Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bad Chad Beats Bernard In Bad Fight

Bernard Hopkins vs Chad Dawson - WBC Light Heavyweight Title

Styles make fights is the old saying in boxing where 2 fighters boxing styles can either give the fans a great fight OR like Saturday night in Atlantic City NJ a poor one. Even before their 1st fight writers and fans alike didn't think these 2 fighter styles would mix well , well 50,000 PPV buys on HBO tell its own story. Hopkins and Dawson's 2nd fight although intriguing never really took off . Between them they only landed 257 punches in the whole fight.

The 1st round set the agenda for the rest of the fight where both guys were more interested in NOT getting hit , I found it very had to split them on this round as very few punches landed. The 2nd , 3rd , 4th kinda went the same way although at this point Hopkins was holding his own at this slow pace with the younger Dawson.

John Scully, Dawson's trainer i think changed the fight for the challenger in the 5th as he told Bad Chad how Calzaghe was able to beat Hopkins...By throwing alot more punches and making Bernard fight at a pace he didn't like. Although cut from an accidental head clash Dawson did up his work rate and began to stalk the 47 year old Hopkins. Most writers and fans i think agree that it was the middle rounds where Dawson was able to pull away on the scorecards because of work rate and ring generalship. Some rounds were still difficult to score but when a guy is being pushed back and landing less punches i think its hard to to give him the round.

Hopkins was having the odd success although how hes even competing at this level is a mystery , i gave Hopkins the 11th as he turned the tables a bit on Dawson by forcing him back in the early part of the round. At no point in the fight though was either fighter hurt or in any danger of being stopped. Dawson though was cut above both eyes but again was never in danger of losing the fight due to injury. The last round was another hard one to score , so little was being landed and both at this time were taking turns at trying to pot shot each other. I scored it for Dawson as again i just felt that his work was just a little cleaner.

Below is my scorecard along with the press and many many scores i collected from the fans on the boxing forums. This by far is the most scores Ive been able to collect - well over 130.

Fightscorecollectors Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-10 Draw
Round 2.... 10-9 Hopkins
Round 3.... 9-10 Dawson
Round 4.... 10-9 Hopkins
Round 5.... 9-10 Dawson
Round 6.... 9-10 Dawson
Round 7.... 9-10 Dawson
Round 8.... 9-10 Dawson
Round 9.... 9-10 Dawson
Round 10.. 9-10 Dawson
Round 11.. 10-9 Hopkins
Round 12.. 9-10 Dawson

TOTAL: 117-112 Dawson

Judges Scores: Dick Flaherty   117-111 Dawson
                        Steve Weisfeld 117-111 Dawson
                        Jose Rivera     114-114 Draw


Boxing Press and Fans Scores - 115-113 Dawson - 118-110 Dawson

Ring - 118-110 Dawson

Kevin Iole ( - 117-111 Dawson - 117-111 Dawson

Michael Rosenthal ( - 118-110 Dawson

Dan Rafeal (ESPN) - 118-110 Dawson - 118-110 Dawson

Steve Kim (Maxboxing) - 117-111 Dawson

Steve Lillis (Boxnation TV) - 119-109 Dawson

Gabriel Montoya (Maxboxing) - 118-110 Dawson

Nigel Collins (Espn ) - 115-113 Dawson

Steve Bunce (Boxnation TV) - 117-111 Dawson

John Chavez (BoxingTruthRadio) - 116-112 Dawson

Kieran Mulvaney (ESPN) - 115-113 Dawson

Harold Lederman (HBO) - 117-111 Dawson

No Holds - 118-110 Dawson

JakeNDAbox (boxingscene) - 117-111 Dawson

Saddo Boxing Fans - (all for Dawson) 115-113 x2 , 117-111 , 116-113 , 116-112 , *115-113 B-hop*

BoxingAsylum Fans - (all for Dawson) 116-112 x2 , 115-113 x2 , 119-109 , 117-113 , 118-111
                                                        116-113 , 118-110 , 117-111

Livefight Fans - 118-110 Dawson

Fighthype Fans - (all for Dawson) - 117-111 x2 , 118-112

Doghouseboxing Fans - (all for Dawson) 115-113 , 117-111 , 116-112 , 117-112 , *114-114 Draw*

Fightjudge Fans - (all for Dawson) - 115-113 x3 , 116-112 x3 , 115-114 x2 , 118-110 x2 , 116-113
                                                   119-112 , *114-114 x2 Draw*

