Saturday, 18 February 2012

Vitali The Victorious.....AGAIN

Vitali Klitschko vs Dereck Chisora - WBC Heavyweight Title

Cold weather outside the Olympiahalle , Munich last night but it was very hot inside as Brit Dereck Chisora did his best to wind up the both Wladimir and Vitali giving the older brother in Vitali his hardest fight since Lennox Lewis. Chisora didn't win the fight but he gained respect of the Champion by lasting the distance dropping a unanimous 12 rounds decision. The champion defended his title for the 8th time since coming back after a 4 year lay-off by being able to box on the back foot catching the come forward Chisora with numerous rights and left hooks. Amazingly there wasn't many jabs from the champion as rumours of a hand injury after the fight came to surface , this make sense as Vitali didn't really use his jab although he has a massive height and reach advantage.

The general opinion before this fight was that many expected Vitali to go after Chisora especially after Chisora slapped the giant champion at the press conference but it was Chisora that did all chasing as he constantly tried to get into position to land his bombs although the champion still has enough movement and work rate to keep his younger opponent off him. I like many had the champion sweeping the first 5 rounds as Vitali was always catching Chisora coming in. The 6th started differently though as Chisora upped the work rate and won the round. Vitali though took control again winning most of the late rounds , i gave Chisora the 8th again on work rate and also the 12th but there was no doubt who the winner was as the champion right through the fight was landing the cleaner , more effective shots.

It was a clear victory for Vitali on the judges cards , the 3 judges had Vitali winning by 8 rounds. I had it by 6 rounds. When collecting the scores from the boxing world i was quite surprised on the variety of the scorecards. Most had it 117-111 or 116-112 although one fan had Chisora winning by 2 points????. Scores ranged from 115-114 to 119-109 , it just goes to show how differently fans . press etc see a fight. Below as always is my scorecard along with the Compubox results. This was a big fight i have also been able to get more scores than usual from both sides of the Atlantic from press and fans alike , Thanks to everybody who took the time in giving your score to this blog.

Compubox Results

Klitschko - 605 Thrown , 211 landed
Chisora -   359 Thrown , 163 landed

Fightscorecollectors Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 2.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 3.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 4.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 5.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 6.... 9-10 Chisora
Round 7.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 8.... 9-10 Chisora
Round 9.... 10-9 Klitschko
Round 10...10-9 Klitschko
Round 11...10-9 Klitschko
Round 12... 9-10 Chisora

TOTAL - Klitschko 117-111 Chisora

Judges Cards - Robin Dolpierre (Fra).......... 118-110 Klitschko
                     Bela Florian (Hun)................119-111 Klitschko
                     Atta Eddie Pappoe (Gha)......118-110 Klitschko


Boxing Sites , Fan Forums and Press Scores - 117-111 Klitschko - 116-112 Klitschko

Ring Magazine (Dougie Fischer) - 116-112 Klitschko

BoxingNews Mag Editor (Tris Dixon) - 118-110 Klitschko

BoxingTruthRadio (John Chavez) - 116-112 Klitschko

BoxingMonthly Mag Editor (Glyn Leach) - 117-111 Klitschko (Alan Dawson) - 117-111 Klitschko (Ben Thompson) - 117-111 Klitschko Editor (Michael Woods) - 117-112 Klitschko

RingMagazine (Michael Rosenthal) - 118-110

Ian Darke - 117-113 Klitschko - 117-113 Klitschko (Cliff Rold) - 116-112 Klitschko

Bleacher Report (Justin Tate) - 116-112 Klitschko - 115-113 Klitschko

Boxrec Fans  (all for Klitschko) - 115-113 x2 , 117-111 , 116-112

Ringnews24 Fans (all for Klitschko) - 115-114 , 118-112

Fighthype Fans (all for Klitschko) - 117-112 , 117-111

Boxingscene Fans (all for Klitschko) - 116-112 x8 , 118-109 . 115-113 x2

Boxasylum/sweetboxing Fans (all for Klitschko) - 117-112 . 117-111 (majority card) - 117-111 Klitschko  Fans  (all for Klitschko) - 117-111 x2 , 116-112 x2 , 118-110

Saddoboxing Fans (all for Klitschko) - 117-112 , 117-111

Eastsideboxing Fans (general forum) (all for Klitschko) - 119-109 , 116-113 , 116-112 x2 , 116-114
                                                     117-111 x2 , 118-110 , 115-114  ***115-113 Chisora***

Eastsideboxing Fans (uk forum) (all for Klitschko) - 118-113 x2 , 116-112 x2 , 117-113

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