Sunday, 23 September 2012

Mitchell Burned By World Class Rickster

WBO Lightweight Title - Ricky Burns vs Kevin Mitchell

There can be no doubts now. Even the few who didn't think Scotland's Ricky Burns was world class has to admit that "the Rickster" is not only world class. He is one of the best fighters at Lightweight on planet earth. On a weekend where thousands of Scots head South of the border, over a thousand Kevin Mitchell fans made their way up from London to watch their man go after his dream of a world title. Those dreams lasted under 4 rounds as a pumped up Ricky Burns (135lbs) stopped his friend and rival 2.59 of the 4th stanza.

This fight was a genuine 50-50 match beforehand. Mitchell (134lbs 12 oz) certainly started the fight confident as he stuck to his trainers game plan. Mitchell's plan was to use movement, use the jab but NOT to get into a war with Burns. Something that cost him dear vs Michael Katsidis in his own gaff as Kevin lost in 3 rounds after getting too much involved with a puncher.

Most around ringside couldn't split both Burns and Mitchell after the first round. I scored for Mitchell as i felt he picked his punches that little bit better. In round 2 Burns started to up the pace. The double and triple jab began to come into play followed by that slashing right hand. Mitchell often found himself on the ropes having to cover up as the champion came at him. Round 2 was definitely a Ricky Burns round.

The 3rd round started with Mitchell standing his ground trying to land his left hook counter. Burns though kept up the tempo and began to throw punches in bunches forcing Mitchell to the ropes again where he landed a right uppercut. Mitchell banged his chest and chin in defiance, Burns moved away sticky to a well prepared games plan of not getting into a total war with the bigger puncher.

For the first minute of the 4th round there was a battle of the jabs before Burns unleashed an uppercut, left hook, right hook when the 2 of them came into a clinch. The one-two then landed 3 times by Burns, he was beginning to take over. Mitchell tried to fire back but was caught by a monster left hook that hit him hard. Down went Mitchell, clearly rocked he took the 8 count from Referee Terry O'Connor. Burns was on him like a flash though, 3 unanswered clubbing right hooks floored Mitchell again.  Mitchell again took the 8 count. Would he make it through the round??. NO Burns was relentless firing away lefts and rights until Terry O'Connor said no more and stopped the fight with 1 second left in the round.

Ricky Burns is now 35-2   10Ko's , Mitchell falls to 33-2  24Ko's

Ricky Burns was still champion. The crowd went crazy all 9000 or so Burns fans anyway. Scotland can now look forward to many more Burns nights and you never know that massive fight with Scott Harrison might just happen next Summer if both fighters keep winning.

Watt vs Buchanan all over again??.


Frank Warren -

* Ricky Burns is the best fighter in the UK
* Ricky Burns is the best UK world champion
* planning on Ricky Burns fighting in mega card either 8th or 15th December
* This was a good Kevin Mitchell that Burns beat
* Says he thinks this is Ricky Burns defining fight and will get lots of recognition

Ricky Burns -

* He started calmly then upped the pressure round by round
* Admits he was caught a few times with Mitchell's left hook
* made decision to go for KO after 2nd knockdown
* says Mitchell didn't think he would come at him like he did
* still wants that Ring Magazine belt
* it was special fighting at SECC, fans were excellent, his pal messed up his entrance music

Billy Nelson -

* Ricky's performance was cracking and hes still improving
* Only 3rd fight at 135, Ricky is still growing

Kevin Mitchell -

* Knew Ricky was strong but felt his timing was off
* Thought Ricky could go 15 rounds at that pace easy
* Home advantage not a problem, would fight anywhere
* needs to fight alot more now
* no 135 champ will bother Ricky and Ricky can unify title
* would take rematch in a heartbeat

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