Friday, 25 January 2013

Fightscorecollector's February Fight List

Boxing gets back to normal in the month of February as i will be covering 6 fights along with a full boxing bill from The Gorbals in Glasgow, Scotland. Over the next few months boxing fans are really in for a treat as so many great fights have been made Eg: Burns-Vasquez and Froch-Kessler 2. This month i will be covering fights from here in the UK starting in Belfast Northern Ireland and From the USA where i begin with Danny Garcia's latest title defence vs former champion Zab Judah. ESPN will also have their 1st world title fight in years as Lamon Peterson meets another former champion in Kendall Holt. Finishing the month on Fightscorecollector its a double bill of UK VS USA as David Price moves up in class vs Tony Thompson and Kell Brook tries to grasp the IBF 147lb title away from Devon Alexander.

Sat 9th Feb - (SkySports) - Kiko Martinez vs Carl Frampton - EBU Super Bantamweight Title

Sat 9th Feb - (Showtime) - Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah - WBC, WBA Light Welterweight Titles

Sat 16th Feb - (NO TV ) - Full report of ALL fights from Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Sat 16th Feb  - (HBO) - Adrien Broner vs Gavin Rees - WBC Lightweight Title

Fri 22nd Feb - (ESPN) - Lamont Peterson vs Kendall Holt - IBF Light Welterweight Title

Sat 23rd Feb - (Boxnation) - David Price vs Tony Thompson - 12 Round Heavyweight Bout

Sat 24th Feb - (Showtime) - Devon Alexander vs Kell Brook) - IBF Welterweight Title

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Garcia Graduates With WBO Honours

Orlando Salido vs Mikey Garcia - WBO Featherweight Title

By Bobby Hunter -

Madison Square Garden was the host for the first big boxing bill in the USA in 2013. Top of that bill was defending champion Orlando Salido taking on young power punching Mikey Garcia for the WBO title at 126lbs. All the questions before the fights was how the Garcia would handle his big night against a proven champion who has the reputation as a warrior. Those questions were answered as early as the first round when a crisp counter left hook deposited Salido on the ground as he rushed in. Late in the round the same punch, the left hook floored Salido again. A 10-7 round. Not a bad way to start your world championship career.

Salido came out a little bit quicker in the second. The Mexican tried to pressure Garcia by bullying him to the ropes. Garcia was having none of it as he boxed very calmly behind his jab using his legs to move away from Salido's crude overhand rights. Garcia had Salido down in the third also when a counter right upper cut caught the champion square on chin. Salido got up again but must have known he needed a knockout to win this fight. In the fourth Garcia immediately floored Salido again with a left hook although when watching the replay it looked like it was bad balance by Salido as much as anything that caused this one. A punch was landed though and Referee Benji Esteves was correct in administering an eight count.

Round five started with Salidio chasing Garcia as he tried to up the tempo, problem was he was walking into some well placed jabs and straight right hands by the challenger. Four, five times this happened when the champion attempted to get close. Garcia was fighting the perfect fight. Fighting like a veteran Garcia knew he had the power to hurt the champion but remained true to his game plan waiting on Salido to make the mistakes so he could counter. The flow of the fight continued in the sixth, Salido going after Garcia, Garcia fending Saldo off with movement and the jab. At this point in the fight round six was the closest to score.

The champion is known as a Mexican warrior. Like many before Salido has been in many tough fights, some he has been losing but somehow managed to come back and got the win. That thought rushed through this writers head in round seven as Salido began to land his crude overhand rights and started to out land his younger opponent when on the ropes. Could he turn it around again??. Well the answer was NO as Garcia responded in the eighth landing those one-twos again making Salido's knees buckle on more than one occasion. Salido was still pressing the action though and when both collided in the corner late on Garcia winced as the champions head crashed against his nose. During the one minute interval the doctor had a look at Garcia's nose and rules that he couldn't continue. It was a quick end to what was an entertaining fight.

Referee Benji Esteves ruled the headbutt accidental. This meant the fight goes to the scorecards to determine the winner. Surely there was no doubt who the winner was?. There was no need to worry as all three judges had Garcia a mile in front. Garcia was now the NEW WBO Featherweight champion of the world.

As Mikey Garcia was interviewed by HBO's Max Kellerman, the new champion looked disappointed. Kellerman asked why he didn't look as if he won the title?/ Garcia responded the way a champion should by saying he wished he was allowed to go the distance and win the fight instead of winning by an injury. He did offer Salido a rematch but i cant see this happening as the fight was so one sided unless Salido has a rematch clause in the contract. Garcia did those mention a possible fight with Yuriokis Gamboa. That would be a fight that the fans would want to see.