Ringnews24 Fans - (all for Dawson) 116-113 , 116-114 , 117-111 , *116-116 Draw*

Boxrec Fans - (all for Dawson) 116-113 x3 , 117-111 x3 , 120-108 , 116-113 , 115-113 , *114-114*

Eastsideboxing Fans UK - (all for Dawson) 118-110 x2 , 118-111 , 117-111 , 116-112 , *114-114x2*

Eastsideboxing fans GEN - (all for Dawson) 118-110 x6 , 117-111 x7 , 116-112 x5 , 119-109 x4
                                                         116-113 , 115-113 , 120-108 , 119-110
                                           (all for Hopkins)*116-112 , 116-114 , 115-113*

Boxingscene fans - (all for Dawson) 117-111 x7, 116-112 x6 , 118-110 x5 , 119-109 x2 , 115-113x2
                                                    120-108 , 118-111 , 115-114 , 116-114 *114-114 Draw x2*
                            (all for Hopkins)*115-113 x2*

TOTAL SCORES FROM THE PRESS AND FANS....121 Dawson , 6 Hopkins , 9 Draw

Bombs Away - Bellew Wins in 5
Tony Bellew vs Danny McIntosh - British Light Heavyweight Title

Mature , controlled and patient were only some of the words used to describe Tony Bellews masterful performance in Liverpool last night when he blasted former European Kingpin Danny McIntosh to defeat in only 5 rounds. A big right hand ended things early in the 5th in a fight that Bellew dominated from the opening bell.

Bellew now will no doubt push for that rematch with WBO champ Cleverly after such a great performance , the scousers jab was better than ever. It doubled and even tripled as 9 times out of 10 it was followed by wicked right hands to the head. McIntosh was a lively underdog before but Bellew simply never allowed him into the fight.

Every scorecard i managed to collect had the exact same score 40-35 Bellew at the time of stoppage. 4-0 in rounds but with the extra point for a late knockdown scored by Bellew in the 4th.

What impressed many was that Bellew didn't rush anything , he simply took his time , never got excited and waited till the right moment to finally finish of his over-matched opponent.

Bellew can now look forward to much bigger thing although i feel that Carl Froch may be correct in saying that Bellew might want to defend the British Title 1 more time as he would get the belt for keeps.

Below as always is my scorecard along with all the press and fans scores.


Round 1.... 10-9 Bellew
Round 2.... 10-9 Bellew
Round 3.... 10-9 Bellew
Round 4.... 10-8 Bellew

TOTAL: 40-35 Bellew


Fans and press scores

Matchroom Boxing (Twitter) - 40-35 Bellew (twitter) - 40-35 Bellew
No Holds - 40-35 Bellew (Phildjay) - 40-35 Bellew
Eastsideboxing fans - 40-35 x4 Bellew
Boxrec fans - 40-35 Bellew
spam fans - 40-35 Bellew
Ringnews24 fans - 40-35 Bellew
Doghouseboxing fans - 40-35 Bellew

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Domestic Bliss - Mathews Upsets Crolla

Anthony Crolla vs Derry Mathews - British Lightweight Title

Derry Mathews was about to retire. Beaten earlier in the year for the IBO Lightweight Title it looked as if the Scouser / Irishman was about to leave the sport he loved. Throw in a last opportunity for the British Lightweight Title and you have the old gunslinger in the last chance saloon.

In the pre-fight build up Mathews said he would have retired if he lost against young champion Anthony Crolla who was making his 2nd defence. Two rounds in and it looked like this was to be the last time we saw the Likeable warrior as Crolla used his excellent left jab and hook to out-punch his rival. That all changed in the 3rd round as Mathews began to land his jab along with a straight right cum uppercut. This is the punch that put the champion on the seat of his pants and would eventually change the fight in favour of Mathews.

Crolla clearly hurt had around 1.40 in the round to survive , he got rocked several more times during the round but showed his toughness by gritting his teeth by fighting back although it was clear to see who had the power in this fight. The champion had another problem in the 3rd as because of those straight rights a huge cut appeared right beside Crollas left eye. Star cuts man Mick Williamson had to go to work and to a degree he did a good job as the blood wasn't as bad and Crolla came back winning the 4th on my card using sheer volume of punching. The 5th was close as the champions volume punching especially to the body was beginning to tire Mathews but unlike previous fights the challenger kept calm and fired back to again rock Crolla near the end of the round.

