Sunday, 29 January 2012

Oh Barry's Boy - Frampton Wins In 7

Carl Frampton vs Kris Hughes - Commonwealth Super-Bantamweight Title

The Hype was big beforehand. The right hand that finished things for Carl Frampton was even bigger as he easily defended his 122lb Commonwealth Title against former challenger Kris Hughes In York Hall Bethnal Green last night.. Frampton in front of a packed crowd delivered an early candidate for KO of the year as he landed the huge right hand 48seconds into the 7th round , this after dominating every minute of every round. Hughes a tall awkward southpaw has no power (1 KO in 15 wins) is testament to this , he simply couldn't keep Frampton away with his lazy right jab as the champion from the first minute found it far to easy to land his power shots on the Scot.

What i liked about Frampton was the constant pace and pressure he was able to put on his challenger. Hughes lack of power made this more obvious as Frampton actually boxed as an "aggressive counter-puncher" , the champion would wait a split second for that lazy jab before targeting Hughes body and head with rapid combinations. After 3-4 rounds i think everybody knew this was a formality for Frampton , it was just "if and when" will he finish the fight , something i think he needed to do so that it rubber-stamped his performance. When that punch came it was a cracker , the punch knocked Hughes down in his own corner where he struggles for 5-6 seconds before amazingly getting to his feet. Referee Mark Green though correctly called an end to the fight as Hughes was all over the place and was in no way able to continue.

The Referee Mark Green had a really easy night as the action flowed , there was really nothing to do for Green until the knockdown where he ended the fight. Same must be said of the judges Ritchie Davies , Ian John Lewis and John Keane , this fight was so easy to score as Frampton was so dominant in every round. Below is my scorecard at the time of stoppage along with Fans , Press and Boxing Sites / Forums scores.

Round 1.... 10-9 Frampton
Round 2.... 10-9 Frampton
Round 3.... 10-9 Frampton
Round 4.... 10-9 Frampton
Round 5.... 10-9 Frampton
Round 6.... 10-9 Frampton

TOTAL - Frampton 60-54 Hughes at the time of stoppage


Boxing Sites , Fans Forum and Press Scores

SkySports - (Jim Watt) - Frampton 60-54 Hughes
SkySports - (Nick Halling) - Frampton 60-54 Hughes

BoxingMonthly Mag - (Glyn Leach) - Frampton 60-54 Hughes

Boxnation - (Steve Lillis) - Frampton 60-54 Hughes

Matchroom - (Twitter) - Frampton 60-54 Hughes - (Ibrahim Harb) - Frampton 60-54 Hughes

WorldBoxingNews.Net - (Phil Djay) - Frampton 60-54 Hughes

Ringnews24 fans Forum - Frampton 60-54 Hughes x2

SaddoBoxing Fans Forum - Frampton 60-54 Hughes x2

Boxrec Fans Forum - Frampton 60-54 Hughes x2

Eastsideboxing Fans Forum - Frampton 60-54 Hughes x4

Livefight Fans Forum - Frampton 60-54 Hughes x2

BoxingAsylum Fans Forum - Frampton 60-54 Hughes x2

Doghouseboxing Fans Forum - Frampton 60-54 Hughes x2

Boxingscene Fans Forum - Frampton 60-54 Hughes

BoxingBB/Fightjudge Fans Forum - Frampton 60-54 Hughes

Sunday, 22 January 2012

February Fights Covered By Fight Score Collector

Here's the list of Boxing matches i will be covering in February 2012. Its a busy busy month where i think Mrs Fightscorecollector might not be too happy as im currently looking at 11 fights. The month starts with a quiet Friday night fight between McKenzie vs Dobson on Boxnation before Saturdays 4 Title fight extravaganza which has me watching fights from Germany , The UK and then off to America for the Chavez Jnr , Donaire HBO double-header.

The WBC  Heavyweight Title fight will also be covered during February along with the big non-title fight featuring  Maidana vs Alexander. Throw in two 175lb title fights along with 130lb King Broner making his 1st defence , this will complete my hectic month.


