Thursday, 10 October 2013

Burns-Beltran : Message to the WBO

By Bobby Hunter

Dear Sir's at the WBO,

I run the "fightscorecollector" site where i collect Press scores from around the world and compare them to the judges scorecards. I have now landed a slot on British Boxing News  Website where i cover a fight each week scoring a selected fight.

I was at Ringside for the Ricky Burns vs Ray Beltran fight on September 7th covering the whole bill for my site. This was the last article i posted before i was offered the chance to team up with Boxing News.

My findings for the Burns-Beltran fight were are follows...... 44 Press Members were polled for their score and 44 scored for Beltran with an average score of 115-112 Beltran.

Now this is very surprising as the fight was "Close". My card read 114-113 Beltran. I have been running my site for nearly 2 years and i have not found the Press to be in such agreement for a close fight.

I understand that the WBO have published their response to letter posted by Top Rank stating that Top Rank view a rematch should happen or Beltran should be awarded the title. I also saw the WBO response stating the WBO Rules and how your 5 man panel came to their decision that Beltran will not get an immediate rematch but simply just move him up the rankings.

Personally with my stats that seems very unfair and i know the WBO have had their 5 man panel look at the fight. Surely posting their score instead of a round percentage would have been better???.

Did all 5 judges score for Beltran?? if they did then Beltran must get a rematch. That surely is a simple way of saying , our judges got this wrong instead of using round stats.

Can i also ask if any action will be taken against Carlos Ortiz Jnr as his card was way out. If these judges who post bad scores do not get demoted then the problem of bad scores are going to keep on happening.

Ricky Burns fought his mandatory in May 2012. Surely the WBO can grant their 2 weight world champion a voluntary defence vs a guy who was very unlucky not to win the title because of 2 judges cards. Then the winner fights Crawford within 90 Days?? This is what the press and fans think is best. Is this not the fairest way for all fighters to be treated?.

Thank you for your time and i hope the WBO can get back to me, I am passionate about scoring fights as you can see. I just think that the WBO could have arranged a rematch for the unlucky Beltran.

Bobby Hunter -Glasgow, Scotland.

I am a huge fan of our champion Ricky Burns but also a fan of our sport. I just would like to see fighters rewarded when a judge or judges gets it wrong.


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