Saturday, 16 June 2012

It All Came To A Head - Quigg/Muroe DRAW

Scott Quigg vs Rendall Munroe - Interim WBA 122 lb Title

Boiling up nicely after 2 rounds the much awaited domestic Super Bantamweight Title fight between Scott Quigg and Rendall Munroe was cut short when an accidental clash of heads early in the 3rd round meant this fight ended a technical draw. The first round belonged to Munroe as he was able to back up the younger British champion tagging him with some beautifully placed body shost. Quigg was having some success also as he was able to catch the southpaw former champion coming in.

The 2nd round was different , Rendall was beginning to chase Quigg around the ring. This time though Quigg was nowhere to be seen as he boxed behind a solid jab and flashy right hand. , Mix in some body shots of his own and this fight started to look like the 50-50 we all thought it would be.

The clash when it happened was totally an accident , Referee Howard Foster on advice form the Doctor had no choice to end the fight as Monroe has a gash right across the whole of his eyebrow.

Will they fight again? I hope so , so does everybody that watched the first 2 rounds. One question though will remain...what TV channel will the fight be on? This was Ricky Hatton's last promotional fight on SKY as for some reason they binned his promotional stable,

I'm very sure there will be a queue to show Monroe vs Quigg 2. Already i cant wait.

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