Fri 3rd - (Boxnation) - Ovil McKenzie vs Tony Dodson (Commonwealth Light Heavy Title)

Sat 4th - (Boxnation) - Yoan P Hernandez vs Steve Cunningham (IBF Cruiserweight Title)

Sat 4th - (Sky Sports) - Scott Quigg vs Jamie Arthur (British Super Bantamweight Title)

Sat 4th - (HBO) - Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr vs Marco A Rubio (WBC Middleweight Title)

Sat 4th - (HBO) - Nonito Donaire vs Wilfredo Vasquez Jnr (vac WBO Super Bantam Title)

Sat 18th - (Boxnation) - Vitali Klitschko vs Dereck Chisora (WBC Heavyweight Title)

Sat 18th - (SHO) - Tavoris Cloud vs Gabriel Campillio (IBF Light Heavyweight Title)

Sat 25th - (SKY) - Denis Shafikov vs Lee McCallister (European Light Welterweight Title)

Sat 25th - (Boxnation) - Nathan Cleverly vs Tommy Karpency (WBO Light Heavy Title)

Sat 25th - (HBO) - Marcos Maidana vs Devon Alexander (Special 12 Round Event)

Sat 25th - (HBO) - Adrien Broner vs Eloy Perez (WBO Super Featherweight Title)

The Price Is Right

David Price vs John McDermott - British Heavyweight Title Eliminator

Ah well this blog is based on scoring fights , one of the problems i thought about when starting this blog was "what happened if its an early knockout? , what will i write about?".Well David Price spared some of my Saturday night as he demolished John McDermott in just over a minute on Sky Sports first fight night of the new season. McDermott came out throwing bombs trying to silence the Liverpool crowd that had came to see their hometown hero in Price. Big mistake as McDermott walked into a short hook that hit him high on the head but ultimately floored him Price then went for the finish as he battered big John in the corner , another flurry and McDermott was down again. Struggling to get up and unsteady on his legs Ref Howard Foster let the big guy go on though the fight was already over before a big right hand put McDermont down for the 3rd time. McDermott tried to get up but as he reached his feet he was counted out leaving David Price as the official challenger for Tyson Fury's British Title.........Bring that fight on!!!!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Marsili Mauls Mathews in 7

Derry Mathews vs Emiliano Marsili - IBO Lightweight Title

Well it happened again for Derry Mathews. Another big fight and title chance , another stoppage defeat.  Italian import Emiliano Marsili gave him no respect taking a well deserved 7th round stoppage in Liverpool last night. Marsili was unknown and untested at this level , at 35 he was expected to crumble vs the more experience Mathews. From the first bell though it was Marsili that took the initiative by forcing Mathews back with his bouncy up and down style. The first round was close although the Italian clearly landed the better punches , his one-two combination would give Mathews trouble the whole fight.

To the surprise of the crowd and the viewers on Boxnation Marsili's assaults didn't stop through the early part of the fight. I gave Mathews the 3rd but on just as he showed signs of figuring out his opponent. The onslaught continued although the 6th round is already a candidate for round of the year as Mathews finally hurt Marsili before the Italian rallied late in the round scoring a knockdown with a vicious body punch. At this stage in the fight Mathews face was a mask of blood. The 7th round began the same way the 6th ended with Marsili punishing Mathews on the ropes , Mathews broke free but again was chased across the ring , his face a mess he took a few more punches before ref Howard Foster jumped in and stopped the fight. Two weeks on Boxnation and 2 upsets , no bad so far eh?.

Onto the ref and the judges. Going round the forums etc the fans are split on whether the fight was stopped prematurely. I thought it was stopped just a little early although Mathews face was a mess , being a title fight though i though Mathews with his experience would have been given more time. This again was the view of the fans on the forums. Some agreed with the stoppage as they felt that Mathews was on the downward spiral to more punishment , again his face was a mess so you can see why Howard Foster stopped the fight.

The judges at the time of stoppage all had the fight scored 58-55 for Marsili. Marcus McDonnell (UK) , John Rupert (USA) and  Giustino Di Giovanni (ITA) were the officials who scored the fight. Below is my scorecard along with all the fans , press and boxing sites scores.

