Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Floyd Mayweather the self proclaimed "Best Ever" was made to work harder than expected by Argentine puncher Marcos Maidana at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas last night. Mayweather unified the WBC and WBA Welterweight titles on a night where he was hit much more than he is used too before coming away with a majority decision. The pro Maidana crowd of 16,268 booed the decision as they thought their man had done enough to finally end Mayweather's 18 year winning streak. It was a majority decision, the 2nd in a row for Floyd who saw his record improve to 46-0 only 3 short of Heavyweight legend Rocky Marciano's 49-0 record that has stood since the 50s.

After all the controversy the night before regarding the padding in Miadana's Everlast gloves, Maidana was somehow forced to change his Everlast MX gloves to a different type. This after the commission had passed them as being fit and proper to use. No doubt there will be more on this in the coming days as Maidana should not have been asked to change them especially after the officials were happy with them. In the post fight press conference both Maidana and his trainer Robert Garcia made the point to the media that they were "forced" to change gloves. When Mayweather was asked he simply dodged the question and went on about fighters safety. 

To the fight and Maidana as everyone expected started fast bullying Mayweather to the ropes trying to land his chopping right as Floyd ducked and dived. The WBC champion responded in the 2nd by using his blinding speed to catch Maidana with his quick counter right. The pattern continued for the first 4 rounds. It was an even fight. Maidana kept the pressure on in the 5th as Floyd now cut from a head clash looked worried about the sight of his own blood.. Later Floyd said that he couldn't see for 2 rounds, this partly explains why Maidana had such a strong 4th and 5th round.

Mayweather came back in rounds 6 and 7 as he controlled the pace of the fight, moving more freely as his eye began to heal. Floyd put on the expected clinic as Maidana was now the one to look tired but as ever he came back in the 8th out working the 1/10 ON favourite. The fight was even again, the upset was on, could Maidana keep the pressure on?. The answer was NO as Floyd stepped up his output. That lead right hand knocked Maidana's head back more and more as the smooth boxing, the picking of his shots looked like it was confusing the man from Santa Fe. Floyd swept rounds 9 to 11 on this writers card which put him in lead which could only be caught with knockdowns or a knockout from Maidana. 

The 12th was close as Maidana tried to go for the KO, Floyd was still moving well but was probably out worked especially in the last minute in the round. As the final bell rung both fighters raised their hands in victory, the Maidana fans were sure of victory as they cheered loudly expectant for their fighter to be declared the winner. They were to be denied though as Judges Burt Clements and Dave Moretti scored the fight to Mayweather 117-111 and 116-112. The 3rd judge Michael Pernick had it a draw 114-114. AT the post fight press conference Maidana screamed for a rematch, Floyd on his part agreed so it looks like it could be on in September. The rematch will now be bigger as Maidana pushed Floyd really close with many questioning if Floyds long career is finally catching up with. It was a great fight, much better than expected. If Mayweather is on the slide then the September fight should be better especially if Maidana can were his preferred gloves.

Below is over 110 Media scores for "The Moment" along with this writers card and the official punch stats from the fight.

Bobby Hunter's Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-9 Maidana
Round 2.... 9-10 Mayweather
Round 3.... 9-10 Mayweather
Round 4.... 10-9 Maidana
Round 5.... 10-9 Maidana
Round 6.... 9-10 Mayweather
Round 7.... 9-10 Mayweather
Round 8.... 10-9 Maidana
Round 9.... 9-10 Mayweather
Round 10.. 9-10 Mayweather
Round 11.. 9-10 Mayweather
Round 12.. 10-9 Maidana

TOTAL : 115-113 Mayweather

Showtime TV Punch Stats:

Mayweather : Thrown 426 , Landed 230 , Connect Percentage 54%

Maidana : Thrown 858 , Landed 221 , Connect Percentage 26%

Boxing Media Percentage of Votes for Each Fighter

Total Scores : 112

Scores For Mayweather :( 92 ), which is 82% of media scores

Scores For Maidana :( 9 ) , which is 8% of media scores

Scores for the Draw : (11 ), wich is 10% of media scores

Boxing Media Scores :

