Sunday, 17 February 2013

Slowey Wins Masters Title In A Thriller

By Bobby Hunter at Ringside -  (Credits to Ringnews24)

Fighting in front of a raucous home crowd at the Gorbals Leisure Centre Glasgow. John Slowey produced his best performance of his career as he was made to work every minute of every round by tough guy Ian Bailey before winning the vacant featherweight British masters title. From the opening bell Bailey (8st 13lbs) came after Slowey head on. The Glasgow man used his southpaw right jab to keep a distance early along with some impressive upper body movement. It was Slowey's turn to start fast in the second as his jabs were now setting up some nicely placed hooks to the body. Bailey still came forward obviously able to walk through Slowey's (8st 13 1/4 lbs) lack of power. Round three saw Slowey battle more on the inside, both fighters were exchanging hooks inside. This round was closer as Bailey began to trap Slowey on the ropes. The pace was already crazy.

Bailey kept up the frantic pace in the fourth. The Slough man was coming off his best win of his career where he won the Southern Area Title against undefeated prospect Lewis Pettitt in nine rounds. Slowey though was matching his out-put. In fact Slowey was punching and landing more, keeping his aggressive opponent off him to put another round in the bag. The fifth round was the best of the fight for Slowey as he was able to land numerous combinations by creating more angles and staying off the ropes. This made the large Gorbals crowd raise the decibels just that little bit more. Slowey controlled the sixth until the last 30 seconds when a huge right hand forced him back into the corner. Bailey marauded forward banging away desperately trying to end the fight.

The last 30 seconds of the sixth had an impact on Slowey as in the seventh the Glaswegian went on the back foot boxing rings around Bailey. The jab was landing at will in this round as finally it looked as if Bailey was finally slowing down. WRONG. Bailey on my card won the eighth as he snapped Slowey's head back three times at the start of the round. It was all pressure, pressure, pressure as the Southern Area Champ who trapped Slowey in the corner time after time landing some hurtful body shots.

The ninth was manic. Both guys fitness can never be questioned as they stood toe to toe for most of the round. When one fighter land a decent punch, the other would respond. A truly wonderful round in which i couldn't split them. Nobody deserved to lose that round. At the start of the final round Slowey whipped the crowd into a frenzy as he thrust his hands in the air asking for more noise. There was no need as both guys flew at each other battering away keeping up the amazing pace set from round one. Near the end of the round a huge right hand from Bailey bloodied the nose of Slowey. It was the best punch of the round and probably won the round for the Slough man. What a war. When the final bell went the crowd went crazy. Slowey had surely won although every minute of every round was competitive. Referee Victor Loughlin scored the fight 97-74 to Slowey , The New British Masters Featherweight Champion.

Chief support saw Barlonock's Michael Roberts (9st 6lbs) win a tough 6x3s over Hayes Michael Stupart. Stupart 2-6-1 going in is better than advertised as he pushed Roberts all the way with his aggressive come forward style. Roberts started the fight well countering the on rushing Stupart (9st 6lbs) with some perfect check left hooks. Round two followed the same suit with Roberts catching Stupart coming in but also landing some quick jabs and straight rights. Stupart had a better third round as he began to push Roberts to the ropes landing more than a few right hooks inside. Roberts failure to work inside gave Stupart the edge as again Stupart was landing his favorite right hand with no response back.

In round four after an exchange that finished with a straight right from Roberts, Stupart came out with a cut left eye. This only spurred the Hayes man on as he continually pushed Roberts to the ropes outworking him and not letting Roberts establish his jab. The fourth must have woken up Roberts as in the fifth and sixth he returned to his smart boxing and moving setting Stupart up for those perfectly timed counters. It was enough to see Roberts to victory as Referee Kenny Pringle scored for the Barlonorock man 60-55. My card read 58-56.

Ryan Collins from Irvine scored his fourth win a pro by winning a technical decision over trial horse Youssef Al Hamidi of Dewsbury. This fight was stopped in the fourth and final round as a head clash opened a huge cut over Collins (9st 8 1/4 lbs) left eye. The previous three rounds saw Collins chase Al Hamidi (9st 10 3/4 lbs) around the ring landing little of note other than some bruising right hooks to the body. Al Hamidi is a slippery customer and I'm sure Collins who is only 19 learned a few new tricks from his opponent who has a who's who of British boxing on his record. Referee Ged Oneill scored the fight 39-37 for Collins who now improves to 4-0 1Ko.

Edinburgh Cruiserweight Stephen Simmons hit the canvas even before the fight started as he attempted a Chris Eubank style rope jump when entering the ring. Simmons foot got caught slamming the 200lb fighter knees first to the canvas. Luckily for Stephen he wasn't injured. Simmons (14st 6lbs) then made short work of Serbian import Jovan Kaludjerovic (14st 4 1/4 lbs) flooring him in the first round with a beautiful right hook , left hook body shot. Kaludjerovic got up but again was on the canvas as a clubbing right hand floored him for the second time. This time the bell saved the Serbian. Simmons continued his attack in the second by walking down his opponent finally landing the KO with a fast and powerful three punch combination punctuating with a perfect left hook to the body. Official time was 2.38 of the second round. Kenny Pringle officiated.

Popular Middleweight David Brophy registered his sixth win out of seven (one draw) with a dominant four round win over Doncasters James Tucker (12st 10lbs 9oz). Brophy of Caldercruix  (12st 2lbs)  looked composed throughout as he fought behind a solid left jab forcing Tucker to eat his straight right time after time. Brophy started the third round creating more angles for himself as Tucker began to walk forward a little bit more. The left hook to the body is Brophy's honey punch as he repeatedly set this up with lead rights. After four rounds Brophy easily won on Referee Ged Oneill's card 40-36. Onward and upward for the impressive Brophy who repeated the win he got on his debut vs Tucker.

Opening the Gorbals show Alexander (Zander) White scored a crowd pleasing four round decision over unbeaten Halifax fighter Richard Bitner. White (10st 5 1/4 lbs) marched forward from the opening bell landing his favourite looping right hand. Backed by quite a few followers White easily took the first two rounds pushing Bitner (10st 4lbs) around the ring. Bitner fought back in the third as "Zander" was caught coming in by a strong jab and right hand.  The fourth was quite even until the man from Uddingston dug his heels in the final minute forcing Bitner back as he blasted away at the body to secure his sixth win in seven. Referee Ged Oneill scored the fight 40-36 Alexander White.

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