DeMarco, Saunders, Alvarez, Gonzalez, Santa Cruz, Frampton and Selby**


Sunday, 15 July 2012

Garcia's Philly Left Hook KO's Khan in 4

Danny Garcia vs Amir Khan - WBC and WBA Super Lightweight Titles

In a wild and exciting fight at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Danny Garcia "talked the talk" and "walked the walk" as he upset huge favourite Amir Khan in 4 rounds to unify the WBA and WBC 140lb titles. It was the wide "Philly" left hook that did all the damage for Garcia as he knocked down Khan 3 times to claim the biggest win of his career. Garcia making his 1st defence of the title he won from legendary Erik Morales in March started the fight finding it hard to work out Khan's lighting speed. Khan coming off that disputed loss to Lamont Peterson started like he always does - fast and hard as he was able to land at will against his slower opponent who was still having a bit of success. In between rounds Garcia's father was beginning to get worried that his son was on the way to losing the fight as Khan clearly won the opening 2 rounds. Khan looked back to very best.

The fight took that dramatic turn late in the 3rd round as both were wailing away in what was a more even round before Garcia head down landed that left hook that landed behind Amir's jaw, partly on his neck. DOWN Khan went hard, it was Breidis Prescott all over again as Khan's legs betrayed him. Referee Kenny Bayliss gave a more than generous count to Khan before Garcia went crazy for the KO but time was against the underdog as there was only 12 seconds remaining in the round. Khan had survived another crisis, OR so he thought.

The minute break between round 3 and 4 was not enough time for Khan to shake those cobwebs as he was instantly under more attacks from Garcia who was desperately trying to end the fight. Khan went down again from another barrage, this time though he was able to get up AND fight back!. Khan is a warrior there is no doubt but there comes a time when you need to hold and survive, this is something Khan should have enough experience to do because this was not the first time his legs were not obeying the mind in his career. The end came 2.28 into the 4th when another big left hook caught Khan high on the head, as his legs betrayed him he stumbled back to the ropes where Ref Bayliss stopped the fight after getting an unsatisfactory response from the now 3 times beaten former champion.

Garcia will now move on to much bigger things with numerous options available to him at 140 and 147lbs. Khan on the other hand has a lot of thinking to do because this was his 2nd defeat in a row again a fighter who he was heavily favoured to beat.

Official purses for this fight was Khan $950,000 and Garcia $520,000.
David Lands The Hayemaker - Wins In 5

David Haye vs Dereck Chisora - WBA, WBO International Titles

Months of hype, some good, some bad came to an abrupt end Saturday night at Upton Park as over 30,000 saw David Haye Knockout former World title challenger Dereck Chisora at 2.59 of the 5th round. The build up was ugly, the fight was not as the 2 leading UK heavyweights waged battle over 5 surprisingly entertaining rounds. Many including myself thought Haye would win, although probably needing to go the full distance as Chisora had shown a rock chin in lasting the full 12 rounds against WBC champion Vitali Klitschko.

Just before the fight, 15 mins in fact, the rain came down heavy on the 30 thousand plus who attended Boxnation's massive outdoor show. Frank Warren must now hope that his channel really takes off as he predicted that there would be NO rain come Saturday night. Michael Fish and Co can sleep that wee bit tighter tonight. Mr Warren got it wrong regarding the weather although he was right to stage this fight as it certainly had the crossover appeal from the general public as many bought the Boxnation fight and by the amount of celebrities at ringside.

The fight took the shape that many expected, Chisora chasing David Haye around the ring trying to get close and land his combinations whilst trying to avoid the powerful potshots from the former World champion. Haye took the opener by being able to land the odd jab and right hand although i scribbled down that Chisora was making Haye work hard a la Jones vs Kell Brook last weekend.
The pace upped in round 2 where Chisora again did the chasing. This time he was beginning to trap Haye on the ropes landing a few blows. Haye was smart though as he angled his body well out of the way of Chisora's right hand therefore making Chisora miss. This round was much closer than the 1st but again Haye was landing more shots, it was warming up very nicely.