Tim Starks (The Queensberry Rules : 114-114 DRAW**

Scott Christ (Bad Leftt Hook) : 115-113 Mayweather

Barry Jones (Boxnation TV) : 117-111 Mayweather

Steve Lillis (Boxnation TV) : 116-113 Mayweather

John Wharton (KCC Boxing Show) : 114-114 DRAW**

Ron Lewis (The Times) : 116-114 Mayweather

Kevin Iole (Yahoo) : 115-113 Mayweather

Adam Abramowitz (Saturday Night Boxing) : 115-113 Mayweather

Chris Mannix (Sports Illustrated) : 116-112 Mayweather

Dan Rafael (ESPN) : 115-113 Mayweather

Mike Coppinger (USA Today) : 115-113 Mayweather

Alex Morris (KTC Boxing) : 114-114 DRAW**

Ramon Aranda (3 More Rounds) : 115-113 Mayweather

Paul Webb (First Class Boxing) : 116-112 Mayweather

Cliff Rold (BoxingScene) : 114-114 DRAW**

Shaun Brown (Boxingscene) : 115-113 Mayweather

Steve Zemach (Queensberry Rules) : 114-114 DRAW**

Brian Campbell (ESPN) : 115-113 Mayweather

Michael Woods (The Sweet Science) : 117-113 Mayweather

All About Boxing : 114-114 DRAW**

Victor M Salazar (Tha Boxing Voice) : 115-113 MAIDANA***

Steve Kim (Maxboxing) : 115-113 Mayweather

Corey Quincy (FightersXchange) : 115-113 Mayweather

Asian Boxing : 115-113 MAIDANA***

Al Bernstein (Showtime TV) : 115-114 Mayweather

Steve Farhood (Showtime TV) : 115-113 Mayweather

Paulie Malignaggi (Showtime TV) : 115-114 Mayweather

Boxing Socialist : 115-113 Mayweather

The Heavy Bag : 115-113 MAIDANA***

Danny Winterbottom (Boxing News) : 117-113 Mayweather

Wolfgang Shiffbauer (Sturm Promotions) : 115-113 Mayweather

Paddy Cronan (OnTheGrindBoxing) : 117-111 Mayweather

Danny Flexen (Boxing News) : 116-112 Mayweather

Matt Mojica (The Fight Source) : 115-113 Mayweather

Tris Dixon (Boxing News ED) : 117-112 Mayweather

Phil D Jay (World Boxing News) : 115-113 Mayweather

Steve Bunce (Boxnation TV) : 116-112 Mayweather

Pro Boxing Fans : 116-112 Mayweather

James Tonks (Ringnews 24) : 115-113 Mayweather

Boxing Mad Magazine : 115-113 Mayweather

Stevie J Adams (Boxing Mad Magazine) : 117-112 Mayweather

Nathan Fogg (Boxing News) : 116-112 Mayweather

The Boxing Advocaat : 116-112 Mayweather

Iconic Boxing : 115-113 Mayweather

Fight Insight : 115-113 Mayweather

Lou Dibella (Promoter) : 116-113 Mayweather

V2 Boxing : 116-113 Mayweather

Daniel Vano (Checkhookboxing) : 115-114 MAIDANA***

The Boxing Channel : 115-113 Mayweather

Check Left : 116-112 MAIDANA***

The Title Fight : 114-114 DRAW**

New Legend Boxing : 115-113 Mayweather

Ray Markarian (The Sweet Science) : 116-113 Mayweather

William Holmes (Boxing Insider) : 116-112 Mayweather

Danny Gonzalez (Tha Boxing Voice) : 115-113 MAIDANA***

Joel Sebastianelli (KO Digest) : 116-112 Mayweather

Ryan Bivins (SweetBoxing) : 116-112 Mayweather

Onthebeak Boxing : 115-114 Mayweather

Ring Magazine TV : 118-110 Mayweather

Max Kellerman (HBO TV) : 116-112 Mayweather

Jake Donovan (Boxingscene) : 115-113 Mayweather

Nacion Boxeo : 115-113 Mayweather

Josh McDaniel (Leave It The Ring Radio) : 116-113 Mayweather

Write On The Button : 115-113 Mayweather

Kevin McRae (Bleacher Report) : 115-113 Mayweather

Fight Ghost : 115-113 Mayweather

The Cruelest Sport : 116-113 Mayweather

Gareth A Davies  (The Telegraph) : 116-113 Mayweather

Tommy Allan (Boxing Asylum) : 115-113 Mayweather

Nigel Collins (ESPM FNFs) : 114-114 DRAW**

Ron Borges ( Boston Herald) : 115-114 Mayweather

NY Post : 115-113 Mayweather

The Sweet Science : 116-113 Mayweather

Leave It In The Ring Radio : 115-113 Mayweather

Associated Press : 115-113 Mayweather : 115-113 Mayweather

Jeff Powell (The Mail) : 117-113 Mayweather

John Hoolan (Freelance) : 114-114 DRAW**

liam Hoppe (Eurosport) : 115-113 Mayweather

Ben Thompson (Fighthype) : 118-110 Mayweather

UK Fighthype : 117-111 Mayweather

TKO Radio : 115-115 DRAW**

Steve Carp (Las Vegas Review-Journal) : 116-112 Mayweather : 116-112 Mayweather

Ernest Gabion (BoxingScene) : 115-113 MAIDANA***

3 More Rounds : 115-113 Mayweather

Mike Sloan (Secondsout) : 117-111 Mayweather

John J Raspanti (Doghouseboxing) : 115-113 Mayweather

Anthony Larger (Bad Left Hook) : 115-113 MAIDANA***

Kevin Mitchell (The Guardian) : 116-114 Mayweather

Andy Paterson (BoxingAsylum) : 115-113 Mayweather

ED Robinson (Sky Sports TV) : 115-113 Mayweather

John Evans (Live Fight) : 116-112 Mayweather

Aaron Richardson (BoxingAsylum) : 115-113 Mayweather

Kasim Aslam (Global Boxing) : 115-113 Mayweather

Ciaran Shanks (Irvine Times) : 115-113 Mayweather

Tom Gray (Ring Magazine) : 115-113 Mayweather

Marcos Villegas (The Boxing Channel) : 116-113 Mayweather

Ciaran Gibbons (Freelance) : 117-114 Mayweather

Lee John Wyle (The Sweet Science) : 115-113 Mayweather

Mathew McEvoy (Forever Sports) : 116-113 Mayweather

John A MacDonald (Livefight) : 115-113 Mayweather

Agent One Sports : 115-113 Mayweather

Chris Davies (LCD Boxing) : 115-113 MAIDANA***

Paul Daley (TopClassBoxing) : 115-113 Mayweather : 114-114 Draw**

Sam Sheppard (Queensberry Rules) : 116-112 Mayweather

Billy Ferguson (UK Fighthype) : 116-112 Mayweather

Ben Weisman (BoxingAsylum) : 116-112 Mayweather

Kieran Mulvaney (ESPN) : 116-112 Mayweather

Andrew McKart (FirstClassBoxing) : 114-114 Draw