Sunday, 26 February 2012

Superstardom Awaits For The Excellent Broner

Adrien Broner vs Eloy Perez - WBO Super Featherweight Title

Well where do you start with this young flashy Floyd Mayweather like fighter. He has the style ,  he has the power AND he has the type of personality that will make fans love him or hate him The fighter in question is WBO 135lb holder Adrien Broner as he made short work of his No 1 contender Eloy Perez in 4 short rounds at the Scottrade Centre in St Louis Missouri.

Broner started the fight a mirror of the already mentioned Mayweather with his cross arm wide stance guard as he popped Perez with right had counters. The champion looked so much bigger than his challenger and i don't think its long before we see Broner at 135 and even 140 fighting bigger and better guys. Round 2 and 3 followed the same suit as Broner picked his punches well although Perez was landing the odd shot. Perez was having his best round in the 4th as it seemed Broner was more inclined to clowning around before 2 BIG right hands high on the head scrambled the challengers legs as TWICE he tried to get to his feet and TWICE he fell forward before Referee Genaro Rodriguez correctly stopped the fight.....A STAR IS BEING BORN , expect Broner now to build on this performance and I'm very sure that its only a matter of time before "the problem" headlines his own "HBO" card and I'm not talking about a...boxing after dark card.

Love him or hate him...Broner is talented , its gonna be an exciting few years , remember...this kid is only 22.

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