Th end came very late in the 6th Round , Crolla was having a decent round before more big rights took effect , Crolla staggered back to the ropes for a few seconds whilst Mathews fired away , the champion then escaped again only to be caught by a glancing blow....This is when Referee John Keane stepped in and stopped the fight...I think prematurely. There are a few reasons i think this was stopped premature , 1. there was only a few seconds left in the round and i think the Referee should have known that 2. Crolla was not that badly hurt and had not taken a one sided beating. He should have really been given the benefit of the doubt although there wasn't much complaining just disappointment from Crolla and his camp.

Mathews - the old gunslinger will have an Indian summer now. Sit back , get strapped in because if its anything like his fantastic performance last night then we are in for some ride.

Below as aways is my scorecard along with the press and fan scores.

Fightscorecollectors Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-9 Crolla
Round 2.... 10-9 Crolla
Round 3.... 8-10 Mathews
Round 4.... 10-9 Crolla
Round 5.... 9-10 Mathews

TOTAL: 47-47 Draw


Boxing Sites , Fans and Press Scores

Terry Dooley (boxingscene) - 48-46 Mathews

David Payne ( - 49-46 Mathews

No Holds Barred website - 48-46 Mathews

Paddy (Onthegrindboxing Radio) - 48-46 Mathews

Eastsideboxing Fans - 48-47 Mathews , 48-46 Crolla , 48-48 x2 Draw

Saddoboxing Fans - 47-47 draw


Monday, 16 April 2012

ROBBERY - No Other Word Needed

Brandon Rios vs Richard Abril - Vacant WBA Lightweight Title

The headline says it all. This fight was a ROBBERY. What myself and the many boxing fans and press members cant believe is that 2 very experienced Las Vegas judges got this fight so so wrong as Jerry Roth and Glenn Towbridge have done so many title fights between them. My card is below as always , i scored 118-110 for Abril who must be thinking what the hell happened here as he totally dominated the fight with many fans and press thinking he won at least 9 rounds. I have to admit this fight ranks up there with the fight i think the biggest robbery of all time....the Pernell Whitaker vs Jose Luis Rameriez 1 fight that was in Paris 1988. I had Whitaker also winning 118-110 in a fight that like last night was easy to score.

Abril  who halves his time between Miami and Cuba (he is Cuban) moved around the ring jabbing and catching the much slower Rios basically from the 1st bell. Surprisingly he was able to neutralise Rios on the inside using what can only be described as the "Mayweather shoulder roll" Rios was getting close but he just couldn't land clean , Abril was able to dictate the on the inside and out where he easily landed the cleaner punches.

Before the fight Rios failed to make the weight for the 2nd time in a row. Again it cost him part of the purse and again it surely must mean that he moves up to the 140lb division. Take nothing away from the smooth moving Abril though. He boxed beautiful and now must be regarded as one of the best Lightweights in the world. Surely now the WBA must either award the title to the Cuban OR at least make Abril fight for the vacant title.

What happens now to the judges?? will they get demoted - i cant see to be honest as i don't think the Nevada State Athletic Commission will do that especially as Roth and Towbridge are high profile judges. There must be an investigation though as the vast majority thought that Abril won....74 of 77 of the scores i collected certainly did.

My Scorecard is below with every score i collected from the press and fans etc

Fightscorecollectors Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-9 Abril
Round 2.... 10-9 Abril
Round 3.... 10-9 Rios
Round 4.... 10-9 Abril
Round 5.... 10-9 Abril
Round 6.... 10-9 Abril
Round 7.... 10-9 Abril
Round 8.... 10-9 Rios
Round 9.... 10-9 Abril
Round 10.. 10-9 Abril
Round 11.. 10-9 Abril
Round 12.. 10-9 Abril

TOTAL: Abril 118-110 Rios

Judges Scores : Jerry Roth :         116-112 Rios
                         Glen Towbridge: 115-113 Rios
                         Adalaide Byrd:    117-111 Abril


Boxing Fans Forums and Press Scores

Terry Dooley (Boxingscene) - 117-111 Abril

Steve Kim (Maxboxing) - 115-113 Abril

John Chavez (BoxingTruthRadio) - 114-114 Draw - 117-112 Abril

Bret Newton ( - 120-108 Abril

Wil Trillio ( - 117-111 Abril

Kevin Iole ( - 116-112 Abril - 118-110 Abril

Dan Rafael (ESPN) - 118-110 Abril

Rich Marotta (Top Rank) - 117-111 Abril

ProBoxing-Fand Jake - 117-111 Abril

Gabriel Montoya (Maxboxing) - 116-112 Abril

Steve Lillis (Boxnation) - 118-111 Abril

Tris Dixon (BoxingNews Mag) - 118-110 Abril

Eric Raskin ( /ring theory podcast) -115-113 Abril

David Payne ( - 118-110 Abril

Saddo Fans Forum (all for Abril) 118-110 x3 , 116-112 x2 , 120-108 ,* 115-113 RIOS*

