Sunday, 26 February 2012

Alexander... IS Great This time

Devon Alexander vs Marcos Rene Maidana - 10 Round Special Event

Classed as a crossroads fight for these 2 fighters , it was Hometown Hero Devon Alexander that put in an overdue "Great" performance as he easily outpointed tough Argentine Marcos Maidana over 10 rounds at the Scottrade Centre in St Louis Missouri. Beforehand just about everybody had this fight being a close run thing. Press and fans alike thought that Alexander who has struggled to a disputed points win over Maidana's countryman Luccas Mattyhsse in June last year would be in deep water with his big punching opponent. What did happen was "speed kills" as Alexander who overcame a cut eye dominated and out punched the much slower Maidana over 10 rounds.

Alexander started the fight carefully moving away from Maidana peppering him with quick jabs , Maidana who wasn't the quickest at 140 looked even slower at 147 but lets not take anything away from the performance of Alexander as for the first 2 rounds he boxed beautifully. Maidana came into the fight in the 3rd as he was finally able to back Alexander to the ropes and keep him there. The Argentine was though being frustrated by the constant grabbing by Alexander when in close. I thought that Ref Steve Smoger should have let them fight their way out and maybe even taken a point away from Alexander as he was the one who was initiating the clinches. Smoger to his credit as the fight wore on did this and because of this the fight became much better.

I gave Alexander all the remaining rounds (4 to 10) as he used his speed of hand and foot to get in and out. Maidana was getting some success but it was always early in the round as he was able to back Alexander up and whack away. More often though Alexander would comeback and win the last 2 mins of the round with more punches , cleaner punches at that. At the final bell there was no doubt who the winner was as Alexander certainly looked a better Welterweight that a 140er. The same cant be said about Maidana though as he certainly wasn't as effective at this weight compared to being 1 of the best at Light Welter.

Below as always is my scorecard along with the many press and fans scores i collected for this fight.

Fightscorecollectors Scorecard

Round 1... 10-9 Alexander
Round 2... 10-9 Alexander
Round 3... 9-10 Maidana
Round 4... 10-9 Alexander
Round 5... 10-9 Alexander
Round 6... 10-9 Alexander
Round 7... 10-9 Alexander
Round 8... 10-9 Alexander
Round 9... 10-9 Alexander
Round 10..10-9 Alexander

TOTAL Alexander 99-91 Maidana

Judges Scores - Glenn Feldman (USA).....100-90 Alexander
                          John Keane (UK).............99-91 Alexander
                         Cesar Ramos (PR).............100-90 Alexander


Boxing Sites , Press And Fans Scores

Sky Sports TV (Jim Watt) - 98-92 Alexander
Sky Sports TV (Ian Darke) - 99-91 Alexander

BoxingMonthly Mag (Glyn Leach) - 98-92 Alexander

HBO (Harold Lederman) - 100-90 Alexander

Maxboxing (Steve Kim) - 99-91 Alexander
Maxboxing ( Gab Montoya) - 100-90 Alexander

ESPN ( Bernardo Osuna) - 99-91 Alexander

Boxingtruth Radio ( John Chavez -100-90 Alexander ( David Kassel) - 99-91 Alexander (Denzil Stone) 100-90 Alexander

ESPN/ (Michael Woods) - 100-90 Alexander

Pro-boxingFans ( Scott Levinson) - 99-91 Alexander

Boxingnews Mag (Danny Flexen) - 100-91 Alexander (Tom Gray) - 99-91 Alexander

Ring Magazine ( Lem Satterfield) - 100-89 Alexander

Saddoboxing Fans (all for Alexander) - 99-91 x3 , 100-90

Boxrec Fans ( all for Alexander) - 100-90 x4 , 99-91

Ringnews24 fans (all for Alexander) - 100-90 , 98-92

Doghouseboxing Fans - 99-91  Alexander

Boxingscene Fans - 100-90 Alexander

Eastsideboxing Fans  (all for Alexander) - 99-91 x7 , 98-92 x3

BoxingAsylum Fans ( all for Alexander) 100-90 , 98-92

Fighthype Fans - 99-92 Alexander

Fightjudge Fans - 99-91 Alexander

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  1. Good scoring, came up with pretty much the same to the point.