Sunday, 17 March 2013

THE WAR - Russian Roulette Win For Bradley

By Bobby Hunter

Where do you start when a fight has it all?. Defending WBO Welterweight King Tim Bradley showed the kind of guts that make fighters great, In fact there were numerous references to Evander Holyfield and Arturo Gatti as Bradley came through more than a few rough moments to defeat tough guy Ruslan Provodnilov over twelve rounds at the Home Depot Centre in Carson California. Those references made by the HBO team were high praise for Bradley as Holyfield and Gatti were Ultimate warriors in the boxing world. It was those warrior instincts early in the fight then right at the end that secured the victory for Bradley as he admitted that "Provodnikov was the first opponent that has really rocked him". High praise for Provodnikov from a man that has shared the ring with Superstar Manny Pacquiao.

Before the fight had taken place the general conscientious was that Bradley should win quite easy on points. Basically a wide points decision against a guy stepping up from 140 and had not fought at the same level as the champion. The only question on Bradley part was his long lay off (9 months). Well to every body's surprise this fight surpassed expectations as both guys engaged in war that resulted in both guys being beaten up, one of them knocked down and both guys close to being stopped by their own corners.

The War started as early in the first where Bradley came out boxing spearing his jab as the Russian walked forward pressuring the champion. A big right clearly hurt Bradley as both guys went at it. Provodnikov  stunned the champion a few more times in the round before late in the Round Provodnikov was unlucky not to be credited with a knockdown as another looping right hurt Bradley and as the champion tried to clinch he fell to the ground. Referee Pat Russell thought it was a slip. The second was a Provodnikov round, maybe even a 10-8 as again he hurt Bradley numerous times. Fights have been stopped for less, a good point made  by the HBO team showing the fight in the States. Bradley just couldn't get out of the way of the right hand. Provodnikov's left hook was also causing Bradley mayhem as he was battered to the ropes. The upset looked imminent.

Bradley responded in the third by boxing rings round his Russian opponent who looked passive. Could Provodnikov have punched himself out??. It looked like it as Bradley began to batter the body slowing Provodnikov even more.. For the next two rounds the action was the same with Bradley now fully recovered  boxing beautifully, moving well confusing the on rushing Russian. I gave Provodnilov the sixth as a big left hook hurt Bradley again late in the round. Provodnikov went for the kill but found Bradley matching the leather thrown by the Russian. The harder shots though were landed by the Russian. Even fight on my card at this stage 57-57.

The next four rounds saw Bradley use his skills to totally dominate Provodnilov. The Russian was only having sporadic success as Bradley was simply to fast landing at will with the jab then moving to the body hitting Provodnikov with right and left hooks. Provodnikov's trainer during the break has said he was going to stop the fight as his man was taking too much punishment. Bradley's trainer had said the same a few rounds earlier as he recognised his man was hurt but also not following his instructions.

Round eleven was a close one that could have went either way. Both guys started by slugging before Bradley went in his bike picking his shots better again. Provodnikov was having success too as his big right hand was landing again stunning the champion a few times through the round. I scored for Provodnikov as his shots had more effect. The twelfth was a cracker. Bradley was ahead on the cards and began by throwing that jab to keep the Russian away. Mid way through the round the champion walked onto a left hook. Bradley was hurt again but worse was to come as a massive right hand followed by a barrage finally planted Bradley on the deck. There was less than ten seconds left in the round, i bet many were thinking is this another Chavez - Taylor fight where the guy knocked down was ahead in the fight only to be stopped by the referee?. Luckily for Bradley Pat Russell gave the champion the chance to show he was OK by letting Bradley walk forward to prove his legs were fine. They were, the fight ended to huge cheers and the fight went to the judges.

All three judges scored in favour of the champion. It was the probably the right call although the first round should have been a 10-8 Provodnikov round. If the two judges who scored 114-113 for Bradley had taken the extra point away from Bradley then the fight would have been a draw. The other judge scored for Bradley 115-112 for the unanimous decision. A great fight that was unexpected although many press and fans would like to see this one again.

Below is my scorecard along with all the Press and Fan scores i was able to collect for the fight.

Round 1.... 9-10 Provodnikov
Round 2.... 9-10 Provodnikov
Round 3.... 10-9 Bradley
Round 4.... 10-9 Bradley
Round 5.... 10-9 Bradley
Round 6.... 9-10 Provodnikov
Round 7.... 10-9 Bradley
Round 8.... 10-9 Bradley
Round 9.... 10-9 Bradley
Round 10.. 10-9 Bradley
Round 11.. 9-10 Provodnikov
Round 12.. 8-10 Provodnikov..................Provodnikov scored Knockdown

TOTAL : 114-113 Tim Bradley

Judges Scores: Raul Caiz Sr : 115-112 Bradley
                       Marty Denkin : 114-113 Bradley
                       Jerry Cantu : 114-113 Bradley


