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Marquez Bombs Out Paquiao In 6

Juan Manuel Marquez described it as the perfect punch. You will have to look very long and hard to find any boxing fan who will disagree with the Mexican warrior. That punch, a  huge right hand planted Manny Pacquiao face first onto the canvas at 2.59 of the 6th round. The crowd went crazy. The many Mexicans in this pro Marquez crowd at the MGM Grand Las Vegas had waited 10 years for this moment as Marquez finally after four fights got his hand raised in victory.

During the 5th round it looked as if Pacquaio was on his way to registering another win over Juan Manuel. Fighting with a broken nose and blood all splattered over his face, Marquez was having his worst round of the fight as he was floored and beaten around the ring. Marquez might not have been able to continue much longer as he was finding it hard to breath through his nose. His only respite was pushing the gumshield out helping him breathe.

This was in no way one sided. Marquez was only slightly behind on all three judges cards (47-46). The Mexican had also scored a one punch knockdown in the 3rd as a well placed wide right hook caught the 8 division champion flush and sending his down hard..

Pacquiao was the aggressor as expected in this fight. From the first round he went after Marquez with more ferocity than he has shown in his last 3-4 fights. The straight left was landing as early as late in the first round. It was enough to win him the round. Marquez though remained calm. The usual slow starter Marquez exploded into life in the third when he landed that right hand. I also gave Marquez the fourth as he began to counter the on rushing Pacquiao with some nice right hands and left hooks to the body.

The fight took another twist in the fifth as a straight left from Pacquiao scored a flash knockdown. Marquez fought back hard but Pacquiao was all over him scoring with both hands. The fans again were going crazy as both men fought toe to toe at the bell. What a war.

Some KO's can be described as spectacular. I don't even think that word does the KO of Pacquiao justice. If you ever want to see a perfectly timed counter right hand then watch the fight AND  watch Juan Manuel Marquez who Jim Lampley of HBO rightly recognised as "The best counter puncher in boxing". Who can disagree after that perfect punch??.

Marquez will now go on vacation with his family and enjoy the biggest win of his career. In his interview with Larry Merchant on HBO, Marquez was non committal on a Marquez-Pacquiao 5 fight. Quite right too. I'm sure if these guys ever fight again then Marquez will make more than he has ever done before. If I'm Juan Manuel then I'd start the bidding at $10m. This Mexican Legend has nothing to prove.

What now of the whirlwind Manny Pacquiao? I think he was fighting very well before the KO. In fact i think Manny was having his best performance since the pre Mosley days. One thing is for certain, Manny will fight on. This again was confirmed on HBO but whether its Marquez will be up to Bob Arum. Manny wants the fight and i think the fifth fight makes more money than any of the previous four. Manny Pacquiao is also a warrior. I'm sure he will want his revenge. I'm sure he will also want Marquez to give him the chance to do so as well. Remember Manny picked this fight, he didn't need to take it. I'm glad he did as boxing won tonight. What a war AND what a fighter JUAN MANUEL MARQUEZ IS.

Below is my scorecard along with all the Press and fan scores from around the world.

Fightscorecollector's Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-9 Pacquiao
Round 2.... 10-9 Pacquiao
Round 3.... 8-10 Marquez
Round 4.... 9-10 Marquez
Round 5.... 10-9 Pacquiao

TOTAL : 47-46 Pacquiao at the time he was stopped by Marquez

Boxing Press and Fans Scores

Tom Gray - ( 47-46 Pacquiao

Tris Dixon - (boxingnews mag) 47-46 Pacquiao

Bernardo Osuna - (ESPN) 47-46 Pacquiao

Ben Weisman - (boxingasylum) 47-46 Pacquiao

Ryan Burton - (theboxinglab) *47-46 Marquez*

Pro-boxingfans Jake - 47-46 Pacquiao

Boxing Opinions - 47-46 Pacquiao

Eric Raskin (ring theory) 47-46 Pacquiao

Darren Velasco (fightdomain) 47-46 Pacquiao

LowBlowPodcast - 47-46 Pacquiao

Joel Sebastinelli - (leaveitinthering) 47-46 Pacquiao

Shaun Brown - (boxing-monthly mag) **47-47 Draw**

Scott Smith  - (ukfighthype) 47-46 Pacquiao

Mark Ortega - (queensbury rules) 47-46 Pacquiao

Steve Kim - (maxboxing) 48-45 Pacquiao

Matthew Mojica - (Fightsource) 47-46 Pacquiao

Butch Doberman - (IBRO) 47-46 Pacquiao

Ryan Bivins - (sweetboxing) *47-46 Marquez*

Thecruelestsport - 47-46 Pacquiao

Scott Christ - (badlefthook) 47-46 Pacquiao

Dan Rafael - (ESPN) *47-46 Marquez*

Cheekhookboxing - 48-46 Pacquiao

Livefight - *47-46 Marquez*

Harold Ledeman - (HBO) 48-45 Pacquiao

Phil D Jay - (Worldboxingnews) 47-46 Pacquiao

George Jimenez - (noche de boxing) 47-46 Pacquiao

Cliff Roid - (boxingscene) 47-46 Pacquiao

Tim Starks - (queensburyrules) 47-46 Pacquiao

Luis Sandoval - (the boxing lab) 47-46 Pacquiao

Jake Donovan - (boxingscene) 47-46 Pacquiao

thaboxingvoice - 48-45 Pacquiao

Nigel Collins - (ESPN) 48-46 Pacquiao

Ray Markarian - (thesweetscience) 47-46 Pacquiao

Andy Paterson - (boxingasylum) 47-46 Pacquiao

John A McDonald - (thaboxingvoice) 47-46 Pacquiao

Paddy Cronan - (onthegrindboxing) 48-45 Pacquiao - 48-45 Pacquiao

FightGhost - 47-46 Pacquiao

Rob Day - (Ringnews24) 48-45 Pacquiao

Ernest Gabion - (Theboxinglab) 48-45 Pacquiao

FighterRated - 48-45 Pacquiao

Alvaro Mendoza - (twitter fan) 47-46 Pacquiao

Cole Christensen - (twitter fan ) 48-45 Pacquiao

Pawel - (twitter fan) 47-46 Pacquiao

Per Plex - (twitter fan) 47-46 Pacquiao

Colin Hyndland - (twitter fan) 47-46 Pacquiao

Saddoboxing Forum - (All for Pac) 48-45 x4, 47-46x2, 48-46

BoxingAsylum Forum - (All for Pac) 47-46x3 , 48-45

Livefight Forum - (All for Pac) 47-46 x5 , **47-47 draw**

Fighthype Forum - (All for Pac) 47-46x2

Doghouseboxing Forum - (All for Pac) 48-47x2 , 48-45

Thesweetscience Forum - 48-46 Pacquiao

Ringnews24 Forum - (All for Pac) 48-45x2 , 47-46

Boxrec Forum - (All for Pac) 48-45x4, 47-46x3, 48-46, **47-46 MARQUEZ**

Eastsideboxing Foum - (All for Pac) 47-46x16, 48-45x8, 48-46, **47-46, 48-47 MARQUEZ**

Checkookboxing Forum - (All for Pac) 47-46, 48-46, 48-45

Boxingscene Forum - (All for Pac) 47-46x10, 48-45x5, **47-46x2, MARQUEZ** , 47-47 Draw

BoxingPalace Forum - (All for Pac) 47-46x2, 48-45x2

FightJudge Forum - (All for Pac) 47-46x7, 48-45x3, 48-46x2 **47-46x2, 47-45 MARQUEZ**

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