Monday, 6 February 2012

A Learning Curve For Quigg

British Super-Bantamweight Title

The pressure was on Scott Quigg Saturday night. Expected to win , expected to look good in doing it also. Quigg came back from a 4th round knockdown to stop former Commonwealth champion Jamie Arthur in the 8th with a wicked body shot that spun the challenger full circle before referee Mark Green stopped the fight at the Reebok arena in Bolton.

Quigg was expected to put on a performance similar to domestic rival Carl Frampton who last week won every minute of every round before blasting out Scot Kris Hughes in 7. Hughes had taken Quigg's opponent the full 12 before losing a narrow decison and although many thought that Arthur was at the end of his career most thought this was an easy night for the champion. Arthur started the better winning the 1st round , he then matched the champion over the next 2 rounds before shocking Quigg and the crowd with a left hook which planted the champion on the ground. Quigg took the 8 count and the kick up the backside he needed as when the 5th started he finally began to boss the fight boxing the way we all expected - high workrate and punch accuracy.

By the end of round 7 it looked matter of time before Arthur fell , he had just taken a beating and was cut from a clash of heads. Quigg then started the 8th fast and within 35 seconds the fight was over as a hard left to the body made Ref Mark Green jump in and stop the fight as Arthur turned away in pain. It was a quick decison by the Ref which spilt opinion in the crowd and on TV. Personally i can see why the ref stopped the fight as the challenger turned away but maybe he stopped it 5-10 seconds too early?? Arthur's trainer Chris Sanigar certainly thought so. After the fight and too his credit Quigg said he would fight Arthur again because of the controvesy , the fight was fairly close with many of the fans , media etc having Quigg ahead although not by much. Some even had it level so it will be interesting if a rematch takes place to see if Quigg can better his performance , something he should be aiming to do as it took the knockdown to spark him in life.

For the record the judges were Phil Edwards , Steve Gray and Ian John Lewis.

As always my scorecard is below along with all the fans forums , press and boxing sites scores.

Round 1.... 10-9 Arthur
Round 2.... 9-10 Quigg
Round 3.... 9-10 Quigg
Round 4.... 10-8 Arthur.......Arthur scores a knockdown in this round
Round 5.... 9-10 Quigg
Round 6.... 9-10 Quigg
Round 7.... 9-10 Quigg

TOTAL - Quigg 67-65 Arthur at the time of stoppage


Boxing Sites , Fans Forum and Press Scores

Sky Sports - (Jim Watt) - Quigg 67-65 Arthur

Danny Flexen - (Journo) - Quigg 66-66 Arthur (Phildjay) - Quigg 67-65 Arthur - (Ibrahim Barb) - Quigg 68-65 Arthur

Eastsideboxing - (Brit Forum) - Quigg 66-66 Arthur x2 and 67-67 x2

Boxing-monthly mag (Glyn Leach) - Quigg 66-66 Arthur

The Eastsideboxing fans know their stuff so when see their scores i was a little suprised as everyone that put in a "Round by Round" had the fight a draw at the time of stoppage.

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