Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fightscorecollector's November Fight List

As we hit the penultimate month of the year, boxing fans worldwide must be happy looking ahead to what November offers. For UK fans Frankie Gavin gets his British Title shot against former WBC Champion Junior Witter. Carl Froch takes on dangerous American Yusef Mack on the 17th then on the 24th Ricky Hatton makes his long awaited comeback. Both the Froch and Hatton shows have a more than decent under card with many domestic and international titles at stake.

Meanwhile in Europe Wladimir Klitschko will make another defence of his Heavyweight title and on the same night Abner Mares takes on Anselmo Moreno in a genuine 50-50 clash. The Mares-Moreno bill will also feature IBF 118 king Santa Cruz and WBO Cruiser champ Nathan Cleverly.

I will be covering the 2 Lightweight titles fights on the 17th and 24th of November featuring the exciting DeMarco vs Broner clash but also the vacant WBA strap between Richard Abril and Sharif Bogere.

In total i will be covering and scoring 7 fights so please have a look at the list below and send in your score to my twitter account @thefightscore or on the many boxing forums when i collect my fans scores.

The List

Thurs 1st -( Boxnation )- Junior Witter vs Frankie Gavin - British Welterweight Title

Sat 10th - ( ARD ) - Wladimir Klitschko vs Mariuz Wach - WBA, WBO , IBF Heavyweight Title

Sat 10th - ( SHO ) - Abner Mares vs Anselmo Moreno - WBC Super-Bantamweight Title

Sat 17th - ( SKY ) - Carl Froch vs Yusef Mack - IBF Super-Middleweight Title

Sat 17th - ( HBO ) - Antonio DeMarco vs Adrien Broner - WBC Lightweight Title

Sat 24th - (Primetime) - Ricky Hatton vs Vyacheslan Senchenko - 10 Round Special Event

Sat 24th - ( HBO ) - Richard Abril vs Sharif Bogere - Vacant WBA Lightweight Title

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Malignaggi vs Cano - Press And Fan Scores

Over the last few days i have been collecting scores for the Malignaggi vs Cano fight which took place at the Barclay's Centre in Brooklyn New York. Respected Boxing writer Thomas Hauser sent an e-mail asking if i covered the fight. I sent an e-mail back saying that i didn't cover the fight but it would be an honour to do so as i think Thomas wrote the best ever book i have read "ALI - His Life and Times.

Below are my findings on the Malignaggi vs Cano fight. A close fight that i feel could have went either way. Watching the fight i feel that there could have been at least 4-5 rounds that could have been scored for each boxer. This fightIi DONT was not a ROBBERY because of the many close rounds.. I was able to collect OVER 100 scores from the Press and Fans but i have also put my scorecard up for scrutiny.


Round 1 : 10-9 Malignaggi
Round 2 : 10-9 Malignaggi
Round 3 : 9-10 Cano
Round 4 : 9-10 Cano
Round 5 : 10-10 Draw
Round 6 : 9-10 Cano
Round 7 : 10-9 Malignaggi
Round 8 : 9-10 Cano
Round 9 : 10-9 Malignaggi
Round 10: 10-9 Malignaggi
Round 11: 8-10 Cano
Round 12: 9-10 Cano

TOTAL : 115-113 Cano

The Final Results Were :

PRESS : 29 scores , 19 for Cano , 8 for Malignaggi , 2 a Draw

FANS: 80 scores , 59 for Cano , 21 for Malignaggi

TOTAL: 109 scores , 78 for Cano , 29 for Malignaggi , 2 a Draw

Here is The Press And Fans Scores Taken From Twitter And The Best Boxing Forums Around.

Matthew Mojica (Fightsource) : 114-113 Cano

Dan Rafael (ESPN) : 115-112 Cano

Mark Ortega (The Queensbury Rules) : 115-112 Cano

Tom Gray ( : 115-112 Cano

Ernest Gabion (The Boxing Lab) : 114-113 Malignaggi

Scott Smith (UK Fighthype) : 114-113 Malignaggi

Jake Donovan (Boxingscene) : 115-112 Cano

Paddy Cronan (Onthegrindboxing) : 115-113 Cano

Kieran Mulvaney (ESPN) : 115-112 Cano

Darren Velasco (Fightdomain) : 114-113 Cano

Scott Christ (Badlefthook) : 115-112 Cano

Jenna Jay (Ontheropesboxing) : 114-113 Malignaggi

Kevin Iole ( : 114-113 Malignaggi

Joshua McDaniel (Leaveitinthering) : 114-113 Malignaggi

Ryan Burton (The Boxing Lab) : 114-113 Malignaggi : 115-114 Cano

Matt Christie (Boxingnews ) : 114-114 Draw

Steve Lillis (Boxnation) : 114-114 Draw : 114-113 Malignaggi

Phil D Jay ( : 114-113 Cano : 115-112 Cano

Billy Ferguson (UK fIghthype) : 114-113 Cano

Nigel Collins (ESPN) : 114-113 Cano

Cliff Roid (Boxingscene) : 114-113 Malignaggi

FightGhost : 114-113 Cano

Al Bernstein (Showtime) : 116-112 Cano

Steve Farhood (Showtime) : 115-112 Cano

Austin Trout (Showtime) : 114-113 Cano

Barry Tomkins (Showtime) : 114-113 Cano

SaddoBoxing Forum : 116-111 x2, 115-112 Cano ,* *114-113 Malignaggi**

BoxingAsylum Forum : 115-112 x4, 114-113 x3, 116-111 , 114-112 All for Cano
                                        **114-113 Malgnaggi**

