Sunday, 21 April 2013

Canelo vs Trout - Press and Fans Stats

By Bobby Hunter

After a long day I can finally reveal my findings concerning the fight between Canelo Alvarez and Austin Trout. I was able to collect 194 scores from Press and fans for this fight which was deemed to be a close one with the exception of the ringside judges. You will see in the scores below that the Press had Canelo narrowly ahead in the 45 scores collected whilst the fans on twitter and all the best boxing forums had Trout winning by a decent margin In total the fans sent in 149 scores. Thanks.

My score for the fight was 114-114 a draw but I did have Trout winning 6-5-1 in rounds but gave Canelo the 10-8 for his knockdown scored in the 7th round.

Below is the totals for all the scores, followed by a breakdown of Press then Fan scores. I have as always listed and named every score from the Press and named the boxing forums who send in so many scores.

TOTAL: 194 SCORES.......TROUT 106..........CANELO 81........DRAW 7

PRESS: 45 SCORES...........TROUT 19............CANELO 23........DRAW 3

FANS: 149 SCORES...........TROUT 87............CANELO 58........DRAW 4

List of Press and Fan Forum Scores

Matthew Mojica (Fightsource) 115-112 Trout

Al Bernstein (Showtime TV) 114-114 Draw

Steve Farhood (Showtime TV) 114-113 Canelo

Paulie Malignaggi (Showtime TV) 115-114 Canelo

Dan Rafael (ESPN) 114-113 Canelo

Ryan Burton (BoxingLab) 115-112 Canelo

Pro-Boxing Jake 114-113 Canelo

Billy Ferguson (UKFighthype) 114-113 Canelo

The Boxing Tribune 114-113 Canelo

Ryan Maquinana (Boxing Inside) 114-113 Trout

FightersRated 115-112 Canelo

Corey Quincy (Fighthype) 116-111 Canelo

Brian Campbell (ESPN) 115-112 Trout

Fightnews 114-113 Canelo

Roe (Checkhookboxing) 114-113 Canelo

Victor Salazar (Thaboxingvoice) 115-112 Canelo

Paddy Cronan (Onthegrindboxing) 114-113 Trout

Jorge Hernandez (LowBlow Radio) 114-113 Trout

Tom Gray (RingMagazine) 114-113 Trout

Phil D Jay (Worldboxingnews) 115-112 Canelo

Alex Morris (KTC Boxing) 114-113 Trout

Cliff Roid (Boxingscene) 116-111 Trout

Wolfgang Schiffbauer (Fightnews) 116-111 Trout

John A MacDonald (Thaboxingvoice) 115-112 Trout

Lee John Wyle (Freelance) 115-112 Trout

Tommy Allan (Boxingasylum) 114-114 Draw

Steve Lillis (Boxnation TV) 115-114 Trout

Steve Zemach (Queensbury Rules) 114-113 Trout

David Lotts (Freelance) 114-113 Canelo

Mark Ortega (RingMagazine) 114-113 Trout

Ray Markarian (TheSweetScience) 115-112 Trout

Kieran Muvaney (ESPN) 115-112 Canelo

Terry Dooley (Boxingscene) 116-111 Canelo

Jake Donovan (Boxingscene) 115-112 Canelo

Nes (Thaboxingvoice) 114-113 Trout

Ramon Aranda (3morerounds) 114-113 Canelo

Ernest Gabion (BoxingLab) 114-113 Trout

Kelsey McCarson (Thesweetscience) 116-111 Canelo

Steve Bunce (Boxnation TV) 115-113 Canelo

Rob Day (RingNews24) 114-113 Canelo

Luis Sandoval (Boxinglab) 114-113 Canelo

Josh McDaniel (Leaveitintheringradio) 114-113 Canelo

Nigel Collins (ESPN) 115-114 Canelo

Gabriel Montoya (LeaveitintheringRadio) 114-113 Trout

Gareth Brown (twitter fan) 114-114 Draw

JMckBoxingmadmag (twitter fan) 115-112 Trout

Ben Randall (twitter fan) 115-113 Canelo

Cole Christensen (twitter) 114-113 Canelo

Adam Gerston (twitter fan) 115-112 Trout

Adam Warburton (twitter fan) 114-113 Canelo

Alasdair Hendrie (Twitter fan) 115-112 Canelo

Grubby Jim ( twitter fan ) 114-113 Trout

Alex McIntock (twitter fan) 115-112 Canelo

Jasper (twitter fan) 115-113 Trout

Miguel Rodriguez (twitter fan) 114-113 Canelo

Saddo boxing Forum - 115-114 Trout.......115-112 , 114-113 Canelo

Boxingasylum Forum - 115-112 x4, 115-113 Trout........114-113 x2, 115-112 x3 Canelo

Livefight Forum - 114-113 x3, 115-112 Trout...............115-112 x2 Canelo

Fighthype Forum - 115-112 x4, 115-114 Trout

Ringnews24 Forum - 119-110 Canelo

Doghouseboxing Forum - 116-113, 114-113 Trout...........114-113, 115-112 x2 Canelo