Press and Fan Scores

Scott Christ (BadleftHook) : 114-113 Bradley

Victor Salazar (ThaBoxingVoice) : 114-113 Bradley

Nes (TheBoxingVoice) :115-112 Bradley

Mike Coppinger (USA Today) : 113-113 Draw

Phil D Jay (Worldboxingnews) : 113-113 Draw

Gabriel Montoya (Maxboxing) : 113-113 Draw

Steve Kim (Maxboxing) : 113-113 Draw

ESPN.COM : 113-113 Draw

Boxing Socialist : 114-113 Bradley

Matt Christie (BoxingNews) : 115-114 Bradley

Brian Campbell (ESPN) : 113-113 Draw

Harold Lederman (HBO) : 115-112 Bradley

Dan Rafael (ESPN) : 114-112 Bradley

Steve Zemach (QueensburyRules) : 113-112 Provodnikov

Eric Raskin (Boxingmonthly) : 113-112 Bradley

Al Bernstein (Showtime) : 114-113 Bradley

Cliff Roid (Boxingscene) : 115-112 Bradley

Mark Ortega (Ring TV) : 115-112 Provodnikov

ThaBoxingvoice : 115-112 Bradley

Boxingopinions : 115-113 Bradley

Ryan Bivins (Sweetboxing) : 114-112 Bradley

Kugan Cassius (IFILM London) : 114-112 Bradley : 114-113 Bradley

Tim Starks (TheQueensburyRules) : 114-113 Bradley

Michael Woods (The SweetScience) : 113-112 Provodnikov

Ernest Gabion (TheBoxingLab) : 114-113 Provodnikov

Ramon Aranda (3MoreRounds) : 114-113 Provodnikov : 113-112 Bradley

Billy Ferguson (FightHype) : 114-113 Bradley

Darren Velasco (FightDomain) : 114-113 Bradley

Corey Quincy (Saddoboxing) : 114-113 Bradley

Ryan Burton (The BoxingLab) : 114-113 Bradley

Corey Erdman (RingTV) : 113-112 Bradley

Nigel Collins (ESPN) : 114-112 Provodnikov

Associated Press : 114-113 Bradley

Tim Kudgis (ATG Radio) : 115-112  Bradley

FightGhost : 114-114 Draw

Tris Dixon (BoxingNews) : 114-112 Bradley

Matthew Mojica (TheFightSource) : 113-113 Draw

Alex Morris (Boxingasylum) : 114-113 Provodnikov

BoxingBetPL : 114-113 Bradley

Steve Lillis (Boxnation) : 114-114 Draw

Steve Bunce (Boxnation) : 114-113 Bradley`

Danny Wright (Boxrec) : 115-113 Bradley

Ray Markarian (TheSweetScience) : 115-112 Provodnikov

George Jimenez (Boxeo Estelar Radio) : 114-113 Bradley

Jake Donovan (Boxingscene) : 113-113 Draw

Kieran Mulvaney (ESPN) : 114-112 Bradley

Andy Paterson (BoxingAsylum) : 114-113 Bradley

Paul Daley (Topsclassboxing) : 114-113 Bradley

Tom Gray (Ring Magazine) : 115-112 Bradley

The Boxing Tribune : 114-113 Provodnikov

The Title Fight : 114-113 Bradley

Lee John Wyle (TheSweetScience) : 115-112 Bradley

Proboxing-fans Jake : 115-112 Bradley

Kevin Mitchell (Observer) : 113-113 Draw

Matty D (BoxingAsylum) : 114-113 Bradley

Than Breeze (Twitter Fan) : 114-112 Provodnikov

KO Fantasy Boxing (Twitter Fan) : 114-112 Bradley

Retech Son (Twitter Fan) : 113-113 Draw

Matt Verity (Twitter Fan) : 113-113 Draw

Jrosales13 (Twitter Fan) : 114-113 Bradley

Wolfgang Schiffbauer (Twitter Fan) : 114-113 Bradley

Cole Christensen (Twitter Fan) : 114-113 Bradley

Jack Summers (Twitter Fan) : 114-113 Bradley

Will Backhouse (Twitter Fan) : 113-113 Draw

Simon (Twitter Fan) : 115-112 Bradley

Pavel (Twitter Fan) : 115-112 Bradley

The Boxing Advocat (Twitter Fan) : 114-113 Provodnikov

SaddoBoxing Forum : All For Provodnikov : 114-113 x3 , *113-113 Draw* , **114-113 Bradley**

BoxingAsylum Forum : All For Provodnikov : 114-113x2 , 115-113 , *113-113 Draw*
                                                                **114-113 Bradley**

Fighthype Forum : 115-112 Bradley , *113-113 Draw*

Ringnews24 Forum : 115-113 Bradley

DoghouseBoxing Forum : All for Bradley : 114-112 , 113-112 , *113-113 Draw*

Boxrec Forum : All for Bradley : 114-113 x7 , *113-113 Draw*
                        All for Provodnikov : 115-112 x2 , 114-113

Eastsideboxing Forum : All for Bradley : 114-113 x10 , 115-112 x3 , 114-112 , 116-111
                                    All for Provodnikov : 114-113 x4, 115-113 , 115-112 , 114-112,
                                    Draws *113-113 x2* , *114-114*

Boxingscene Forum : All for Bradley : 114-113 x3, 115-112 *113-113 x4 Draw*
                                 All for Provodnikov : 113-112 x2, 114-113 , 115-112

CheckHookBoxing Forum : All for Bradley : 114-113 x2 , 114-112

TheBoxingPalace Forum : All for Bradley : 114-113 , 114-112



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