Chisora had his best round in the 3rd. Del Boy was now landing more punches inside, was the plan beginning to work?. Haye fought back landing a huge right hand which Chisora to his credit walked through. Chisora kept the pressure on and with ten seconds left in the round he seemed to wobble Haye with a combination after a furious exchange. The Ref Luis Pabon jumped in to signal the end of the round clearly unable to hear the bell which i dont think sounded. With that little bit of luck from round 3 Haye got back to boxing and picking his shots a lot better. The 4th was again close, Chisora was well in the fight as he knew that if he could get Haye into the later rounds then he stood a massive chance of causing the upset. I scored the round for Haye, Chisora was pressuring but just not doing enough to win the rounds.

Round 5 was good one, Chisora has finally caught up with Haye as he was pushed to the ropes numerous times and forced to fight Chisora off him. Was Haye getting tired? it looked like it until late in the round a massive left hook thrown from a southpaw stance smashed Chisora to the deck. Chisora barely got up, he was hurt badly against a fighter who has proved in the past a fantastic finisher. Haye went for the kill, left hooks rights hooks bounced of Del Boy's head as he desperately tried to hold before BANG - another big right hook followed by a sickening left on the way down send Chisora down for the second time. Luis Pablon drafted in to replace Mickey Vann gave Chisora one look and rightfully called it off, Haye was BACK and looking impressive too.

After the fight it was good to see that there was no hard feelings between the pair, both had hyped this fight to the max with their hatred of each other but now it was only respect. Haye wants Vitali now or its back to retirement, Chisora wants and needs a rest before making any decision on his future. It was a great main event that the fans really enjoyed. Haye mentioned that its was the best atmosphere he had ever fought in..

Below is my scorecard for the fight along with all the press / fan scores i was able to collect for this fight.

Fightscorecollector's Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-9 Haye
Round 2.... 10-9 Haye
Round 3.... 9-10 Chisora
Round 4.... 10-9 Haye


Press, Fan Forums and Boxing Sites Scores Jake - 40-36 Haye

Michael Rosenthal - (Ring Mag) - 40-36 Haye

Tris Dixon - (BoxingnewsED) - 40-36 Haye

Mark Ortega - (Queensbury Rules) - 39-37 Haye - 40-36 Haye

Michael Woods - (TheSweetScience) - 40-36 Haye

Ryan Bivins - (Sweetboxing) - 40-36 Haye

Ramon Aranda - (3MoreRounds) - 40-36 Haye

Kevin Iole - ( - 40-36 Haye - 40-36 Haye

Steve Lillis - (Boxnation) - 40-36 Haye

FightGhost - 40-36 Haye

Shaun Brown - (Boxingscene) - 40-36 Haye - 40-36 Haye

Steve Bunce - (Boxnation) - 39-37 Haye

Mike Coppinger - (Ring Mag) - 40-36 Haye

Alan Dawson - ( - 39-37 Haye

Josh McDaniel - (Leaveitinthering Radio) - 39-37 Haye

Kieran Mulvaney - (ESPN) - 40-36 Haye - 40-36 Haye

Jeff Powell - (Daily Mail) - 40-36 Haye

Darren Velasco - ( - 40-36 Haye

Joel Sebastianelli - (Leaveitinthering Radio) - 40-36 Haye

Phil D Jay - ( - 39-37 Haye

Saddoboxing Forum - (All for Haye) - 40-36 x2, 39-37

BoxingAsylum Forum - (All for Haye)  - 39-37, 40-36

Livefight Forum - 40-36 Haye

Fighthype Forum - 40-36 Haye

Ringnews24 Forum - 40-36 Haye, **38-38 Draw

Checkhookboxing Forum - (All for Haye) - 40-36 x4

Boxrec Forum - (All for Haye) - 40-36 x4, 40-37, 39-37

Eastsideboxing Forum - (All for Haye) - 40-36 x7, 39-37 x5, 40-37

Boxingscene Forum - (All for Haye) - 40-36 x4, 39-37