Sunday, 17 February 2013


By Bobby Hunter

WBC Lightweight Title - Adrien Broner vs Gavin Rees

In the early hours of Sunday morning UK time Gavin Rees attempted to cause a huge upset by taking Adrien Broners WBC 135lb title. For 2 Rounds that dream looked a reality as Rees outworked the talented Broner hitting the champion more than he has been used to in his last few fights. Broner making his 1st defence of the title he won against Mexican Antonio DeMarco stepped on the gas in the 3rd pot shotting the Welsh warrior as he tried to get close. It got worse for European champion in the 4th as a huge right uppercut floored Rees heavily in the first minute of the round. Rees showing all his warrior instincts got up and fought back but it was all becoming one way traffic. Even Rees trainer Gary Lockett was thinking of stopping the fight during the interval.

The end came late in the 5th as Lockett waved the white towel in defeat as Rees had been floored again this time by body punch coming off the break. He was shipping far too much punishment from the impressive Broner also. The Champion like many greats made the necessary adjustments to dominate his over matched foe. Rees though had won many fans in the States with his no nonsense attitude and his busy style.

The fans at the Atlantic City Boardwalk cheered for both fighters during the fight as at the beginning they couldn't believe this wee guy from Wales was taking the fight to his bigger stronger champion. In the 4th and 5th rounds the fans were cheering for Broner who was showcasing his supreme talent.

Broner will now move forward looking for that Ricky Burns fight. Its the biggest fight at 135lbs and will be for 3 belts if Ricky can get past the awkward Vasquez in March. Rees can come again, he didnt take a prolonged beating and can certainly get some decent fights at domestic and European level.

Below is my scorecard up until the time of stoppage along with the press and fans scores i was able to collect.


Round 1.... 10-9 Rees
Round 2.... 10-9 Rees
Round 3.... 9-10 Broner
Round 4.... 8-10 Broner

Score at time of stoppage 38-37 BRONER


Press and Fan Forums scores

Scott Christ (Badlefthook) 38-37 Broner

Kevin Iole (yahoo) 38-37 Broner

Dan Rafael (ESPN) 39-36 Broner

Tom Gray (Ring Tv) 39-36 Broner

ATR Boxing Tipster - 39-36 Broner

Corey Quincy (Saddoboxing) 38-37 Broner

Hit First Boxing - 38-37 Broner

Mark Ortega (Ring magazine) 38-37 Broner

Steve Zemach (queensbury rules) 38-37 Broner

Ramon Aranda (3morerounds) 38-37 Broner

Matt Christie (Boxingnews) 38-37 Broner

Ryan Bivins (Sweetboxing) 39-36 Broner

BoxingChannel - 38-37 Broner

BoxingOpionions - 39-36 Broner

Roe (Checkhookboxing) 38-37 Broner

Jake Donovan (Boxingscene) 39-37 Broner

Billy Ferguson (UKFighthype) 39-36 Broner

Lunny (Checkhookboxing) 38-37 Broner

No Holds Barred - 38-37 Broner

TKO Network - 38-37 Broner

Cliff Roid (Boxingscene) 38-37 Broner

Tommy Allan (BoxingAsylum) 38-37 Broner

Craig Hutchison (Twitter Fan) 39-36 Broner

Chance Dickens (Twitter Fan) 39-36 Broner

Jamie Street (Twitter Fan) 38-37 Broner

Jasper (Twitter Fan) 38-37 Broner

Cole Christensen (Twitter Fan)38-37 Broner

Boxrec Fans Forum - 38-37 X5 Broner

Eastsideboxing Fans Forum - 39-36 x4, 38-37 x6 Broner

Boxingscene Fans Forum - 38-37 Broner

Checkhookboxing Fans

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