Sunday, 26 February 2012

I Quit - Shafikov Takes Out The Assassin

Denis Shafikov vs Lee McCallister - European Light Welterweight Title

The Red Army were out in force. Aberdeen's Exhibition Centre was rocking with nearly 3000 fans awaiting their hero. Commonwealth 140lb Champion Lee McCallister was about to move up in class and take on formidable Russian Denis Shafikov. Home support , big crowd McCallister couldn't have asked for more in this title challenge , that's why so many at the Arena and on TV were so disappointed as the Scotsman quit at the start end of the 7th round claiming a broken hand. The truth was that he was getting his ass kicked by the come forward much better Shafikov.

McCallister started the fight on an even keel , i had him sneaking the 1st although from then on until he quit Shafikov was in total control. I gave McCallister 1 other round , the 5th but that's because the Russian took a breather before coming on strong in the last minute of the round. The round could have went either way although just for the work in the first 2 mins of the round i thought again that McCallister sneaked it. That was it though , Shafikov again dominated McCallister forcing him to the ropes and easily landing 3-4 punch combinations. The Scot wobbled a few times and looked like the fight wouldn't go any further. Well it did but not the way we all expected as McCallister let himself and the huge support down by quitting claiming he hurt is hand.

Going round the forums the fans were pretty disgusted by McCallister quitting. Many say like myself that it was just a matter of time and McCallister took the easy way out??. I just think that McCallister will need to live with himself for quitting and that he has missed a huge opportunity as he was headlined on Sky Sports....That ain't happening again.

Below is my scorecard , i haven't got any scores from the fans and press for this fight as most were tuned into the "fake" WBA heavyweight title fight between Huck and Povetkin. A fight that going by the forums was very good. My mistake though.

Round 1.... 10-9 McCallister
Round 2.... 9-10 Shafikov
Round 3.... 9-10 Shafikov
Round 4.... 9-10 Shafikov
Round 5.... 10-9 McCallister
Round 6.... 9-10 Shafikov
Round 7.... 9-10 Shafikov

TOTAL - Shafikov 68-65 McCallister at the time of stoppage


Judges Scores - Robin Dolpierre (Fra)....... 67-66 Shafikov
                         Raiko DjaJic (Ser)...........67-66 Shafikov
                         Pierluigi Poppi (Ita)..........67-66 Shafikov

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