Livefight Forum : 116-111 Cano

Fightjudge Forum : 116-111 x2, 117-110 x2, 115-112 , 116-111, 118-109 All for Cano
                                ** 115-113 Malignaggi**

Doghouseboxing Forum : 115-112 x2 All for Cano

Thesweetscience Forum : **114-113 x2 All for Malignaggi**

Boxrec Forum : 115-112 x5, 114-113 x2, 116-111 x2 , 116-114, 118-109 All for Cano
                          ** 114-113 x4 , 115-114 All for Malignaggi**

Eastsideboxing Forum : 114-113, x4, 115-112 x3, 116-111 x3, 116-112, 115-113, 119-108 Cano
                                       ** 114-113 x3 Malignaggi **

Boxingscene Forum : 114-113 x5, 115 -112 x4, 116-111 All for Cano
                                    **114-113 x6 Malignaggi**

Checkhookboxing Forum : 115-114 x2, 115-112 All for Cano
                                           ** 114-113 x2, 115-113 All for Malignaggi**

Pawel + Per Plex (twitter fans) : 117-110 Cano , 114-113 Cano

Sunday, 21 October 2012

That Philly Left Hook Again - Garcia Wins in 4

Danny Garcia vs Erik Morales WBA and WBC Light Welterweight Titles

Danny Garcia can now be added to the candidates for Fighter Of The Year as he easily dismantled Mexican legend Erik Morales (139.2lbs) in 4 one sided rounds at the New Barclay's Centre in Brooklyn New York. The champion defending his title for the 2nd time started the 1st round slowly although he was pushing Morales back with the jab and occasional right hand. Morales in his 61st fight was having the odd success catching the champion moving in but this was as good as it got for the ageing former 4 weight champion.

In their 1st fight Garcia admitted he gave the Mexican far too much respect. This time Garcia (139.8lbs) after that 1st round went after Morales landing some huge right hands followed by hurting body shots. Morales best moment in the round came early as he opened with a nice left - right combo. Midway through the 3rd round it was becoming apparent that Morales was beginning to weaken, maybe from those body shots delivered by Garcia. The champion then began to drive Morales to the ropes landing powerful looking right hands. Morales instantly looked old but worse was to come as a big right hurt him that badly with 5 seconds to go in the round that it made Morales walk to the. wrong corner.

During the one minute breaks Garcia's father was instructing his son to go to the body , the perfect fight plan against somebody that has struggled to make weight and who had well documented drug testing issues before the fight. Garcia continued to dominate in the 4th. Morales began to look very tired as Garcia fired lefts and right to the body. This made Morales hold on. The Philly resident then went for the kill stepping in with his punches catching Morales at will. The end came at 1.23 when a quick flurry of punches by Garcia ended with a massive left hook. Morales hit the canvas HARD, half his body went out of the ring. This prompted the Mexicans corner man to the enter the ring although referee Benjy Esteves had already waved it off as Morales was in no condition to continue.

Garcia will now move forward to bigger fights in the talent laden 140lb division. He improves his record to 25-0 16Ko's. Morales falls to 52-8 36Ko's and told the Brooklyn fans that this was his last fight in the USA . Morales also mentioned that he will have his farewell fight in home town Tijuana probably next year.

Fight Purses : Garcia $1m , Morales $350k

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Donaire Wins With 1 Punch KO
Nonito Donaire vs Toshiaki Nishioka - WBO 122lb Title
Nonito Donaire will now look forward to super fights against the likes of Abner Mares, Anselmo Moreno or even stablemate Guillermo Rigondeaux after stopping Toshiaki Nishioka of Japan in 9 rounds to regain his WBO 122lb title at the Home Depot Centre, Carson California. Shortly before the fight Donaire gave up his IBF title saving himself a small fortune in sanction fees. The reason being that the IBF were ordering a mandatory defence for the winner of last nights fight. Something that certainly doesn't fit into Donaire's or even Bob Arum's plans.

