Monday, 20 February 2012

Judges Leave A Dark Cloud Over Campillio

Tavoris Cloud vs Gabriel Campillio - IBF Light Heavyweight Title

Well its taken nearly 2 months but this blog now has its 1st controversial fight to judge and report. Texas again was the location for controversy as Tavoris Cloud retained his 175lb title by barely seeing off game challenger Gabriel Campillio by split decision. Before watching this fight i already knew the result as it was on at 3am UK time so i was aware that many were outraged at the scoring of the fight although quite alot had the challenger winning by 114-112. Now to me that's not a robbery as a point swing make this a draw. I have to say though that the next score that was most common that i collected was 115-111 Campillio so again that's a 1 point swing the other way.

The champion started the fight by knocking down Campillio twice in the opening round , it looked like it was going to be an early night for Cloud before the teak tough Spaniard came back round after round to dominate the champion  a la Hopkins vs Pascal. The fight was on Showtime in the USA where the TV station has respected judge Chuck Giampa doing the un-official scoring , i found myself disagreeing with Mr Giampa as on my card i gave the champion the 2nd round as i felt that Campillio only really turned it on in the last 40 seconds of the round. After 6 i had Cloud up 58-54 , i also scored the 4th and 6th for the champion. From then on i gave Campillio everything from rounds 7-12. Again when going through the fans forums etc there was many who said that there were 3-4 rounds that could have went either way , i think this shows as i had the same score as Mr Giampa 114-112 to Campillio although we disagreed on the late rounds of the fight.

There must be a rematch. Below you will see the scores i have collected clearly show that just about everybody who watched the fight whether they were boxing writers or fans had Campillio winning , 2 or 3 had it a draw whereas 1 guy on Eastsideboxing had the fight 118-111 to Cloud (I'm convinced it must be a family member). The 2 judges that scored for Cloud were from Texas , a boxing State that hasn't covered itself in glory recently as they failed to drug test Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr especially after all his problems out of the ring AND his major weight gain of over 20lbs in 24 hrs after the weigh-in. Remember also that one of the judges on the the same bill (Donaire-Vasquez Jnr fight) had Vasquez winning 115-112 when it was quite an easy fight to score. The judge David Robertson who scored for Cloud 116-110 really needs to be demoted or sit another judging examination as this was really a terrible terrible score.

Compubox results are as follows for this fight.....

Cloud...........712 thrown - 147 landed
Campillio.....670 thrown - 187 landed

My scorecard along with all of the scores i have collected are below.

Fightscorecollectors Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-7 Cloud
Round 2.... 10-9 Cloud
Round 3.... 9-10 Campillio
Round 4.... 10-9 Cloud
Round 5.... 9-10 Campillio
Round 6.... 10-9 Cloud
Round 7.... 10-9 Campillio
Round 8.... 10-9 Campillio
Round 9.... 10-9 Campillio
Round 10...10-9 Campillio
Round 11...10-9 Campillio
Round 12...10-9 Campillio

TOTAL - 114-112 Campillio

Judges Scorecards - Denny Nelson....... .115-111 Campillio
                               David Robertson.... 116-110 Cloud
                               Joel Elizondo......... 114-112 Cloud


Boxing Sites , Fans And Press Scores

Showtime TV (Chuck Giampa) 114-112 Campillio
Showtime TV (Al Bernstein) 115-111 Campillio

Maxboxing (Steve Kim) 115-111 Campillio
Maxboxing (Gab Montoya) 115-111 Campillio 114-112 Campillio

ESPN (Nigel Collins) 115-112 Campillio

BoxingTruthRadio (John Chavez) 114-112 Campillio

Thomas Hauser 114-112 Campillio (Cliff Rold) 114-112 Campillio

Saddoboxing fans (all for Campillio) 115-111 x2 , 116-111 x2 , 114-112 x2 , *113-113*

Boxrec fans (all for Campillio) 114-112 x2 , 116-110 , 115-111 , 114-113 , *114-114*

Ringnews24 fans - 114-112 Campillio

Fightjudge Fans (all for Campillio) 114-112 x2 , 115-111 fans - 114-112 Campillio

Doghouseboxing fans - 115-110 Campillio (all for Campillio) 114-112 , 115-111

Eastsideboxing fans (all for Campillio) 114-112 x4 , 115-111 x3 , 116-111 , 115-112
                                                      *113-113* AND **118-111 CLOUD**

Boxingscene fans (all for Campillio) 114-112 x3 , 115-111 x2 , 116-110

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