Sunday, 8 September 2013

Ray Beltran Denied In Glasgow

By Bobby Hunter for Ringnews24

Fighting in front of a hostile Glasgow crowd, Raymundo Beltran fought the fight of his life against 2 weight world champion Ricky Burns flooring the home favourite before only coming away with a draw. Many at ringside had the popular Mexican - American a close points winner. After the fight Ray Beltran asked for a rematch in America. Ricky Burns speaking to Sky Sports said he would give Beltran the rematch after he got his jaw fixed. At the time of writing this article Eddie Hearn (Burn Promoter) has posted am x-ray picture of Burns jaw on twitter showing a clean break. The break happened in the second round according to Burns. This could maybe be explained why Burns retreated so much throughout the fight after that round.

The Scottish champion started the fight brightly boxing and moving within range peppering Beltran with quick jabs and straight right hands. A good first round for the champion. Beltran quickened his feet in the second as he started forcing Burns back a little. Beltran was still being out boxed at this stage as he was being picked off as he walked forward trying to pressure the champion. Late in the round the challenger got his first success as he backed Burns to the ropes and fired away with hooks to body and head. It wasn't enough to win the round but Beltran was back in the fight.

In round three the fight began to change as Burns couldn't keep Beltran off him. The pressure early was beginning to tell as Beltran trapped Burns on the ropes numerous times. A big left hook from Beltran knock Ricky off balance mid way through the round. Burns got on his bike and jabbed to safety. The fourth followed suit as another big left hook by Beltran staggered Burns. The champion was being forced to fight of the ropes now as his jab became non exisitant. Beltran had nothing to walk through to get to the champion, this continued in the fifth as Burns couldn't keep Beltran away. Another round for the challenger.

I gave Burns round six and seven as he started to box within range of Beltran again instead of backing up. Boxing and moving Burns actually pushed Beltran back in round seven even landing some hurtful looking bodyshots. The burns jab and right hand was back, how would Beltran respond as he had been in charge for the previous three rounds?.

 Round eight started very badly for Ricky Burns as a huge left hook by Beltran floored the champion heavily for an eight count. Beltran then went for the kill as he chased Ricky around the ring looking to finish the fight. Burns survived but it was another big round for the challenger.

The ninth was a hard round to judge, there wasn't much quality being landed by both fighters. Burns was landing jabs and Beltran was landing the odd body shot when he was able to trap Ricky on the ropes. Both guys were tired from the previous round but i gave Beltran the round as he was still forcing Burns back to the ropes more than Burns and his trainer Billy Nelson would have liked. Round ten was the same, a scrappy round with Burns Jabbing and moving to keep Beltran away. Burns has a good first minute of the round as Beltran never landed anything of note. Beltran came back in the last minute of the round picking those hard body shots as Ricky had his hand high protecting his injured jaw. Close round but one i gave to Beltran due to aggresiveness.

The champion rallied in the eleventh by hitting Beltran with quick jab, straight right combinations before moving out of range. Beltran again came on in the second minute of the round before with ten seconds left Burns put Beltran on the ropes for a change landing two uppercuts inside. It was enough to sneak the round on my card.

As the last round started i think Ricky Burns must have known that he needed the twelfth to have any chance of regaining his title. Beltran had looked in control for big periods in the fight where Ricky after a good start had maybe nicked a few more rounds back with cleaner work. I gave Burns the twelfth as Burns went back to the jabbing and moving that had Beltran chasing him early with no success. Beltran did come back though, in most rounds Beltran by the end of the round had Ricky against the ropes defending himself from the accurate body punches. It wasn't enough for me to score the round for the challenger but overall i thought that Beltran had scored a narrow victory over the home favorite. The judges disagreed, well two of them did anyway scoring 115-112 for Burns (Caros Ortiz Jnr) and 114-114 Draw (Ritchie Davies). This mean that Ricky kept his title by a split draw. The third judge from Belguim Andre Van Grootenbruel scored for Beltran 115-113

 My Card read 114-113 Beltran.

 Raymundo Beltran does deserve a rematch. His team were a credit to boxing Pre and Post fight. As mentioned at the start of the article, Ricky Burns says he will give Beltran a rematch. I think Burns is a man of is word and he will give the unlucky challenger another shot at the title although that will probably need to wait until 2014 as Burns jaw will need time to heal.


  1. A fight this close, the judges are incline to favor the hometown favorite. In Japan you need to knockout your opponent in order to get a draw.

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