Saturday, 20 July 2013

Chisora Wins In Count Controversy

By Bobby Hunter

Dereck Chisora with one huge overhand right hand salvaged his heavyweight career by stopping previously unbeaten American Malik Scott at the Wembley Arena last night. The fight ended in controversy though as Scott misjudged Referee's Phil Edwards count by rising to late therefore losing the fight by KO. The American didn't look that bothered when the fight was over although his corner team went crazy.

Scott from Philadelphia had started the fight well by using his superior footwork to avoid most of Chisora's bombs. Chisora was getting close to Scott but was not letting his shots go as the American simply tied him up. Many before hand had predicted Scott winning the early rounds before Chisora would come on late looking for stoppage. After three rounds it certainly followed that plan as Chisora was limited to landing the odd combination to the body whilst Scott would catch the Brit with some hard right uppercuts as he shuffled his way in. Round four saw a change in the action as it was Chisora now landing more by trapping Scott on the ropes. Scott couldn't really escape the pressure as he was forced to cover up as Chisora rushed him then battered away.

In the fifth Scott returned to sharp footwork that had worked so well for him earlier in the fight. The jab was landing more and you could see he was trying to time Chisora with the big right hand. Chisora had dropped his intensity which had won him the fourth and on my card was two rounds down. 

The sixth started with the pressure being applied by Chisora again. Scott looked as if he was tiring, not a major worry  but his punch output dropped as again and again he was forced to take shots on the ropes as Chisora bullied him around. The end came very suddenly as Scott got trapped on the ropes and Chisora detonated that huge over hand right that caught Scott high on the side of the head. It didn't look at huge shot but down went Scott. Referee Edwards took up the count, Scott remained on one knee until the count reached nine. He then stood up to continue to fight, BUT the fight was over. Scott had been counted out. It was a terrible misjudgement by the American as Chisora began to celebrate. Team Scott went crazy although Scott himself didn't look that bothered, even in his post fight interview on Boxnation TV the American seemed calm and not that angry at the referee or losing his unbeaten record.

Dereck "Del Boy" Chisora will now fight on September 21st according to Promoter/Manager Frank Warren probably defending his newly acquired WBO International Heavyweight title. A rematch with Scott was mentioned by Warren but it wont take place in Chisora's immediate future.

Below is my scorecard along with all the Press scored i was able to collect for this fight.

Round 1.... 10-10 Draw

Round 2.... 10-9  Scott
Round 3.... 10-9  Scott
Round 4.... 9-10  Chisora
Round 5.... 10-9  Scott

TOTAL : 49-47 Scott at the time of stoppage


Press Scores

Kasim - (UKFighthype) : 48-47 Scott

Fight Ghost : 49-46 Scott

Alex Morris - (BoxingAsylum) : 48-47 Scott

Adam Abramowitz - (SNBoxing) : 48-47 Scott

Tommy Allan - (BoxingAsylum) : 48-47 Scott

Wolfgang Schiffbauer - (Sturm-Boxpromotion) : 48-47 Scott

Danny Flexen - (Boxing News) : 48-47 Scott

BoxingOpinions : 48-47 Scott

ATR Boxing Tipster : 49-47 Scott

Scott Christ - (Badlefthook) : 48-47 Scott

Phil D Jay - (WorldBoxingNews) : 49-46 Scott

Daniel Vano - (Checkhookboxing) : 48-47 Scott

Victor M Salazar - (Thaboxingvoice) : 48-47 Scott

FightersRated : 49-48 Scott

John Evans - (Livefight) : 48-47 Scott

Beau Denison - (SportsPageMagazine) : 48-47 Scott

Andy Paterson - (BoxingAsylum) : 48-47 Scott

Boxbet : 49-46 Scott

Corey Quincy - (BLBoxing) : **48-47 Chisora**

Lyle Fitzsimmons - (Boxingscene) : 48-47 Scott

Darren Velasco - (FightDomain) :  48-47 Scott

Ryan Bivins - (SweetBoxing) : *48-48 DRAW*

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  1. OT: I like watching Manny Pacquiao again and again. I like especially Manny Pacquiao's amazing hand speed on the Double End Bag. It's so awesome!!