Former champion Nishioka had held the WBC strap for 3 years and at 36 nobody could blame him going after a big money fight against one of boxing's best fighters. Nishioka was also unbeaten in 8 years and surely he fancied his chances but that changed when he was put on the seat of his pants by a Donaire left uppercut. Nishioka would fight mostly from a defensive stance, something that wasnt expected. At the start of the year Donaire was faced with a similar problem as Argentine Omar Narvaez travelled to New York and put up a negative defensive performance that saw him lose virtually every round. He did survive the 12 rounds though. Donaire's task was now to see if he had improved. He had to work out a way to stop a guy that surprisingly hadn't really came to fight.

The opening rounds were tepid affairs. Donaire was doing all the work as Nishioka flicked out the odd right jab from his Southpaw stance. In the 3rd round the champion opened with 2-3 blistering combination pushing the Japanese fighter back. The response? Not much. Donaire was having more and more success with his lead right, a primary weapon against a southpaw. The 4th and 5th followed the same suit, Donaire trying to force a fight, Nishioka with his hands held high trying the odd jab followed by wide pot shots. The fans who earlier had been treated to a "Fight Of The Year" candidate between Brandon Rios and Mike Alvardo began to boo as early as the first round.

In the 6th round Nishioka began to be more adventurous throwing more punches but for his troubles he landed himself on the canvas after being caught by a big left uppercut. Nishioka took the 8 count then preceded to fight a better fight. He was woken up. The 7th was close and could have went either way. Donaire then lost on my card anyway his first round of the fight. The 8th was a good round for Nishioka especially the last 45 seconds where he traded with his bigger champion landing the better shots, mostly the left hook inside. It was only a temporary success as Nishioka buoyed by his bravery in the previous round went after Donaire..."BIG MISTAKE". Donaire was taking fire on the ropes when he saw his opportunity, "BANG" a huge right hand floored the Japanese champion for the 2nd time. This time he was clearly hurt. Referee Raul Caiz Sr took a close look before allowing Nishioka to continue. Nishioka  then began shipping huge punches which made Nishioka corner man signal he wanted the fight ended. Nishioka wanted to continue but Caiz Sr jumped in between the fighters signalling the demands for the challengers corner.

Donaire will now move to much bigger things now. A fight with Jorge Acre in Mexico City was mentioned by Bob Arum at the post fight press conference although its unsure if that fight will happen as Donaire was complaining of another hand injury.

Below is my scorecard along with all the press and fan scores i was able to collect for this fight......

Fightscorecollector's Scorecard

Round 1... 10-9 Donaire
Round 2... 10-9 Donaire
Round 3... 10-9 Donaire
Round 4... 10-9 Donaire
Round 5... 10-9 Donaire
Round 6... 10-9 Donaire
Round 7... 10-9 Donaire
Round 8... 9-10 Nishioka

TOTAL: 79-72 Donaire at the time of stoppage

Judges Scores : Ralph McNight 79-72 Donaire
                         Carlos Ortiz Jnr 79-72 Donaire
                         Fritz Werner 80-71 Donaire


Boxing press and fan forums scores

Harold Lederman (HBO) : 80-71 Donaire

Dan Rafael (ESPN) : 80-71 Donaire

Dougie Fischer (Ring Mag) : 79-72 Donaire

Cliff Roid (Boxingscene) : 79-72 Donaire

Scott Christ (Badlefthook) : 80-71 Donaire

Ramon Aranda (3more Rounds) : 79-71 Donaire

Ryan Bivins (Sweetboxing) : 80-71 Donaire

Mark Ortega (Queensbury rules) : 79-72 Donaire

Ryan Burton (TheboxingLab) : 79-72 Donaire

Nigel Collins (ESPN) : 78-74 Donaire

Darren Velasco (Fightdomain) : 80-71 Donaire

Gabriel Montoya (Maxboxing) : 80-71 Donaire

Jake Donovan (Boxingscene) : 79-72 Donaire

The Boxing Channel : 79-72 Donaire

Kieran Mulvaney (ESPN) : 80-71 Donaire

Ernest Gabion (TheboxingLab) : 79-72 Donaire

Billy Ferguson (fight.hype) : 80-71 Donaire : 80-71 Donaire

Ryan Songalia (Ring Magazine) : 79-72 Donaire
Phil D Jay (Worldboxingnews) : 79-72 Donaire
Ray Malarkanan (Thesweetscience) : 80-71 Donaire
Fightersrated : 80-71 Donaire
Paddy Cronan (Onthegrindboxing) 79-72 Donaire
Tommy Allan (BoxingAsylun) : 80-71 Donaire
Saddo boxing fans : 80-71 Donaire
Boxingasylum fans : 79-72 x2 Donaire
Livefight fans : 79-72 Donaire
Fightjudge fans : 80-71 x5 , 79-72 x2 , 80-72 x2 Donaire
Ringnews24 fans : 79-72 x2 Donaire
Boxrec fans : 79-72 x2 , 80-71 Donaire
Eastsideboxing fans : 80-71 x5 , 78-73 Donaire
Boxingscene fans : 80-71 Donaire