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Chavez Jnr Batters Andy Lee in 7

Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr vs Andy Lee - WBC 160lb Title

El Paso Texas was the venue for the latest title defence of Middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez who took on Irish star Andy Lee. This was the champions 3rd title defence since he captured the title against Sebastian Zibik last June. Lee was aiming to provide hall of fame trainer Manny  Steward with another champion to link to that famous Kronk gym.

The fight started well  for the challenger as for the first 2 rounds he used his jab to keep Chavez Jnr at a distance. Chavez Jnr was strangely quiet in these rounds. I was thinking to myself that he was  maybe very tight at the weight and was wanting to pace himself very carefully .Lee though was landing some straight lefts and body shots, 2-0 to Lee was my score. In the 3rd Chavez began to up the pressure, a demand that Freddie Roach made between the rounds. This round was the best the fight so far with both standing and trading Chavez Jnr though was the one in this fight with the power  and on more than  one occasion  he stunned the Irish challenger forcing him to give ground.

Chavez really came on in the 4th , the champions body work form the previous round looked to have taken something from Lee. Uppercuts , straight rights followed as the champion took control. It was heating up very nicely. At the start of the next round Lee came out with a bit more purpose. Lee had upped HIS work rate and had started to push  the champion back with his own body work, the only problem though was although he had 20  KOs  in 28 wins Lee simply didn't have enough pop in his punches to discourage the Mexican. Again the bigger punches were landed by the champion who this time hurt the challenger with some perfectly timed right hands .It was a hard round to score..what did you like  ,1. the bigger punches or 2. the work rate. I went with the work rate and  scored for Lee.

My card read  48 -47 Lee after 5 rounds but that's as good as  it got for him  as in the 6th the champion again upped the pressure by forcing Lee to stand and trade with him.That was the downfall especially on the ropes where Chavez Jnr was landing some excellent left hooks to the body, short ones, punches his father would have been proud of .Chavez  Jnr's  round and even on my card.

The ending came late in the 7th .Before the stoppage it had been another entertaining round , Chavez was still bossing  it when he trapped Lee on the ropes and landed a huge right hand. Lee looked like he was gonna fall then Chavez threw a few more punches. It was enough for Lawrence Cole the referee to stop the fight and give the champion his 46th victory against 1 draw.

At the time of the stoppage all 3 judges had the fight 58-56 to Lee. My scorecard along with the press and fans score i have collected  are below.

Fightscorecollectors scorecard

round 1.... 10-9 lee
round 2.... 10-9 lee
round 3.... 9-10 chavez jnr
round 4.... 9-10 chavez jnr
round 5.... 10-9 lee
round 6.... 9-10 chavez jnr

TOTAL 57-57 at the time of stoppage


Judges scores: John Keane (uk) 58-56 Lee
                        Jesse Reyes (usa) 58-56 Lee
                        Ray Danseco (phil) 58-56 Lee

Boxing Press , Boxing Sites and Fan Forum Scores

Harold Lederman (HBO) 58-56 Chavez jnr
Larry Merchant (HBO) 57-57 Draw
HBO twitter - 58-56 Chavez jnr

Ryan Burton (Theboxinglabradio) 57-57 Draw

Mike Coppinger (Ring Mag) 58-56 Chavez Jnr

Scott Christ (badlefthook) 57-57 draw

Tom Gray (Secondsout) 57-57 draw

Kevin Iole (Yahoo) 58-56 Chavez Jnr

Boxing Socialist - 57-57 Draw

Josh McDaniel (Leaveitintheringradio) 58-56 Chavez jnr

Fightersrated 59-57 Lee

Matthew Mojica (Fightsource) 58-56 Chavez Jnr

Jake Donovan (Boxingscene) 57-57 Draw
Cliff Roid (Boxingscene) 59-55 Chavez Jnr

Paddy Cronan (onthegrindboxingradio) 58-56 Lee

Fightnews 58-57 Chavez Jnr

Nigel Collins (ESPN) 58-56 Chavez Jnr
Bernando Osuna (ESPN)

Ryan Bivins (Sweetboxing) 58-56 Lee

Michael Woods (Thesweetscience) 58-56 Chavez Jnr

Ramon Aranda (3morerounds) 58-56 Chavez Jnr

Ernest Gabion (Theboxinglabradio) 58-56 Chavez Jnr
Steve Lillis (Boxnation) 57-57 Draw
Tommy Gunn (BoxingAsylum) 58-56 Chavez jnr
Steve Bunce (Boxnation) 58-56 Chavez Jnr
Steve Kim (Maxboxing) 58-56 Chavez jnr
Worldboxingnews 58-57 Chavez jnr
Daniel Howard (Fighthype) 58-56 Chavez Jnr
Saddo Forum 58-56 Chavez Jnr
Boxingasylum Forum (all for Chavez) 58-56 x3 , **57-57 Draw**
Livefight Forum (all forChavez) 59-55 x2
Ringnews24 Forum - **57-57Draw**
Fighthype Forum 58-56 Chavez Jnr
BoxingScene Forum (all for Lee)  58-56 x3 ,**57-57Draw x10**,58-56 + 58-57 for Chavez Jnr
Eastsideboxing Forum (all for Lee) 58-56 x2 , 58-57 , **57-57Draw x5** , 58-56 x2 (Chavez Jnr)
Boxrec Forum (all for Lee) 58-56 x2, **57-57Draw x4, 58-56 (Chavez), 58-57 (Chavez)

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