Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Price Is Right

David Price vs John McDermott - British Heavyweight Title Eliminator

Ah well this blog is based on scoring fights , one of the problems i thought about when starting this blog was "what happened if its an early knockout? , what will i write about?".Well David Price spared some of my Saturday night as he demolished John McDermott in just over a minute on Sky Sports first fight night of the new season. McDermott came out throwing bombs trying to silence the Liverpool crowd that had came to see their hometown hero in Price. Big mistake as McDermott walked into a short hook that hit him high on the head but ultimately floored him Price then went for the finish as he battered big John in the corner , another flurry and McDermott was down again. Struggling to get up and unsteady on his legs Ref Howard Foster let the big guy go on though the fight was already over before a big right hand put McDermont down for the 3rd time. McDermott tried to get up but as he reached his feet he was counted out leaving David Price as the official challenger for Tyson Fury's British Title.........Bring that fight on!!!!

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