Monday, 16 January 2012

Stieglitz Workrate Wears out Weber

Robert Stieglitz vs Henry Weber - WBO Super Middleweight Title

Its off to Copenhagen Denmark for Germany's world champion Robert Stieglitz in April now as he totally dominated his younger opponent Henry Weber at the Baden Arena Saturday night. April 14th is the exact date when Stieglitz will defend his WBO 168lbs title for the 6th Time against former formidable champion Mikkel Kessler. That fight now takes place because Stieglitz on many scorecards won every round en route to a wide unanimous decision vs the younger untested Weber. Work rate was the key for the champion as he seemed determined not to let his younger opponent into the fight. Weber has sporadic success but the sheer volume of punches thrown and landed by Stieglitz meant that he was never in the fight although he did show enough skills and heart to show that this experience will actually benefit him in the future.

All 3 judges scored the fight for Stieglitz , wide as expected but there was raised eyebrows at Hungarian judge Zoltan Enyedi's score of 116-112. A 4 point win seems like a big margin and shouldn't be questioned but when you compare it to the other scores of 118-110 (8 points) and 119-109 (10 points) you will see why so many of the media and fans thought this was far too generous to Weber. You will see in my scorecard below along with all the scores i collected that most had the fight a shut-out to Stieglitz with only a few giving the Younger German Weber 1 or 2 rounds. Giving Weber 4 rounds was very strange indeed in what was an easy fight to score. The referee Andre Van Grootenbruel had an easy night although i feel he should have cautioned the champion for repeated barging with his shoulder.

My scorecard is below with all the scores i have collected through the boxing sites , twitter and from the boxing media. I think you will notice as mentioned it was an easy fight to score because of the champions work rate / dominance of his inexperienced opponent. Stieglitz vs Kessler though will be a great fight , I'm hoping that Stieglitz can reproduce this type of performance as i think his work rate will give the former champion a big problem. Roll on April 14.

Round 1 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 2 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 3 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 4 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 5 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 6 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 7 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 8 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 9 ....10-9 Stieglitz
Round 10...10-9 Stieglitz
Round 11...10-9 Stieglitz
Round 12...10-9 Stieglitz

TOTAL -  Stieglitz 120-108 Weber

Judges Cards - Jose Roberto Torres (Puerto Rico) 119-109 Stieglitz
                       Ingo Barrabas (Germany ) 118-110 Stieglitz
                       Zoltan Enyedi (Hungary)   116-112 Stieglitz

Boxing Sites , Media and Fans Forums Scores

Boxnation TV  (John Rawling) - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber
                     (Dean Powell ) - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber

ESPN (Dan Rafael) - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber

Boxingnews mag (Danny Flexen) - Stieglitz 118-110 Weber

Boxnation Studio (Steve Lillis) - Stieglitz 119-109 Weber (Petra Kirsch) - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber (PhilDJay) - Stieglitz 119-109 Weber (Jim Doner) - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber (Tom Gray) - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber
                         (Danny Winterbottom) - Stieglitz 119-108 Weber (Alexy Sukachev) - Stieglitz 119-109 Weber (Kai Smith) - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber (Kevin Iole) - Stieglitz 118-110 Weber

Boxingasylum Fans Forum - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber

Saddoboxing Fans Forum - Stieglitz 120-108 x 2

Ringnews24 Fans Forum - Both for Stieglitz 120-108 , 119-109

Eastsideboxing Fans Forum - All for Stieglitz 120-108 x 6 , 119-109 x 4 , 118-110

Fightjudge/boxingbb Fans Forum - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber

Sweetboxing Fans Forum - Stieglitz 120-108 Weber

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