Round 1.... 10-9 Marsili
Round 2.... 10-9 Marsili
Round 3.... 9-10 Mathews
Round 4.... 10-9 Marsili
Round 5.... 9-10 Mathews
Round 6.... 10-8 Marsili - Knockdown scored by Marsili in this round

TOTAL - Marsili 58-55 Mathews at the time of stoppage


Boxing sites , Fans Forums Scores

BoxingMonthly Mag (Glyn Leach) - Marsili 58-55 Mathews (Tommy Barber) - Marsili 59-54 Mathews

Boxnation TV (Steve Lillis) - Marsili 59-54 Mathews (Phil DJay) - Marsili 58-53 Mathews

Saddoboxing Fans Forum - Marsili 59-54 Mathews  X3

Eastsideboxing Fans Forum - Marsili 59-54 Mathews X5 , 58-56 , 59-55 all for Marsili

Boxingscene Fans Forum - Marsili 59-54 Mathews

Ringnews24 Fans Forum - Marsili 59-54 Mathews X5 , 58-55 for Marsili

BoxingAsylum Fans Forum - Marsili 59-54 Mathews

Sweetboxing Fans Forum - Marsili 59-54 Mathews

Boxrec Fans Forum - Marsili 59-54 Mathews

The score most common as you can see above is definitely 59-54 to Marsili or 5-1 in rounds. Some gave Mathews 2 round but there is no doubt the better fighter won this match.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Stieglitz Workrate Wears out Weber

Robert Stieglitz vs Henry Weber - WBO Super Middleweight Title

Its off to Copenhagen Denmark for Germany's world champion Robert Stieglitz in April now as he totally dominated his younger opponent Henry Weber at the Baden Arena Saturday night. April 14th is the exact date when Stieglitz will defend his WBO 168lbs title for the 6th Time against former formidable champion Mikkel Kessler. That fight now takes place because Stieglitz on many scorecards won every round en route to a wide unanimous decision vs the younger untested Weber. Work rate was the key for the champion as he seemed determined not to let his younger opponent into the fight. Weber has sporadic success but the sheer volume of punches thrown and landed by Stieglitz meant that he was never in the fight although he did show enough skills and heart to show that this experience will actually benefit him in the future.

All 3 judges scored the fight for Stieglitz , wide as expected but there was raised eyebrows at Hungarian judge Zoltan Enyedi's score of 116-112. A 4 point win seems like a big margin and shouldn't be questioned but when you compare it to the other scores of 118-110 (8 points) and 119-109 (10 points) you will see why so many of the media and fans thought this was far too generous to Weber. You will see in my scorecard below along with all the scores i collected that most had the fight a shut-out to Stieglitz with only a few giving the Younger German Weber 1 or 2 rounds. Giving Weber 4 rounds was very strange indeed in what was an easy fight to score. The referee Andre Van Grootenbruel had an easy night although i feel he should have cautioned the champion for repeated barging with his shoulder.

My scorecard is below with all the scores i have collected through the boxing sites , twitter and from the boxing media. I think you will notice as mentioned it was an easy fight to score because of the champions work rate / dominance of his inexperienced opponent. Stieglitz vs Kessler though will be a great fight , I'm hoping that Stieglitz can reproduce this type of performance as i think his work rate will give the former champion a big problem. Roll on April 14.

Round 1 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 2 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 3 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 4 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 5 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 6 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 7 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 8 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 9 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 10...10-9 Stieglitz
Round 11...10-9 Stieglitz
Round 12...10-9 Stieglitz

TOTAL -  Stieglitz 120-108 Weber

Judges Cards - Jose Roberto Torres (Puerto Rico) 119-109 Stieglitz
                       Ingo Barrabas (Germany ) 118-110 Stieglitz
                       Zoltan Enyedi (Hungary)   116-112 Stieglitz

Boxing Sites , Media and Fans Forums Scores

Boxnation TV  (John Rawling) - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber
                     (Dean Powell ) - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber

