Sunday, 27 May 2012

Legend - Froch Batters Bute in 5

Lucien Bute vs Carl Froch - IBF Super Middleweight Title

Well he did it it again. Britain's ultimate warrior Carl Froch pulled off the upset in front of his own Nottingham fans by battering long reigning champion Lucien Bute in just 5 rounds. Froch now becomes a 3 time world champion at 168 and now has a resume that i think surpasses and other fighter at this weight past or present.

The crowd for the challengers homecoming was electric and Froch certainly never let them down with this one sided beating. After a slow opening round which could have went either way , the Cobra began to take over the fight as he was able to force the champion to the ropes and land his bombs. Bute just couldn't get his jab going , certainly nowhere near needed to keep Froch coming forward. Bute was hurt at the end of the 2nd round as he was caught with the wild hooks by the challenger.

Round 3 was the beginning of the end for Bute as although he was catching Froch with some shots coming in...Froch was walking through them. Again Bute was hurt but this time badly half way through the round  he managed to survive but right at the end he was nearly stopped as the Cobra pinned him on the ropes clubbing him with left and right hooks. Bute slowly walked back to his corner as the crowd went wild. Many fans and press etc scored this round a 10-8 for Froch...that's how much the challenger dominated the champion in this round.

Bute never recovered , Round 4 was just as bad for the Romanian / Canadian as Froch was still catching him at will rocking the champion on more than 1 occasion. As the 5th round started i hadn't given Bute a round , Froch was putting up the performance of his career , this was punctuated only 1.05 into the round when the ref stopped the fight as Bute was slouching down the ropes after another Froch barrage. Eddie Hearn Froch's manager got that excited that he was already in the ring celebrating with the Cobra not noticing the ref was still counting. It didn't matter though as the fight was over Froch the underdog totally destroyed Bute with a performance that matched Hatton vs Tszyu , Lewis vs Ruddock and Benn vs McClelland.

Below as always is my scorecard along with all the Press and Fans scores i was able to collect.

Fightscorecollector Scorecard

Round 1.... 10-9 Froch
Round 2.... 10-9 Froch
Round 3.... 10-9 Froch
Round 4.... 10-9 Froch

TOTAL : 40-36 Froch at the time of Stoppage


Boxing Press , Boxing Sites and Fan Forums Scores

Ryan Bivins (Badlefthook) - 40-35 Froch
Scott Christ (Badlefthook) - 40-35 Froch - 40-35 Froch

Danny Flexen (Boxingnews mag) - 40-35 Froch - 40-36 Froch

Thaboxingvoice Radio - 40-35 Froch

Steve Kim (Maxboxing) - 40-35 Froch

Matthew Mojica (The Fightsource ) - 40-36 Froch

Boxing Tribune - 40-36 Froch

Michael Woods (TheSweetScience) 39-37 Froch - 39-36 Froch

Jeff Powel (the Mail newspaper) - 40-36 Froch

Dan Rafael (ESPN) - 39-36 Froch

Terry Dooley (Boxingscene) 39-37 Froch

Tom Gray ( - 40-36 Froch

Matt Christie (Boxingnews mag) - 40-37 Froch

Steve Lillis (Boxnation) - 40-37 Froch

Jake Donovan (Boxingscene ED) - 39-36 Froch

Proboxing-fans ( ED Jake) - 39-36 Froch

Paddy Cronan (Onthegrindbxing radio) - 40-36 Froch

David Payne ( - 40-37 Froch

Saddoboxing Forum - (all for Froch) - 40-36 x2 , 39-37

BoxingAsylum Forum - (all for Froch) - 40-36 x3 , 40-35 , 39-37 , 40-37 , 39-36

Livefight Forum - (all for Froch) - 40-35 x2 , 40-37

FightHype Forum -  40-36 Froch

Fightjudge Forum - 39-36 Froch

Ringnews24 Forum - (all for Froch) - 40-36 , 40-35

Doghouseboxing Forum - 40-36 Froch

Boxrec Forum - (all for Froch) - 39-36 x2 , 40-36 x2

Eastsideboxing Forum - (all for Froch) - 40-36 x6 , 39-37 x3 , 39-36 x2 , 40-35 x2

Boxingscene Forum - (all for Froch) - 40-36 x6 . 40-35 , 39-37 , 39-35 , 40-34

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