Below is my scorecard for the fight along with the Press and Fan scores i was able to collect for this fight.

Fightscorecollector's Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-7 Garcia
Round 2.... 10-9 Garcia
Round 3.... 10-8 Garcia
Round 4.... 10-8 Garcia
Round 5.... 10-9 Garcia
Round 6.... 10-9 Garcia
Round 7.... 9-10 Salido
Round 8.... 10-9 Garcia

TOTAL : 79-69 GARCIA at the time of stoppage

Judges Scores : Julie Lederman (USA) 79-69 Garcia
                        John Stewart     (USA) 79-69 Garcia
                        Don Ackerman  (USA) 79-70 Garcia


Boxing Press and Fans Scores

Corey Quincey (Saddoboxing) : 79-69 Garcia

BoxingOpinions : 79-71 Garcia

Scott Christ (BadleftHook) : 79-69 Garcia

Thaboxingvoice Radio : 80-68 Garcia

Kevin Iole ( : 79-69 Garcia

FightGhost : 80-68 Garcia

Dan Rafael (ESPN) : 80-68 Garcia

Lem Setterfield (Ring Magazine) 80-68 Garcia

Harold Lederman (HBO) : 79-69 Garcia

Steve Zemach ( The Queensbury Rules ) : 79-69 Garcia

Tim Starks (The Queensbury Rules) : 79-69 Garcia

Steve Kim ( Maxboxing) : 79-70 Garcia

Cliff Roid ( Boxingscene ) : 78-70 Garcia

Max Kellerman (HBO) : 80-68 Garcia

Jenna Jay (Ontheropesboxing Radio) : 79-69 Garcia : 79-69 Garcia

Andy Paterson (BoxingAsylum) : 79-69 Garcia

Luis Sandoval (The Boxing Lab Radio) : 79-70 Garcia

Eric Raskin ( Ring Theory Podcast ) : 79-69 Garcia

John Chavez (The Boxing Truth Radio) : 80-68 Garcia

Billy Ferguson (UkFighthype) : 79-69 Garcia

Jake Donovan (Boxingscene) : 79-70 Garcia

Darren Velasco ( : 79-69 Garcia

Phil D Jay ( : 79-69 Garcia

Mario Mungia (Thaboxingvoice Radio) : 79-69 Garcia

Ryan Bivins (sweetboxing) : 79-70 Garcia

Steve Lillis (Boxnation) : 80-68 Garcia

NoHoldsBarred : 79-69 Garcia

Jose Martino (Boxing Mundial) : 79-69 Garcia

Tim Kudgis (ATG Boxing Radio) : 79-69 Garcia

BoxingSocialist :  79-69 Garcia

Ramon Aranda (3moreRounds) : 79-69 Garcia

Alex B (TheBoxingSeed) : 79-69 Garcia : 80-70 Garcia

Cole Christensen ( Twitter Fan ) : 79-70 Garcia


Friday, 18 January 2013

Frankie Gavin - European Level Awaits

Frankie Gavin vs Jason Welborn : British Welterweight Title

Fighting at a very loud Walsall Town Hall, Frankie Gavin produced a punch perfect performance as he dominated over matched Jason Welborn over seven rounds. The former World Amature champion must now be looking at a higher level of opposition as he easily took apart his game but limited opponent. Welborn to his credit tried hard even landing the odd straight right early in the fight. It was to have no effect on the fight as Gavin countered perfectly from his southpaw stance landing quick and eventually hurtful combinations.

There was a maturity about Frankie Gavin tonight. Welborn constantly came forward trying to bull his way in at every opportunity. Gavin though was in fine form as he was able to stay in punching range slipping Welborns punches and lading his quick combinations. The straight left to the body was the opener for Gavin. Many times it was start point for his attack as he peppered Welborn round after round. The footwork was certainly impressive, Welborn after round 3 just could not land anything of note.

Welborn began tiring in the 4th as Gavin's precise body work was beginning to take effect. The 5th round was the quietest of the round, Gavin was still boxing, moving, pecking away at welborn wearing him down. In the 6th it was the beginning of the end as Birmingham man Gavin started to plant his feet and land those solid lefts to the body. It was that exact punch in the 7th that floored Welborn as he moved in close. Gavin timed the Tividale man perfectly with a quick straight left. Welborn was hurt. Stunned Welborn took the eight count from referee Ian John Lewis and bravely continued. It wasn't long before Gavin went for the kill pushing Welborn to the ropes and landing multiple punches. Ian John Lewis had saw enough and jumped in to save Welborn. A good stoppage from a ref who has been under the microscope recently. The time was 2.35 of the seventh round. Winner and sill British welterweight champion Frankie Gavin.

