Saturday, 21 January 2012

Marsili Mauls Mathews in 7

Derry Mathews vs Emiliano Marsili - IBO Lightweight Title

Well it happened again for Derry Mathews. Another big fight and title chance , another stoppage defeat.  Italian import Emiliano Marsili gave him no respect taking a well deserved 7th round stoppage in Liverpool last night. Marsili was unknown and untested at this level , at 35 he was expected to crumble vs the more experience Mathews. From the first bell though it was Marsili that took the initiative by forcing Mathews back with his bouncy up and down style. The first round was close although the Italian clearly landed the better punches , his one-two combination would give Mathews trouble the whole fight.

To the surprise of the crowd and the viewers on Boxnation Marsili's assaults didn't stop through the early part of the fight. I gave Mathews the 3rd but on just as he showed signs of figuring out his opponent. The onslaught continued although the 6th round is already a candidate for round of the year as Mathews finally hurt Marsili before the Italian rallied late in the round scoring a knockdown with a vicious body punch. At this stage in the fight Mathews face was a mask of blood. The 7th round began the same way the 6th ended with Marsili punishing Mathews on the ropes , Mathews broke free but again was chased across the ring , his face a mess he took a few more punches before ref Howard Foster jumped in and stopped the fight. Two weeks on Boxnation and 2 upsets , no bad so far eh?.

Onto the ref and the judges. Going round the forums etc the fans are split on whether the fight was stopped prematurely. I thought it was stopped just a little early although Mathews face was a mess , being a title fight though i though Mathews with his experience would have been given more time. This again was the view of the fans on the forums. Some agreed with the stoppage as they felt that Mathews was on the downward spiral to more punishment , again his face was a mess so you can see why Howard Foster stopped the fight.

The judges at the time of stoppage all had the fight scored 58-55 for Marsili. Marcus McDonnell (UK) , John Rupert (USA) and  Giustino Di Giovanni (ITA) were the officials who scored the fight. Below is my scorecard along with all the fans , press and boxing sites scores.

Round 1.... 10-9 Marsili
Round 2.... 10-9 Marsili
Round 3.... 9-10 Mathews
Round 4.... 10-9 Marsili
Round 5.... 9-10 Mathews
Round 6.... 10-8 Marsili - Knockdown scored by Marsili in this round

TOTAL - Marsili 58-55 Mathews at the time of stoppage


Boxing sites , Fans Forums Scores

BoxingMonthly Mag (Glyn Leach) - Marsili 58-55 Mathews (Tommy Barber) - Marsili 59-54 Mathews

Boxnation TV (Steve Lillis) - Marsili 59-54 Mathews (Phil DJay) - Marsili 58-53 Mathews

Saddoboxing Fans Forum - Marsili 59-54 Mathews  X3

Eastsideboxing Fans Forum - Marsili 59-54 Mathews X5 , 58-56 , 59-55 all for Marsili

Boxingscene Fans Forum - Marsili 59-54 Mathews

Ringnews24 Fans Forum - Marsili 59-54 Mathews X5 , 58-55 for Marsili

BoxingAsylum Fans Forum - Marsili 59-54 Mathews

Sweetboxing Fans Forum - Marsili 59-54 Mathews

Boxrec Fans Forum - Marsili 59-54 Mathews

The score most common as you can see above is definitely 59-54 to Marsili or 5-1 in rounds. Some gave Mathews 2 round but there is no doubt the better fighter won this match.

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