Boxingasylum Forum (all for Abril) 119-109 x3, 118-110 x2 , 117-111 x2 , 120-108

Livefight Fans (all for Abril) 117-111 x2 , 119-109

Fightjudge Fans (all for Abril) 118-110 x3 , 116-114

Fighthype Fans (all for Abril) 116-112 , 117-111

Ringnews24 Fans (all for Abril) 118-110 , 120-109 , 119-109

Boxrec Fans (all for Abril) 119-109 x3 , 118-110 , *115-113 RIOS*

Eastsideboxing Fans (all for Abril)  117-111 x6 , 120-108 x3 , 118-111 x2 , 119-109 x5
                                                     117-112 , 118-110 , *115-113 RIOS*

Boxingscene Fans (all for Abril) 118-110 x4 , 117-111 x3 120-108 x2 , 119-109 x2 , 116-112

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sturm Turns Back Time

Felix Sturm vs Sebastian Zbik - WBA Middleweight Title

For 2 rounds last night fans and press alike were probably thinking that this was the end of Felix Sturm's reign. The champions 2 previous fights have been highly controversial as the German struggled to a debated points win and draw over British duo Macklin and Murray. The challenger Zbik started very fast throwing a hell of alot of punches , the one-two in particular. Sturm couldn't keep up with him and i thought that recent close shaves was actually the champion continuing his fall from grace.

Ring the bell for the 3rd round and the fight changed. The JAB , short fast and hard. This was to be the weapon that won the fight for the long time champion Sturm. As i said he turned back time - that's how good Sturm was last night against a guy who took WBC boss Chavez Jnr to a very close points decision. To his credit the challenger Zbik still kept his work rate high , but he was being constantly caught with that jab and some nice short uppercuts as the fight wore on.

The Referee Caiz Snr  , was he even there?? this fight was fought at close quarters last night and the Referee i think only broke them a few times. There has been a complaint lately in recent fights that there is too much holding on the inside. Sturm and Zbik deserve great credit in what was a very entertaining fight. Caiz Snr because of his style of letting the fighters fight on the inside i think should be put forward for the Peterson vs Khan rematch although i hear Joe Cortez is getting the shout.

As the fight wore on the gap in the 2 fighters class was beginning to tell. I did a round by round on Twitter and i posted that i felt there could be a late stoppage as Sturm was pushing his countryman back and landing some vicious body shots along with those sharp uppercuts. Zbiks face was marked up quite badly now and i think the decision to quit on his stool after the 9th round was the right call. Zbik must have been a mile behind on points and with having very little power , he wasn't going to get the knockout. Sturm was sensational though , hopefully there can be big matches vs Chavez Jnr or Martinez made before the German hangs up his gloves. Hes 33 and must only have a few fights left in him BUT if they are anything like last night than the above mentioned Chavez Jnr and Martinez are in for a very tough night.

Fightscorecollectors Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-9 Zbik
Round 2.... 10-9 Zbik
Round 3.... 10-9 Sturm
Round 4.... 10-9 Sturm
Round 5.... 10-9 Sturm
Round 6.... 10-9 Sturm
Round 7.... 10-9 Sturm
Round 8.... 10-9 Sturm
Round 9.... 10-9 Sturm

TOTAL : Sturm 88-83 Zbik


Boxing Sites , Press and Fans Scores

ESPN (Dan Rafael) - 88-83 Sturm

BoxingTruth Radio - (John Chavez) - 88-83 Sturm

BoxingScene - (Terry Dooley) - 88-83 Sturm

Doghouseboxing - (Gabriel Montoya) - 88-83 Sturm

Boxnation TV - (Steve Lillis) - 87-84 Sturm - 88-83 Sturm

Boxingscene - (Alexy Sukachev) - 88-83 Sturm

BoxingTribune - 88-83 Sturm - (Petra Kirsch) - 88-83 Sturm

Boxrec Fans - (all for Sturm) - 88-83 X4 , 88-84 , 87-84

Eastsideboxing Fans - (all for Sturm) - 89-82 , 87-84 , 86-85 , 88-84

Boxingscene Fans - (all for Sturm) - 88-83 X4 , 87-84

Ringnews24 Fans - 88-83 Sturm

BoxingAsylum - (all for Sturm) - 88-83