So what does the future hold for Frankie Gavin. In the build up to the fight Gavin mentioned that only Commonwealth champion Denton Vassell could tempt him into an all British affair. Kell Brook was also mentioned although correctly Frankie said that Kell was more experienced and at another level from him.......AT THE MOMENT. In his post fight interview Gavin mentioned the possibility of a European title shot, currently held by Italian 38 year old Leonard Bundu who has been champion since 2011. Personally i think this is a great fight especially if Frank Warren can get the Italian over to the UK. It would also begin to open door to the world level, something that many on the boxing forums feel Frankie should be fighting at NOW.

Frankie Gavin now moves to 15-0 (11Ko's), Welborn who will be back falls to 11-2 with 5 early wins.

Below is my scorecard along with the Press and fans scores i was able to gather for this fight

Fightscorecollector's Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-9 Gavin
Round 2.... 10-9 Gavin
Round 3.... 10-9 Gavin
Round 4.... 10-9 Gavin
Round 5.... 10-9 Gavin
Round 6.... 10-9 Gavin

Total : 60-54 Frankie Gavin at the time of stoppage

Boxing Press and Fan Scores

Fightersrated : 60-54 Gavin

BoxingOpinions : 60-54 Gavin

Daniel Vano (Checkhookboxing) : 60-54 Gavin

Mathew Mojica (Thefightsource) : 60-54 Gavin

John Rawling (Boxnation) : 60-54 Gavin

Barrie Jones (Boxnation) : 60-54 Gavin

Anthony Crolla (Boxnation) : 60-54 Gavin

Steve Bunce (Boxnation) : 60-54 Gavin

Fight Ghost : 60-54 Gavin

Tommy Allan (Boxingasylum) : 60-54 Gavin : 60-54 Gavin

Corey Quincey (Saddoboxing) : 60-53 Gavin

Chris Maylett (British Boxers) : 60-54 Gavin

Alexey Sukachev (Boxingscene) : 60-54 Gavin

Boxing Asylum  Forum :  2x 60-54 Gavin

LiveFight Forum : 2x 60-54 Gavin , 60-55 Gavin

Ringnews24 Forum : 1x 60-54 Gavin

Eastsideboxing Forum 1x 60-54 Gavin

Boxingscene Forum : 1x 60-54 Gavin

Alex B (Twitter Fan) : 60-54 Gavin

Craig Hutchison (Twitter Fan) : 60-54 Gavin

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Fighscorecollector's January 2013 Fight List

Back for another year covering the fights here in the UK and abroad, Fightscorecollector returns for its 2nd year after a very successful first year. Ive been on a few boxing pod casts, mentioned on the Steve Bunce Boxing show, asked to collect scores from established top writers such as Thomas Hauser. Ive also met so many of the top boxing fighters, reporters and fans. My site had over 18 thousand hits last year, For a growing site I didn't expect that although after a slow start I was aiming for 1 thousand a month .Last year I covered 41 fights, not bad?. I'm very sure I would have easily have broken 25 thousand views if I never had a stag doo, got married and missed a few fights due to excuse my French.. fecking computer problems eg: 3 hours of the Hatton fight scoring lost when computer crashed. OH and did I mention my daughter being born in May, saying that I had an excuse to get up and watch the fights Stateside.

This year I'm aiming higher, I will be attending more shows here in Scotland and I aim to get down to more bills down south starting with the Price vs Thompson fight in Liverpool on Feb 23. I will be posting more articles about my memories of old fights, my thoughts on the current scene AND of course providing the fans with the chance to see how the press and fans from all the best boxing websites scored the biggest fights throughout the year.

Now before I list the fights I'm covering in January, I want to thank all the writers who have taken time to give me some pointers but to also all the fans who post on the 12-13 forums where I collect my scores. Please please keep posting your scores. Thank you.

January has already started with a bad decision, Rances Barthelemy won a disputed 12 round decision over Afghan Usmanee on ESPN FNFs. Teddy Atlas scoring for the TV station had Usmanee winning 117-111, I had it closer 115-113 Usmanee although many scores posted to me on twitter had Usmanee winning 116-112.

The month of January is always a slow month for boxing and in 2013 it is no different as I will only be covering 2 fights. If James Degale gets an opponent listed for his fight on the 26th of the month then I will cover his fight too.

Below is the short list for January 2013 -

Fri 18th Jan - Boxnation - Frankie Gavin vs Jason Welborn - British Light Welter Title

Sat 19th Jan - HBO - Orlando Salido vs Miguel Angel Garcia - WBO Featherweight Title