Tuesday, 17 September 2013

"The ONE " Undercard Press Scores

Ashley Theophane vs Pablo Cesar Cano

By Bobby Hunter

Kicking off the Undercard on the Showtime Telecast was Britain's Ashley Theophane against tough Mexican Pablo Cesar Cano in what was beforehand thought to be a 50-50 fight. Both fighters didn't disappoint as from round one Cano chased Theophane around the ring trying to land the knockout blow whilst Theophane fought back showing his heart as he was hurt quite bad on more than one occasion. Theophane's work on the back foot kept the fight close but it wasn't enough as Cano was awarded a unanimous decision. My card read 97-93 Cano. The Mexican will now be looking for a title shot at 140 especially if Danny Garcia vacates his WBC and WBA titles.

The Judges had this fight (Richard Houck) 97-93 Cano, (Patricia Jarman) 98-92 Cano and  (Richard Ocasio) 96-94 Theophane.

Official punchstats provided by Compubox were -

CANO - 681 Thrown, 273 Landed, 40% Connection rate

THEOPHANE - 669 Thrown, 212 Landed, 32% Connection rate

Press Scores

Steve Zemach (Queensbury Rules) : 97-93 Cano

Matt Digi (Boxing Asylum) : 97-93 Cano

Kurt Ward (Boxing Asylum) : 96-94 Cano

Al Bernstein (Showtime TV) : 97-93 Cano

Paulie Malignaggi (Showtime TV) : 97-93 Cano

Steve Farhood ) Showtime TV) : 98-92 Cano

Wolfgang Schiffbauer (Sturm Promotions) ; 97-93 Cano

Boxing Socialist : 96-94 Cano

Phil D Jay (WorldBoxingNews) : 96-94 Cano

Tommy Allan (Boxing Asylum) : 96-94 Cano

Corey Quincy (BL Boxing) : 98-92 Cano

Daniel Vano (Checkhookboxing) : 96-95 Cano

BoxingOpinions : 96-95 Cano

Alex Morris  (Boxing Asylum) : 97-93 Cano

Michael Woods (The Sweet Science) : 97-93 Cano

Adam Abramowitz (SN Boxing) : 96-94 Cano

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