Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Just Like the Old Man - Chavez Jnr Dominates Rubio

Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr vs Marco Antonio Rubio - WBC Middleweight Title

As Story's broke about a DUI charge and Chavez gaining 21 pounds after the weigh-in , more and more people across the boxing world thought that Marco Antonio Rubio might just pull this fight off against the Mexican legends son. Rubio is a tough guy with a big punch , probably something that Chavez Jnr hasn't faced many times ,  at the end of 12 rounds though it was Chavez Jnr that looked the tough guy as he fought in his fathers mould and continually backed up his tough Mexican counterpart to retain his WBC title with a wide points decision.

Chavez started the fight in aggressive manner especially the first 3 rounds where he would box for a bit then start to get into the face of his opponent. Rubio never really came alive till the 4th , a round that most gave the challenger. After 6 i had Chavez up 4-2 in rounds although it did look that Rubio was beginning to get a foothold in the fight , it was not be though as on my card , i had Chavez winning rounds 7-10 to put him in a  clear lead. It was during these rounds that Jnr fought most like his father by staying close to his challenger landing numerous head and body shots , OH and that famous left hook to the body that Chavez Snr was so famous for. Round 11 was the best of the fight as both let the leather go , i think Rubio got the best of it as he finally manged to back the champion up , a big 12th was expected from the challenger but again Chavez Jnr took control of the fight by staying in Rubio's face and smothering his best work whilst landing the cleaner more effective punches. This on my card gave the champion a 6 point win but as you will see below in the scores i have collected there are a wide range of scores posted. Some fans had Chavez by 2 although some had the champion a whopping 8-10 points winner. NOBODY thought that Rubio had won the fight , 1 had the fight a draw.

I think the Compubox stats show how it was a tough competitive fight but also how it produced a clear winner as Chavez out-landed Rubio 7-3-2 in rounds. One surprising stat is that Rubio threw 962 punches to Chavez 560 , to me that wasn't very evident in the fight. Well here are the Compubox figures anyway......

Chavez Jnr - 560 Thrown / 237 Landed....42% connect rate
Rubio - 962 Thrown / 201 Landed............21% connect rate

As always my Scorecard is below along with the Fan Forums , Press and Boxing Sites Scores.

Round 1.... 10-9 Chavez
Round 2.... 10-9 Chavez
Round 3.... 10-9 Chavez
Round 4.... 9-10 Rubio
Round 5.... 10-9 Chavez
Round 6.... 9-10 Rubio
Round 7.... 10-9 Chavez
Round 8.... 10-9 Chavez
Round 9.... 10-9 Chavez
Round 10...10-9 Chavez
Round 11...9-10 Chavez
Round 12...10-9 Rubio

TOTAL - Chavez 117-111 Rubio

Judges Cards - Duane Ford (USA)..........116-112 Chavez
                       Glen Crocker (USA)....... 118-110 Chavez
                       Jack Woodburn (USA)... 115-113 Chavez


Boxing Sites , Fans Forums and Press Scores

Proboxing-fans (Scott Levinson) - Chavez 117-111 Rubio

HBO (Harold Ledderman) - Chavez 117-111 Rubio
HBO (Twitter) - Chavez 117-111 Rubio

Maxboxing (Steve Kim) - Chavez 117-111 Rubio

WorldBoxingnews.net (phildjay) - Chavez 115-113 Rubio

ESPN (Kieran Mulvaney) - Chavez 116-112 Rubio

Onthebeak.com (Robert Delgado) - Chavez 116-112 Rubio

RingMagazine TV - Chavez 116-114 Rubio

BoxingAsylum Fans Forum - Chavez 118-110 Rubio

Saddoboxing Fans Forum - Chavez 115-113 Rubio

Boxrec Fans Forum - (all for Chavez) 118-110 , 116-112

Ringnews24 Fans Forum - (all for Chavez) 116-112 x2

Doghouseboxing Fans Forum - Chavez 117-112 Rubio

Fightjudge/boxingbb Fans Forum (majority score) - Chavez 117-111 Rubio

Fightjudge/boxingbb Fans Forum - (all for Chavez) 116-112 x3 , 117-112 x3 , 115-113 x2
                                                                         118-110 , 116-114 , 119-109 , 117-111

Eastsideboxing Fans Forum (Brit) - (All for Chavez) 116-113 x2 , 118-110 x2 , 117-111 , 117-112

Eastsideboxing Fans Forum (General) - (All for Chavez) 117-111 x5 , 116-112 x5 , 118-110 x3
                                                                                 115-113 x2 , *114-114 DRAW*

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