Thesweetscience Forum - 114-113 Canelo

Boxrec Forum - 115-112 x6, 116-111 x2, 115-113 x2, 115-114, 114-113 Trout
                          114-113 x3, 115-112 x3, 115-113 x2, 116-111 x2, 117-110 Canelo

                          114-114 x2 Draw

Eastsideboxing Forum - 114-113 x14, 115-112 x9, 115-114 x2, 115-113 x2, 116-114,
                                       117-112, 116-113 (all for Trout)

                                       114-113 X6, 115-112 X5, 116-111 X2, 116-113, 116-114, 116-112
                                       115-114, (all for Canelo)

                                        114-114 x2 Draw

Boxingscene Forum - 114-113 x7, 115-112 x6, 115-113 x2, 115-114 x2, 116-111 Trout

                                    114-113 x7, 116-111 x2, 115-112 Canelo

Checkhook Boxing Forum - 114-113 x2, 116-112 Trout

Boxing Palace Forum - 115-112 Trout.....................114-113 Canelo

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cuban Missile Crisis - Rigondeaux Upsets Donaire

By Bobby Hunter

Fighting at the famous Music City Hall in New York City. Former Cuban defector Guillermo Rigondeaux upset budding superstar Nonito Donaire over twelve rounds to unify the 122lb Title. Rigondeaux now living in Miami, Florida gave a polished performance where he displayed his speed, skill and his ability to keep to his game plan as he confused Donaire for large parts of the fight.

Donaire did have some success most notably in the tenth and a huge left hand floored the WBA champion. Rigondeaux recovered quickly and by the end of the round was firing back the better shots at the Filipino.

The fight started at a slow pace. This is usually Rigondeaux's plan. He has never been a rushed fighter who feels the need to throw loads of punches. Donaire on the other hand was expected to be able to out throw and out land the Cuban but right through the fight Donaire was far to conservative with his punches. In the first it was Rigondeaux's counter straight lefts that probably won him the round. He was faster and landing the cleaner punches. Donaire targeted the body in the second and had some mild success as Rigondeaux seemed to be moving around the ring too much trying to avoid being hit. It was a close round with very little action.

Booing from the crowd started in round 3 as the action was still slow with very little clean shots landed. The best single shots though were being landed by Rigondeaux. Donaire was moving forward towards the Cuban but he was not letting his shots go enough and this was where Rigondeaux was catching him with right hooks inside and that straight left. In the fourth Donaire began to block that counter left and with twenty seconds of the round left the best exchange of the fight happened with Donaire out landing Rigondeaux with his quick hooks. Round 5 was a write off, i scored this one 10-10 as nothing really happened in the round

Rigondeaux had a better sixth round, Donaire had no jab so Rigondeaux was timing his left hook to perfection as his fellow titlist got closer. The pace was still slow and the crowd were becoming unsettled as they expected a shoot out from two big hitters. On my card Donaire sneaked the seventh as he started more aggressive forcing Rigondeaux back, still there wasn't enough action for the fans but finally at least Donaire was trying to press the fight.

Rounds eight and nine were Rigondeaux rounds. The pressing that Donaire had in the seventh had evaporated. The pace suited Rigondeaux again as he moved around the ring landing his well timed straight left. The expected boom happened at the start of the tenth. Probably knowing he was behind Donaire exploded a combination off a break that floored the Cuban. Rigondeaux got up walked around a little and went back to the poker face and fast countering style that was winning him the fight.

Donaire's chance was now gone as Rigondeaux easily won the last 2 rounds marking Donaire's  right eye quite badly which requires the Filipino to keep a glove tucked at his eye to protect it. HBO in the states who covered the fight had Rigondeaux a wide winner but had also mentioned the ringside press had the fight much closer probably because in the rounds that nothing much happened, Donaire was the one doing the pressing.

All three judges scored for Rigondeaux giving him the WBO title to add to his WBA strap at Super-bantamweight.

As always my scorecard is below along with all the press and fans scores i was able to gather for this fight.


Round 1.... 10-9 Rigondeaux
Round 2.... 9-10 Donaire
Round 3.... 10-9 Rigondeaux
Round 4.... 9-10 Donaire
Round 5.. 10-10 Draw
Round 6.... 10-9 Rigondeaux
Round 7.... 9-10 Donaire
Round 8.... 10-9 Rigondeaux
Round 9.... 10-9 Rigondeaux
Round 10.. 8-10 Donaire.......................................Donaire Scores A Knockdown
Round 11.. 10-9 Rigondeaux
Round 12.. 10-9 Rigondeaux


Judges Scores : Julie Lederman 116-111 Rigondeaux
                        Tom Schreck 115-112 Rigondeaux
                        John Stewart 114-113 Rigondeaux


