Friday, 3 February 2012

Early Night for Mauler McKenzie

Ovil McKenzie vs Tony Dodson - Commonwealth Light Heavyweight Title

I think it was Former WBO World Title Challenger Toney Bellew who said "McKenzie was a world class 3 round fighter" well Friday night at the Bowlers in Manchester Ovil McKenzie proved his old opponent correct as he battered Former 168lb British champion Tony Dodson early in the 3rd round to retain his Commonwealth championship.

McKenzie started the fight as many expected by rushing Dodson with crude right hands. The challenger never did much in the 1st round as he backed off and held at every opportunity as the champion dominated the round. The 2nd round though was different as Dodson was able to land a number of punches when McKenzie rushed in. Many times Dodson would time his right hands perfect  when McKenzie moved forward , other than that he negated the champion by smartly holding when up close.

The fight took another turn when early in the 3rd McKenzie upped the pace and began to land more regularly with his big right hand. Dodson fell and looked shaky , he did get up though but the writing was on the wall as McKenzie chased him to the ropes and landed another 2-3 punches. At this time Referee Victor Loughlin of Paisley Scotland correctly jumped in to stop the fight. This no doubt was the correct decision as Dodson was hurt badly AND there was over half of the round left , i don't think Dodson would have survived so McKenzie who looked so much bigger in the fight retains his title and can look forward to more decent paydays , something nobody can deny this likeable slugger.

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