Saturday, 23 February 2013

No Hat Man Needed - Peterson Wins In 8

By Bobby Hunter

Fighting for the first time in fourteen months Lamont Peterson returned to defend his IBF Light Welterweight title in front of a home crowd as he beat up former champion Kendall Holt in eight rounds. Peterson's fans at the Armory Washington DC gave him a terrific reception welcoming home their fallen star after accusations of cheating with testosterone pellets against Amir Khan threatened to end his career. Holt was also coming off a long lay-off. The New Jersey mans last fight was eleven months ago as he blasted out Tim Coleman in two rounds. It was no surprise in the first round that both guys looked rusty. Hardly a blow was landed as they traded the odd jab and body shot.

The second round started better for Holt. The former WBO champion was getting his shots off quicker. Peterson began to stalk his challenger but all he did was walk into jabs followed by quick combinations to the body. Round three was also a close one as Peterson went back to boxing instead of going after Holt. Holt though land the better punches of the round as two very quick count right snapped the champions head back. On my card it was enough to win Holt the round.

In the fourth round Holt again started the better. He was picking off the champion who again followed Holt around the ring looking to land his bombs. Holt was being made to work as Peterson pressured him around the ring. That pressure paid off late in the round as a powerful jab, straight right floored Holt for the eight count. Luckily for Holt the bell saved him as Peterson went for the kill.

Peterson then went after Holt in the fifth like he did when he fought Amir Khan. He was now chasing Holt around the ring walking through anything Holt was throwing. Peterson's body shots were now beginning to take a huge toll on Holt as whenever he got tagged he grabbed the champion and it looked like he wouldn't let go. The champion continued his pressure in the sixth. It was clear he as targeting Holt's body as he continually backed Holt to the ropes and bashed away. Holt was fading here and it was no surprise that he took a knee late in the round after another multi punch barrage from the champion.

Holt came out boxing and moving in the seventh as the pace slowed, Holt looked good for the first two minutes of the round as he peppered the champion with the jab. It wasn't to last as again the body shots hurt Holt late in the round. Holt grabbed again as Peterson sensed he had this fight won.

The end of the fight came sudden as after 1.42 of eighth round Holt was trapped on the ropes shipping huge right hand after right hand. Referee Tony Weeks jumped in perfectly to end the fight. It was a good stoppage. Peterson will now look to fight the leading guys at 140. The fact that he is a Goldenboy fighter will make this easier. Holt in his interview on ESPN said he might call it a day.

Peterson earned $37,500, Holt $12,500

Below are all the scores i was able to collect from the press and fans. My scorecard is also available to view and compare

Round 1.... 10-10 Draw
Round 2.... 9-10 Holt
Round 3.... 9-10 Holt
Round 4.... 10-8 Peterson
Round 5.... 10-9 Peterson
Round 6.... 10-8 Peterson
Round 7.... 10-9 Peterson


Boxing Press and Fan Scores

Teddy Atlas (ESPN) : 67-64 Peterson

Scott Christ (Badlefthook) : 67-64 Peterson

Lem Sattersfield (Ring Magazine) : 67-63 Peterson

FightersRated : 68-63 Pterson

Lyle Fitzsimmons (Boxingscene) : 68-63 Peterson

Matthew Mojica (Fightsource) : 68-64 Peterson

Pro-box Jake : 67-64 Peterson

Tim Kudgis (ATG Radio) : 67-64 Peterson

Roe (Checkhookboxing) : 67-64 Peterson

Ramon Aranda (3Morerounds) : 68-63 Peterson

Tommy Allan (Boxingasylum) : 68-63 Peterson

Ryan Bivins (Sweetboxing) : 67-64 Peterson

Ryan Burton (Theboxinglab) : 68-63 Peterson

Tim Starks (Thequeensbury Rules) : 68-63 Peterson

Steve Zemach (TheQueensburyrules) : 67-64 Peterson

Steve Kim (Maxboxing) : 67-64 Peterson

Cliff Roid ( Boxingscene) : 68-63 Peterson

Ed Robinson (Sky Sports) : 67-64 Peterson

Cole Christensen (Twitter Fan) : 67-64 Peterson

Tha Breeze (Twitter Fan) : 68-64 Peterson

Alex B (Twitter Fan) : 68-65 Peterson

Saddoboxing Forum : 67-64 Peterson

Boxingasylum Forum : 68-63 Peterson

Ringnews24 Forum : (All for Peterson) 67-64, 67-65, 68-64

Boxrec Forum : 68-63 Peterson

Eastsideboxing Forum : (All for Peterson) 68-63 x2, 67-64 x2, 66-65, 67-63

Boxingscene Forum : (All for Peterson) 68-63 x3

BoxingPalace Forum : 68-63

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  1. Glad you posted fightscorecollector, I am asking this on twitter.

    I give the first three rounds to Holt:

    Round 4, 10-8 Peterson
    Round 5, 10-9 Peterson
    Round 6, 10-8 Peterson
    Round 7, 10-9 Peterson

    67-64 Peterson

    Here's my piece,