Press and Fan Scores

Kevin Iole (Yahoo) 114-113 Rigondeaux

Ben Weisman (Boxingasylum) 115-112 Rigondeaux

Daniel Vano (Checkhouseboxing) 114-113 Rigondeaux

Phil D Jay (WorldBoxingNews) 115-112 Rigondeaux

BoxingSocialist 116-111 Rigondeaux

Ryan Bivins ( Sweetboxing) 118-109 Rigondeaux

Brian Campbell (ESPN) 115-112 Rigondeaux

ProBox-Jake 116-111 Rigondeaux

BoxingOpinions 115-114 Rigondeaux

Ramon Aranda (3 More Rounds) 116-111 Rigondeaux

Tom Gray (Ring Magazine) 114-114 Draw

Kugan Kassius ( IFilm London) 116-112 Rigondeaux

Tommy Allan (Boxingasylum) 116-111 Rigondaux

Eric Raskin (Ring Theory) 115-112 Rigondeaux

Wolfgang Schiffbauer (Fightnews) 116-111 Rigondeaux

Lyle Fitzsimmons (Boxingscene) 115-112 Rigondeaux

Mike Coppinger (Ring Magazine) 116-110 Rigondeaux

Jenna Jay (Ontheropesboxing) 117-110 Rigondeaux

Dan Rafael (ESPN) 114-113 Rigondeaux

Darren Velasco (Freelance) 116-111 Rigondeaux

Kieran Mulvaney (ESPN) 115-112 Rigondeaux

Chris Mannix (Sports Illustrated) 114-113 Rigondeaux

Cliff Roid (Boxingscene) 117-110 Rigondeaux

Roe (Checkhookboxing) 117-110 Rigondeaux

Corey Quincy (Fighthype) 116-111 Rigondeaux

Fighters Rated 119-108 Rigondeaux

ATR Tpster 116-111 Rigondeaux

Paul Daley (Topclassboxing) 115-113 Rigondeaux

Scott Smith (Fighthype UK) 117-111 Rigondeaux

Nes (Thaboxingvoice) 117-111 Rigondeaux

Fightnews 117-112 Rigondeaux

Fight Ghost 116-111 Rigondeaux

John A MacDonald (Thaboxingvoice) 116-112 Rigondeaux

Steve Kim (Maxboxing) 116-111 Rigondeaux

Alan Dawson (OnthebeakBoxing) 115-115 Draw

Gabriel Montoya (Maxboxing) 116-111 Rigondeaux

3 More Rounds 116-110 Rigondeaux

Josh McDaniel (Leaveitinthering) 116-111 Rigondeaux

Michael Marley (The Examiner) 114-113 Rigondeaux

Al Bernstein (Showtime) 116-111 Rigondeaux

Paddy Cronan (OnthegrindBoxing) 117-110 Rigondeaux

Andy Paterson ( Boxingasylum) 118-109 Rigondeaux

Boxingbet.PL 116-111 Rigondeaux

Rob Day (Ringnews24) 117-111 Rigondeaux

Danny Wright (Boxrec news) 116-112 Rigondeaux

Shaun Brown ( Boxing-Monthly) 116-111 Rigondeaux

Joseph (Twitter fan) 117-110 Rigondeaux

Colin Hyland (Twitter fan ) 116-111 Rigondeaux

Matt Verity (Twitter Fan) 114-113 *DONAIRE*

Cole Christensen (Twitter Fan) 116-111 Rigondeaux

Jack Summer (Twitter Fan) 116-111 Rigondeaux

Chito Muniz (Twitter Fan) 115-112 Rigondeaux

Pavel (Twitter fan) 116-112 Rigondeaux

Simon (Twitter fan) 117-111 Rigondeaux

William King (Twitter fan) 117-111 Rigondeaux

Jasper (twitter fan) 114-113 *DONAIRE*

Piotrek (Twitter fan) 118-109 Rigondeaux

Miguel Rodriguez (Twitter Fan) 116-111 Rigondeaux

Fake Jim Lampley (Twitter Fan) 118-109 Rigondeaux

Saddoboxig Forum - (All for Rigondeaux) 114-113, 117-110

Boxingasylum Forum - (All for Rigondeaux) 115-112 x2, 116-112 x2, 116-111, 118-109, 114-113

Fighthype Forum  117-110 Rigondeaux

Doghouseboxing Forum 118-109 Rigondeaux x2 , **115-113 DONAIRE**

TheSweetscience Forum  118-109 Rigondeaux

Ringnews24 Forum (All for Rigondeaux) 117-114, 114-113

Boxrec Forum (All for Rigondeaux) 116-111 x3, 117-110 x3, 118-109 x2, 117-111, 115-112

Eastsideboxing Forum (All for Rigondeaux) 118-109 x10, 116-111 x5, 117-110 x4, 118-110 x3
                                                                  117-111, 118-108

Boxingscene Forum (All for Rigondeaux) 118-109 x4, 115-112 x3, 117-110 x2, 115-113 x2, 116-111

Checkhookboxing Forum (All for Rigondeaux ) 116-111, 117-110, 114-113 and *114-113 DONAIRE*

Boxing Palace (All for Rigondeaux) 117-110, 116-112, 118-109