ESPN (Dan Rafael) - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber

Boxingnews mag (Danny Flexen) - Stieglitz 118-110 Weber

Boxnation Studio (Steve Lillis) - Stieglitz 119-109 Weber (Petra Kirsch) - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber (PhilDJay) - Stieglitz 119-109 Weber (Jim Doner) - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber (Tom Gray) - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber
                         (Danny Winterbottom) - Stieglitz 119-108 Weber (Alexy Sukachev) - Stieglitz 119-109 Weber (Kai Smith) - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber (Kevin Iole) - Stieglitz 118-110 Weber

Boxingasylum Fans Forum - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber

Saddoboxing Fans Forum - Stieglitz 120-108 x 2

Ringnews24 Fans Forum - Both for Stieglitz 120-108 , 119-109

Eastsideboxing Fans Forum - All for Stieglitz 120-108 x 6 , 119-109 x 4 , 118-110

Fightjudge/boxingbb Fans Forum - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber

Sweetboxing Fans Forum - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Its Never Over Till Its Over

Leon Williams vs Shane McPhilbin - British Cruiserweight Title

The headline says it all. Well behind in the fight Shane McPhilbin produced 3 knockdowns in the 12th and final round to become the British Cruiserweight champion. If only having 3 weeks notice wasn't hard enough McPhilbin came off the canvas twice to pull of the comeback of all comebacks. The short punch that started Williams downfall was "a la" Tyson vs Berbick. Remember how Berbick just couldn't get his legs together after Tyson's short left hook?. Williams got up though but his legs were a mess and quickly he was knocked down another 2 times enforcing the 3 knockdown rule from star ref Marcus McDonnell.

Referee McDonnell had a busy night. I liked how he let the boxers "box free" most of the time when they were in a clinch. Its something i hope will continue as some of referee's seem to break up the boxers as soon as they clinch. The old saying by former ref Richard Steele comes to mind "punch to get out". McDonnell also correctly called a 6th round knockdown by Williams as he clearly landed 2 punches forcing McPhilbin to bounce of the ropes onto his knees. A point was also taken off from both fighters late in the fight as McPhilbin continued to foul after repeated warnings , he was deducted a point in round 10. Williams then in the very next round lost his point due to frustration by trying to throw McPhilbin across the ring to the ropes. Nothing like an easy first night back eh??.

Now to the scoring part. On all the best boxing sites that i go around (look to the right of this article) this fight never really caught the public imagination especially from the American based forums where i can understand there being virtually no interest. Ive managed to get a few sites to submit their scores along with a few of the fans forums. I totally expect the bigger the fight the more scores i will attain. So below is my scorecard for the fight along with all the scores i was able to collect.

Round 1 ....10-8 Williams - Knockdown scored by Williams in this round
Round 2 ....9-10 McPhilbin
Round 3 ....10-9 Williams
Round 4 ....10-9 Williams
Round 5 ....10-9 Williams
Round 6 ....10-8 Williams - Knockdown scored by Williams in this round
Round 7 ....9-10 McPhilbin
Round 8 ....10-9 Williams
Round 9 ....10-9 Williams
Round 10 ..10-8 Williams - Point deducted from Mcphilbin in this round
Round 11...8-10 McPhilbin - Point deducted from Williams in this round

TOTAL - Williams 106-99 McPhilbin at the time of stoppage


Boxing Sites , Fans Forums Scores (Tommy Barber) - Williams 108-99 McPhilbin (Kai Smith) - Williams 106-100 McPhilbin (Alex Sukachev) - Williams 105-101 McPhilbin (Phil DJay) - Williams 107-98 McPhilbin

Boxing-monthly mag (Glyn Leach) - Williams 109-95 McPhilbin

Boxingasylum Fan Forum - Williams 106-100 McPhilbin

Ringnews24 Fans Forum - Williams 105-100 McPhilbin

Eastsideboxing Fans Forum - All for Williams 108-98 , 107-98 , 106-101

There you have it. Every boxing fan , site writer or written press guy had Williams well ahead at the time of the stoppage. Credit to McPhilbin for coming back though as he has never fought past 6 rounds before.